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With My friend Anu" With My friend Anu">With My friend Anu

Vijay 16/01/2011

Friendvijaynbr@yahoo.co.inThis is a real story which I am going to write. I met this Woman Anu with whom I and she became close friends through a social networking site. We talked daily over phone. She is a house wife aged 52 years and myself 50 years. She is very simple. After sometime, we decided to meet. We fixed Madikeri. She was from Mangalore and myself from Mysore. I reached Madikeri @ 1 pm & she came there @ 1.15 pm. We both had bags, since we decide to spend 2 nights in Madikeri. We had a good lunch and reached the room at 2.30 pm. We talked for over 1 hour. We both washed our faces. She was in a very happy mood. She was happy that we both belonged to one community. She was wearing a beautiful green saree. Then I just kissed her and we both kissed passionately. I rubbed my hands over her buttocks and she felt very happy over it. I massaged her upper portion of her breasts and just kissed it. She put her hands in my burmuda and slowly massaged my penis. We both had agreed to have a good sex during night and early morning times. We both told, not to remove any dress in this time and only during night times. I just inserted my hands in her blouse and massages her breasts and her nipples became very erect. She told me to suck it. I slowly sucked it. I then massaged her thighs and her legs. She was pleased with my decision not to remove our dresses. I then vigorously massaged her vagine and put my hands in it. She was very happy. I then told her that I will lick it. She was very happy. We both hand many cadbury choclates. I put the cadbury in her vagina and sucked slowly & gently, she liked it very much. I did this for 15 minutes. Then she told me that she wanted my penis. I just slept, and she slowly licked and sucked my penis for sometime. Then we both slept till 6 pm. We both went for walk through our beautiful Madiker and had non vegetarian dinner and reached our hotel room at 8 pm. Then our session started. We both had body bath again. We both planned to have oral sex for 2 hours. We both took out our dresses. We massaged sucked everypart of the parts of us. We then enjoyed sex in the night time. Three times we had. Though we both crossed 50's, both liked it. She likes very much the vagina enjoying sequence. When we enjoy, we both put coconut oil and do it, since it does not have any pain. Rest in my next mail. Women preferably aged 50 years and above only, who like to share my erotic stories can write to me at vijaynbr@yahoo.co.in & I will share my stories.

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