With Sheeba the snake in bed
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With Sheeba the snake in bed" With Sheeba the snake in bed">With Sheeba the snake in bed

Rufus 05/03/2008

Friendrufussabu@yahoo.com I'm Rufus, a businessman aged 35 and I would like to put down one of my true encounter I had with my sister's friend and classmate Sheeba who was our neighbour a couple of years back while I was doing my final year degree course and Sheeba her first year. 10:30am. That was the time one fine morning being a holiday I thought I could go through my commerce text as my mother was off with my sister to my uncle's house. It was then that I heard someone push the calling bell and I had been to the door to find who that could be. It was Sheeba who had come to meet my sister to borrow a book not knowing that I was the only person at home. Though she was a frequent visitor to our home I had never noticed her in detail. She asked me for a book and I asked her to fetch it from my sister's study table. On one end of my room I had my bed and my study table and on the other end of the room was my sister's study table. I asked her to get whichever book she wanted from the table and I moved to my study table. As I looked around I saw her leaning on the table and trying to get the book she wanted which was on the other end of the table. She was wearing a short skirt and I could see her bare legs knee down. A cold chill rose up my spine when I saw tiny silky brown hairs on her fair legs and my dick started to harden a bit. I moved towards her to help her get the book. Her black curly hair was put to her front of her right side and I could see her bare neck on her left side. As I couldn't stand it I kissed her neck which startled her but stood motionless thunder struck not knowing what was happening. Without uttering a word I slowly moved my hands standing behind her from her shoulder down to her breast and I could feel she had a pair of beautiful boobs which was the size of a ripe tomato. Slowly I pulled back my right hand and I moved it towards her legs. I started to raise my hand through her thighs under her skirt and I could feel she was a bit shivering but deep inside my mind I knew that she would not complain. Now I turned her towards me and I kissed on her beautiful lips and I was sure that she was urging for more. I moved her towards my bed and I sat on it while she stood in front of me between my legs which made her boobs point directly to my mouth. I started to undress her one by one and finally she was in her panties and bra. She had a beautifully chiseled body. Her thighs were hefty and soft. I unhooked her bra and pulled down her panties. I started to roll my tongue around her nipples which was soft on hard boobs. After a couple of seconds her nipples started to harden and at the same time my hand was moving up and down her thighs. I put her flat on the bed and I moved to her side and kept on squeezing her hard breasts, while kissing her lips my hands were still moving up and down between her thighs. Gradually she started to spread her legs a little bit and now I had my hand on her pussy. I started to roll my fingers around her vagina and I found it was completely wet. I didn't want to put my fingers in so I went on top of her and started to kiss her on her lips and then started going down to her boobs, then the stomach and now I came to her pussy. I went on rolling my tongue around her vagina and as I split it open with my fingers I could see the pink colour with juices on it. I started to gradually push my tongue into her vagina and I could hear her moan. Each time I put my tongue in and out of her vagina she started to spread as well as lock my head between her thighs with her hands running between my hair and pushing my head towards her vagina. Now I very well knew that she was ready for the final show. I came up and started to kiss her while she spread her legs and the tip of my dick was at the doorstep of her vagina. I slowly started to push in my dick into her vagina thinking that it would go in fast as it was completely wet but it was too small a hole to drive in my 7 inch dick. I had to struggle a bit to get it in but I did it in a couple of seconds while she cried in pain as well as asking me to drive it completely in as she was also enjoying it. I felt as though my dick was put into a pre heated oven. I started to push my dick in and out. When I pushed it in she would raise her body to enjoy it completely with not even letting a millimeter of my dick staying outside unused. During the couple of thrusts I gave her she was moving under me worse than a snake enjoying every bit of the intercourse. While the pumping was going on she was sucking my under lips while I had her upper lips in my mouth. She had slight moustache and I could see it was standing erect. After a couple of thrusts all of a sudden she locked my legs tight with hers and her hands pushed my buttocks towards her, her eyes rolling back, neck thrusting forward and her head moving back, pushing her whole body up she squeezed me tight like a lemon been squeezed and she had her orgasm. That made me really on the point of cum but to avoid disaster I pulled back my dick and she knew why. Very quickly she sat up and took my dick in her hand and started to move it up and down with her hands while though I resisted she started to roll her tongue around the cup of my dick and all of a sudden my spunk shot up. The moment she knew that I was on the verge of coming she took my dick completely in her mouth and sucked it just like one would suck water from a hose. I really felt like she had pulled my brains off. Till then she had not uttered a word but before she left she just said one thing. "I don't care if you get married or not or if I get married or not we should have more encounters like this as I'm sure that there would be no one on this earth other than you who could cool me down like this. It was one hell of a fucking experience." The job she gave me before she left was to wash the bed sheet which was bloodstained as it was her first time. The poor girl never knew that I don't take a woman to bed twice as I have not done that till date. This is one of my 48 encounters I had till date. I would appreciate comments from the readers as well as if someone (age, caste or creed does not matter) is ready to have one with me on my Email:rufussabu@yahoo.com

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