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Wonderful Sex with a Desperate Housewife" Wonderful Sex with a Desperate Housewife">Wonderful Sex with a Desperate Housewife

Director 12/05/2006

Friendanusha1988@rediffmail.comDear Visitors of Kerala Erotica. I am from Tamil nadu and I used to visit this site minimum twice a day and found most of the stories interesting. Here I just wanted to share an unforgettable experience with you all. I am working as a Director in a Garment export company, which paid me well and provided me with a accommodation, car, bike etc.,It all so happened in 1996 and those days I was a bachelor and lived alone in the guesthouse provided by the company. Once my Chairman from Holland visited India and he had planned a trip of 20 days in Chennai but all of a sudden he got a fax and to leave at the earliest. This happened when they had gone for lunch and on the way back they visited a travel agency and made a booking for the departure and came back to the company. The chairman insisted me to follow-up the agent for the ticket, else they will let us loose, saying this he gave me the Tel.no. of the travels. I dialed when it was 2.00p.m and asked for the tickets, the reception lady said that Mrs. Yami deals my chairman's ticket and connected me to her. When I enquired about the tickets she was checking on the system and in the mean while she was enquiring abut my profession and me. I patiently answered all her questions and finally she also told me that she had been a real nut to disturb me during the work process, I said its all in the game and I am such a type that I will always keep relationship strong with all my friends. She asked me how abt my relationship, I said let me think abt it and hanged the phone after collecting all the information. Every thing went on well and after say 10-15 days I made a call and thanked her for the ticket and information provided by her on the other day. She was very much surprised and she told me that no one had ever called in turn to thank them once they left the office. I said I am a man of difference. Then after a lot of hesitance she asked me to provide a job for one of the candidate referred by her, I asked her to send me all the details regarding the person to my Factory and gave my Factory address. That evening (in the mean while telephone no of her home and my residence had been exchanged) to my surprise I received a call from her at my residence and I asked her what made her to call up home, Immediately she cried stating that she has been married for eight years and she has two children and her husband has spoiled all the money on business and now sitting at home with out any responsibility and she is going for work to support the family. I said not to worry and I will some how accommodate him with a decent salary in our factory. The same has been conveyed to him I suppose and the immediate response was that he is not interested in going for a work and even a petty shop should be of his own. If he would have left the speech there itself I wouldn't have had the opportunity of having fun with gamis but he restricted her from calling me and warned her that if he hears about me again she is killed. This made her to take a back door access only for me. As days went on we came to know about each other's family background, studies, personality, looks, taste, likes, dislikes etc., all only during office hours. Every thing happened only over the phone and we haven't physically met. As days rolled on we became closer day by day over the phone and in the mean while she said she is a daughter of a millionare and due to infatuation she got married to this guy at the age of 18 and now she is 25. Her father doesn't help and mother helps her thru the back door. Some how she managed to get a 24-hour STD/ISD booth opened for him by her mother at a prime location where he has to travel for 45 mins to one hour. In that also this guy kept some one for the day and he himself took charge in the night. Now she was relaxed a bit and we got time to speak in the nights also, we used to talk about all things in this world and she used to tell me that she should have got married to me. She also told me that she wanted to see me in person, I said fine and we fixed a day for our meeting. That day was a Saturday and those days having funk is a fashion and I had the same too. I drove to her office and with a eager to know how she looks and all. I reached her office and peeped in thru the reception door and found two girls on the desk, I was confused and said gami, immediately she came out and shook hands with me, she was tall 5.9 (me 5.6!!!!!!!!!!!) Slim but the curves were very sharp all over. She was wearing specs that too were looking good on her. We had a chat and I left for my work. In the evenings she gave me a call and said that I am handsome and very nice. We used to talk hours together in the evenings, she always deviates from the topic sex, when ever I crack a joke she immediately changes the topic to some other subject and when I asked her she said she doesn't like it. One fine evening we were talking over the phone and it was around 10.00 P.M I asked her where is her hubby and she said that he had gone to the booth because the night duty person was on leave. I