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With my Best Online Friend" With my Best Online Friend">With my Best Online Friend

Gautham 07/01/2010

Friendgautham@CoolYork.comThe stories in this site are excellent and I am a regular reader of all stories. I resolute to write a story that is happening in my life till date. My name is Gautham and I am working in Greater Mumbai for 2 years. My hometown is Bangalore. I was rare user of chat and internet, one time it happened to meet a girl in internet, when I was working in Chennai 5 years back. We started with a good chat and I never asked for her snap and also her contact number. She is from Mumbai and by that time she was studying. We used to share everything and everything about day to day life also. We know each other very well, but only through words. I got job in Bangalore and worked for 2 years. After that Job, I made one more change and shifted to Mumbai. In these years we never exchanged contact numbers and pictures. We continued in chat only (and not even in voice chat). Due to these reasons, we were close friends. In my mind, it was always there to ask her contact number and snap but I never dared to ask, because she may mistook me. In these years, she finished her studies and started working. We were working in same locality only. After 6 months stay in Mumbai on eve of my birthday, when I was chatting with her I received a message "There will be a surprise for you tomorrow". I replied that "It's my pleasure to accept your surprise". That night was the lengthier night in my whole life so far, thinking that what will be the surprise? However that night went like hell for me. Next day morning I got ready and went to temple and then to office. I waited till 4PM and no surprise happened. I thought of leaving office and by then I got a call from office reception that one visitor is waiting for you. With disappointment I reached reception and received the visitor, till that time I didn't had any idea about the visitor. She greeted me with a bouquet of flowers and a gift and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Oh...I forgotten to tell her name, her name is swetha. She is the person, whom I am chatting for so many years. It was a big surprise for me. I thanked her and for the first time I am seeing her with biggest surprise. There are no words to explain my happiness. I offered a treat for her, she accepted for that. We went to a pizza corner and had our food. I said her that it was the best surprise that I had in my life. She is more talkative and I was at receiving end. She is looking beautiful and has all good features and physic. I bit dark and average person. I asked her, Shall we go out for a ride? After thinking for a while and she accepted and we went for Iskcon temple in my bike and then to Juhu beach. I was thrilled because that was my first day I roamed with a girl. The same day for the first time we exchanged our contact numbers and dropped her near by her home and waved bye and I reached my room. At night I sent a sms and asked her that how was her experience with me? She replied that I gained confidence in her, her boy friend (who dumped her) never was so cool and you are a person who even didn't asked me anything and hence I decided to give you a surprise and the one of the happiest day. Then we started sending SMS to each other and rarely used to call her. This went for two months and meanwhile we met 3 times. One day she told that she got engaged and her marriage will be within a month time. I was happy to hear the news but she was not willing to marry him. But due to her parents compulsion she agreed for marriage. I attended her marriage and everything went fine, I reduced calling her and I didn't sent sms also because that may create problems to her marriage life. We continued in chat. After 6 months of her marriage life, for the first time in 4 and half years she talked about sex with me. She told that her husband is impotent and she is not satisfied. Her mother in law is teasing thinking that she is having some problems. She told that in medical reports she is normal. Day by day harassing from them is getting increased and she desperately wants a baby for her and her family. I searched in internet for best time for sex to have pregnancy and everything. She followed the same and everything failed. There were no other solutions from her husband because he can't make her pregnant. The other solutions are from sperm donor etc. These things were unaware by her husband and mother in law. They are thinking that she has problems. Next day we were chatting and she asked me a favor saying that I am her best friend and she has trust, confidence and belief on me. I replied it's my pleasure to do anything for you. Next statement was unexpected, she asked me to make her mother for a child. She said that she was thinking for few days and finally decided to go ahead with you. I am not feeling any guilty for asking with you because you can understand my situation and I believe that you do it. I don't know what to reply. I replied that I need time to think and I will let you know after two days. For next two days there was a continuous battle between "yes" or "No" and finally I decided to go ahead with yes thinking of her situation. Third day after earlier conversation I conveyed my opinion. The day and place was scheduled at my room. The days were between her consecutive periods. I learnt few techniques about best position and foreplay and prepared for the execution. We had intercourse for 3 continuous days in day time and advised her to have intercourse with her husband on nights to avoid doubts and misunderstandings. Two days back I received a call her and she said her report says that she is pregnant. She was overjoyed with that news and I felt very much happy and relaxed too. We were one of the happiest persons in this world on that day. I don't think that I had done a mistake after her over joy. We met on same day evening and we moved as good friends as we were earlier and with a slight change. The difference was we hold each other hands and walked along the shore of sea. Feedbacks are most welcome at : gautham@coolyork.com

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