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Wild session with my Chat friend" Wild session with my Chat friend">Wild session with my Chat friend

Rocky 13/10/2011

Friendjuicerrrrr@gmail.comAm Rocky from bangalore... This is a real incident which describes how i met my long time chat friend and what we did on the first meet... I got introduced this lady more than 6 years back when i was in my collage... it started of with a normal friendly chat on weekends to daily chats for hours and hours to phone calls... her name is indhu from kerela... she is married and has a kid of 2 years now... We exchanged our photos very frequently... Our chats gradually became very personal and gradually it increased to sexual talks... we started talking in late nights in phone... and ended up in phone sex... we were satisfying eachother thru phone very often... then we started sharing our nude pics in different poses for us to see and masturbate while doing phone sex... Our friendship was building strong and strong after we became more intimate and we dint notice that we were friends for more than 5-6 years without even meeting in person... we were happy and proud of it... But we were getting restless without meeting eachother... the fire was building in each of us, so we decided that we will meet up... Since i am also from kerala, when i had a trip to my hometown, i planned to go through her place and meet her up... On the planned day i reached her place early morning at 6... she was very happy to see me... let me describe about her... she is a bit plump but has sexy curves... all our phone talks were running in my mind when i was seeing her for the first time... She took me in her house and introduced to her parents (in fact i had talked with them earlier also)... they welcomed me and gave me tea... i had breakfast with them... we had already planned for the action but have to lie to her parents... so after lunch we told her parents that we are going for shopping and will be back by evening... We left home and while going in auto i caught her hand and started caressing it, i tried to touch her boobs... she was also in mood... she was afraid that the auto guy might notice and told me it is not safe to do it here... we went to a nearby park and found an isolated place... we sat under a tree and started talking... i somehow managed to touch her boobs but she was not comfortable and said we can do tht in her house in the night when everyone is asleep... i agreed and we left by evening back to her house after little shopping for her kid... in the night we had dinner and her parents were sleeping in a bedroom and she and her kid in another and they arranged bed for me in the guestroom which was luckily near to her bedroom... she said she ll come in late night after making sure everyone is slept... once i entered the room, i wanted to pee, when i went to the toilet i found tht the toilet has 2 entries and the other door was to her room... i was overjoyed and thought better wait and enjoy rather than hurrying and messing things... it was around 11.30-12, all slept and all the lights were switched off... i went to the toilet and knocked the door, after a min or so, she opened it... she was wearing a sexy nighty and also i found tht her kid was sleeping... i hugged her tightly pressing her boobs against my chest... she dint resist and hugged me back... she said lets get into my room... we slowly closed the door and entered the guest room... we hugged and i kissed her lips... we were french kissing for almost 5-10 mins... i slowly caught her boobs and squeezed it... she said handle it with care... its all urs for the whole night... i pushed her on the bed and started kissing her from her forehead to nose to lips to neck to her clevage... i slowly removed the hooks on the front of her nighty and saw her black bra... i started licking her boobs without removing her bra... she was trying to catch my rod which was almost to its full length now... i caught her hand and kept it on my rod (not inside)... her eyes widen feeling the stiffness of my rod... she said "i want it now"... i said its all urs... she got up and asked me to stand in front of her... she removed my shorts and saw the bulge in my undy... she kissed my rod on my undy... i said remove the undy with ur mouth... she winked at me and removed it with her teeth and in the process slowly touching my balls with her lips... my rod was pointing straight on her face and she was very much tempted... she held my rod (which already started ooozing the precum) and licked the tip of it... my precum was trailing from her tongue... she slowly took my rod inside her mouth and i saw my rod disappearing in her mouth slowly... i could feel the end of her throat... she started moving to and fro motion, first slowly and then increasing the speed... i was in heaven... i should accept tht she is tooo good in giving a blowjob... i caught her head and started mouth fucking her fast... she responded back very nicely which made me reach my climax very soon... i told her am going to cum and she said she wants it in her mouth... i held her head and pushed my rod deeeeper while i was cumming... i shot my cum in loads deeeep in her mouth... she tried to drink it all but little of it was spilled out and fell on her boobs... she sucked my cock and cleaned it of my cum and told me lets start the game... i said now it is my turn... I pushed her on the bed and started kissing her from her legs... slowly i moved her nighty over her thighs... i saw her white