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With My Love" With My Love">With My Love

Mohan Kumar 21/12/2004

Friendseeking17@rediffmail.comHai friends,, I would like to share my long wish cherished dream of having love with a sweet 18. This happened when I was 23 yrs and she was 18. As I had no bad habit and known as good mannered guy, our neighbours has no hesitation to send her daughter going for science tuition. First few days went without any incident and after one week I couldn't control myself. She used to come around 6 PM and will be there till 7.30 and her younger brother will come and she will go home. She used to wear pavada which was my weakness. After one week, when I was helping her draw some figures for her records, I touched her hands deliberately. Since there was no change in her and I did't take my hands. Next day, I was checking some problems leaning over the chair and suddenly she raised her head and our faces came very closer . Taking this as a chance, I gave her surprise kiss on forehead and her nose. She became very shy and laid on the table and told "I will tell my mom " to that I replied "then your mom will arrange our marriage" , she said "Oh..we will see, I won't agree". To that I just hold her face from the back and gave her one kiss on the lips. To my surprise, she collected her book and went home. I was very anxious on next day which was Sunday , but she came around 3 PM and gave me a very shy smile. To my question did you tell you mom she told that she will tell when she is ready for the marriage, and kissed on my lips. As there were nobody around, I pulled her to my lap and we kissed passionately for 2/3 minutes, the taste of her honey was very passionate and my lips went to her neck and shoulder bone. Then she told no I don't like this naughty .we have to wait.. As our love was real, I stopped there and let her go. We had some more experiences like this again ,and it happened on my birthday . My mom , sis and dad had gone for a marriage in the evening, I was waiting home alone for her. When she came , she just closed my eyes from behind and kissed very passionately on my lips. I took her hands off, and she noticed my member standing erect, She asked what is that, when I told this the little me , and it is yours . She touched him and he jumped to her palms. I told her beware , if he comes out, you have to quench his hunger , otherwise there will be a big problem. She said I am ready to face him. She kissed thru my lungie . I raised her face from my lap and kissed on the lips, slowly moving down to her long neck and to her small tits thru her jacket. She was holding me very tight and her breath became faster. I checked my luck opening the top of her jacket buttons and kissing above her boobs, to which there was no resistance and then I removed her jacket and kissed all over her boobs, biting with my lips and my hand moved to her small triangle. She moaned very loudly and my lips trailed to her flat and smooth abdomen. Our control lost and we moved to the floor , she laid above me, with only her panty, and me completely naked . she kissed my chest , slowly moving to my little one. She took him in her mouth, and kissed. She became very shy when looked at my eyes, and said I can't. I said no problem, if you don't like, leave it. I took her below and started my exposure of her sweet body with my lips from the necks, stopping at her two small boobs, while my hand went to her treasure. She started making all the sound and moved passionately under me. Then I removed her only dress, kissed fully on her . To enter my tongue was also very difficult and when I succeded., she jerked. She told will it make any problem, I said no, if we enter the little one only there will be any problem. I couldn't resist entering her, but due to the love towards her, I was not ready to do that. When I told her this , and also I wanted a release. We agreed to just play outside her treasure simply rubbing along her lips..The pleasure we both derived was fantastic. When I knew it was the time, I moved my member to naval and the release was all over her upper body. After our breath came normal , she said I love you a thousand times, because you didn't cheat me when you had the chance. I said it was because of my love molu. This was our first and last experience, we didn't try to continue as we have planned to marry. Waiting for your comments at seeking17@rediffmail.com

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