said in turn so I will come there, she said no I asked her why and she said that she wouldn't leave me if I go there. Then some how she said that I can come and go, I started off my bike and reached her place parked the bike in a dark place and entered her apartments. She had already instructed me that there is no watchman for their apartments and they reside in the second floor. She also instructed me that not give a calling bell but the doors will be open slightly and I just have to push them and enter the house. I did and immediately found her behind the door shutting and she took me to the sofa and made me sit on it and watch. I noticed the house and found the TV on and it was a double bedroom flat with all the animates. In the mean time I glazed at her and she was in her Lycra nighty, which was till her knees. She gave me a cup of milk and sat next to me and we were watching TV for some time fiddling with the hands and caressing the same. After some time she said that it's hurting for her to sit for a long time in the sofa and got down on the floor and sat in between my legs leaning her back on my legs. Slowly I started to caress her for head and caressing her cheeks and her chin I lifted her head by placing my hands on her chin and slowly kissed her on her forehead immediately she closed her eyes and she was becoming hot and hot, I started to place kisses on her cheeks eyes and finally on her lips. Hope she might be waiting for the same (like a predator waiting to attack its prey,) She immediately grabbed my lips and started to suck like a baby. I got aroused and started to enjoy and started to slide my hands in her nighty and found her bra covering her boobs and I slowly caressed her boobs with the bra and found her nipples getting harder and harder over the fabric, he started to breath heavily and my hands slided down bending myself even more found her navel which was well shaped and I started to play with the same. Immediately she got up and asked me whether I wanted her to take of the nighty and I said yes, she started to remove her nighty thru her head and when it went covering her head I sprang and hugged her tightly so that I was feeling the heat of her body and I could feel the exposed parts of her body thru my hands and face. She said u naughty and she removed the nighty totally and she was looking like a fairy with panties and braziers, I was stunned to look her like that that too in the mild light of the Television, she was looking like an angel and no one could ever utter that she is a mother of two, so shaped her hips and breasts, legs were like sculpture and the back my god like a slippery rock. The bums were framed that bramma took time to make her. I slowly approached and hugged her tight I could hear noise of her bones crushed by my hug. And found that I am only to her chest and she is too tall. I was caressing all her back and kissing all her breast with the braziers and found her panty socking wet. Slowly I removed her braziers and found a lovely pair of breast and I started to tease her by sucking all her breast mount except the nipples she was moaning ands twisting her body rubbing her crotch against mine but I never gave up and I continued the same for more than a n hour and I move to her nipple. As soon as I got on her nipple with the hand caressing the other she trusted her breast fully into my mouth and asked me to suck it as harder as I can and I stated to do the same and I sucked so much that the next day morning she called up and said that she got a love bite all over her breast and the pain created by it was giving her pleasure. Doing this for quite some time I carried her to the bed and made her lie on the bed and started to smooch her and slowly sliding downward I reached her nave and placed a wet kiss on it and she moaned arching her body, I started to play with my tongue on her navel and asked her does she has honey or jam at home she said yes and left to the kitchen only with her panties it was so wonderful my God you should have thousand eyes to admire her in that costume. She came with a bottle of jam full. I placed some on her navel and started to eat the same with my tongue and finishing that I moved downwards and pulled her panties down with my teeth she also arched body to help me remove her panties and she immediately covered her vagina with her hands, I asked her to remove her hands but she said she is shy and she can't remove her hands, I told her patiently and asked her to remove and she was hesitant for 15 mins or so then suddenly some thing stuck me and I with one force pulled her both hands and buried my face into her pussy, which she never expected and was still like a statue and I found the time interesting and worked my way with my tongue and teeth by licking and biting her clitt and I found her legs slowly going apart and giving way for my actions and her relaxing muscles indicated that she is getting into the stream. I slowly lifted my head and asked her how it feel immediately she covered her face with her hands. I said you know only two things to do with your hands either to hide your pussy or to hide your face she said it is not like that, To be continued Send your comments to anusha1988@rediffmail.com

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