With Tarun in Flat
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कॉलेज टाइम की चुदाई (Sex Story)

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With Tarun in Flat" With Tarun in Flat">With Tarun in Flat

Shalini 14/08/2008

Frienduntamedpussyshalini@rediffmail.comI met this boy, Tarun, thru net only. We both had already exchanged lot of mails about each other's liking and disliking. Finally we decided to meet and to go to bed one day. It was a cool late evening when Tarun came to visit me. We both were in my flat. We were having drinks and talking to each other about the work, family and other topics. Slowly I noticed that our conversation turned to sex topics, even our breath was heavy this time. We finished our glasses and decided to make love. I locked the door from inside. As I entered the drawing room feeling horny, Tarun moved next to me and took me into his arms. He made the first move by kissing my cheeks and then my lips. My lips also eagerly got on his and we began kissing wildly as we have met after a long time. His hands were caressing my back where as my fingers were gently stroking his hair. Our tongues were playing hide and seek with each other and the lips were trying to do each other in different postures. I don't know how long we were drawn closer to each other like that. Soon I realized that his hands were stretched out on both of my breasts. He began lifting up the bottom of my T-shirt, trying to pull it up and struggling. I removed my T-shirt and unhooked my bra for him. Tarun was looking at my breasts, creamy white boobs, firm with erect nipples. I bent back a little to tease him, waving my beautiful breasts only inches from his face. Tarun brought his mouth near my boobs and put his lips softly rolling over my right breast nipple and areola. I gasped lightly as he took the erect nipple in his mouth. I placed my one hand on the back of his head, holding his mouth against my boobs. I put my other hand on the bulge in his pants. I was so excited with a swollen clitoris in anticipation of things to come. As Tarun was sucking my boobs like an infant, I realized his other hand moved slowly from my other breast to my lower area. I unbuttoned my jeans and stepped out of it. Now his hand was on the waist band of my panties searching my pleasure cave. He moved his hand gently over the soft bulge between my legs, pressed a bit harder and placed it on my thin panties over my silky n soft public hair. His hand was playing and stroking me. Finally, he slid his hand in my panties and slid his finger into my vagina. I moaned with pleasure. He was penetrating his finger back and forth into my pussy which was fully moist by that time. It seemed now that the clothes Tarun was wearing were obstructing the inmate touch of our feverish bodies which were ready to get crushed in each other hands. We both helped each other to remove our clothes. We both were standing in front of each other stark naked. He was staring at my beautiful nude body. Tarun held out his open hands to me and I ran into his hands. Tarun was holding me tightly and it was a nice feeling of sharing of each other's warmth. It was a pleasant and peculiar feeling of tingling still further down where his furious cock was touching the opening of my vagina. Tarun took me to the sofa and made me sit on the sofa with my legs down and bit parted. He got down to his knees and opened my sweet petals. He started playing with his long and fleshy tongue licking the inner walls of my pussy. Sometimes his tongue was slowly circling the clit and sometimes slowly moving top to bottom teasing and giving me the pleasure. I was experiencing the heavenly pleasure. I held his head and pushed hard on to my pussy. I was going into convulsions experiencing the orgasm. I already had the first orgasm of the day and the way I kissed him after that made him like a stallion. His cock was fully erect and throbbing. Now it was my turn to take over. I made him sit on the sofa edge and took his cock in my mouth. I took his seven inches dick into my mouth inch by inch up to the root. I was sucking his cock like a lollipop bringing him to seventh heaven and he was pulling my head towards his loin. He bent a little to caress my back; his fingers were trying to play with my slightly open buttocks. My juices were dripping from my pussy up to my ass. Being our first fuck I never wanted to end in oral and I was so excited of getting a fuck from Tarun that I had already come twice. Suddenly Tarun pushed me away like he was about to come, I was standing now. He turned me around brought me closer to him with my back towards his face. I sat on his lap while guiding his erected cock into my wet pussy. We sat together while enjoying the warmth of our bodies and our genitals. With one hand he was playing with one of my hard nipple while sucking the other one. Not to be left out I also tried to touch his cock but found nothing as his whole cock was inside my pussy. I slowly lifted up my waist making his cock visible. I was playing with the root of his cock as well as with his balls. Tarun was moving his cock in and out. Sensing the time I also started moving up and down. Now our movements were synchronized. This was doubling our pleasure and to give him more pleasure my pussy muscles gripped his cock tightly. Then still pumping his cock inside my ever dripping pussy Tarun made me bent on the floor like a horse and continued his fucking in my evergreen favorite position. Suddenly Tarun increased his speed of fucking like he was about to come and I was making sure not to disconnect our coupling due to his faster strokes. And then he withdrew with one shot and exploded like a bomb with his cum jetting with full force on my pussy lips my legs and on my ass. Tarun was holding me tightly in his arms around me crushing my boobs. I started shaking his dick with one of my hands like wanted to make sure that even the last drop of cum squirted out of his dick. After sometime we took bath and had our food. Later in the evening he left. Comments welcome. Personal comments at untamedpussyshalini@rediffmail.com

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