plumpy thighs which made me mad... my rod became rock hard... i started licking her thighs and moved up... when i came near her pussy, she held my head and forced me to lick it but i didnt... i teased her by licking around her pussy area and moved her nighty above her stomach... she has a deeeep navel... i kissed her navel and inserted my tongue in her navel... she was getting more excited... she made an hisssssssss sound... she herself removed her nighty fully... now she was in her bra and panty... i removed her bra and out came her more than average size boobs with cute brown nipples... she has nice round aerolas of the size of old one rupee coin... i licked her boobs and and sucked her nipples... i gave light bites on her nipple for which she responded with light moans... she pressed me more to suck more... i gave many love bites on her boobs which made love marks (she told me later)... i was licking and biting her boobs for almost 10 mins vigorously... then i slowly came down and inserted my hand inside her pink panty and found that it was already too wet... i removed her panty fully and saw her fully shaved pussy (as we had planned earlier)... while writing this line, i got reminded of her pussy and my rod came back to form :) i opened her legs wider and opened her lovely pussy lips and saw the pinkish part which was inviting me badly... i became crazy seeing it and gave a deeeeeeep kiss inside the pink part for which she moaned "yesssssssssss rocky eat me moreeeeeee, am loving it..." i licked the vertical lips from top to bottom and bottom to top couple of times... i slowly inserted my tongue inside her pussy and tingled her inside, for which she moaned more "rockyyyyyyyyyyyy go deeeeeeeeeeper", saying this she held my head and pushed me more on her love triangle... it had a different kind of taste but i liked it... so i started licking her more and more... she was losing control... she was shaking her hips in response to it holding my head and pressing it against her hole... i was tongue fucking for almost 15 mins and suddenly she crossed her legs with my head inside it... i could sense tht she is cumming... i increased the speed of licking inside deeeeper and more faster... she said shes cumming and before she finished saying it, she came in loads in my mouth... i tried to take as much as possible but my face was covered by her cum... she said she has not cum this much till now since her hubby never licked her pussy... she took a tissue paper and cleaned my face and gave a french kiss... we hugged eachother and our tongues explored eachother's mouth... we were kissing and rolling in the bed when my rod was poking her pussy... she said "lets start the main play, i cant wait more, please take me rocky". i made her lay on her back and spread her legs wider... i kept my rod in front of her pussy and moved it on her lips and teased her... she was getting excited more and more... she pleaded me "Rocky, please don tease me more, please fuck me... bang me hard... tear my pussy". i slowly inserted my 7 incher inside her hole... the bulb of my rod went in with a plop sound since her hole was well lubricated with her cum... also since she got birth to her kid, it went in without much force... she said "put it full... i want to feel it deeeeep inside me... fuck me Rocky"... i removed my cock out and inserted it with a thuuuuuuuuuuuud... she closed her eyes and opened her mouth with a loud moan aaaaaahhhhhhh... i was afraid whether she will wake up her parents with her moans... i just closed her mouth by kissing her when i started pumping her... i could feel my rod getting into a warm cave... she was moaning for my each thrust... every time i enter her, she would say "yesssssssss" and the frequency of she saying yes increased when my pumping started increasing... she caught my bums and pressed it harder... she helped me by pushing me inside her more... i could see tht my entire rod is disappeared in her warm well... for my each pump, she responded back by lifting her bums up... since i had already cum in her mouth while she gave me blowjob, i was able to control my next shoot... we increased the speeeed of in-out-in-out-in-out so much tht the bed started making slight creeking sound... i told lets get on the floor and continue since the sound might wake her parents up... she said "don worry, just continue Rocky, i want to cum badly now... parents are 2 rooms away from here... they wont hear the sound"... i got happy and increased the speed... she said "fuck me Rocky... fuck me hard... yes yess yesss yesss yesss, tear me... bite me..." i was reaching my climax but didnt wanted to cum before her, so i reduced my speed to control and increased it again... this time i pumped her continously in full speed for which she said "yes yesssss yessssss am cumming Rockyyyyyyyyy mmm mm mmm mm m mmmmmm cummingggggggg" saying this she wrapped her legs around my bums and pulled me inside... i could feel my pussy walls getting contracted... the way she was moaning and the speed in which i was pumping her made me reach my climax too... we both came on the same time... i shot my load deeeeeeeeeep inside her... she said she can feeeel my cum shooooting inside her... both our cums mixed and it was oooozing out from her hole... i fell on her and we started french kissing and playing with our tongues... she said "i love u Rocky... u fuck me better than my hubby"... (later in phone she had told me tht her hubby just bangs her and once he cums, he gets to sleep without even bothering abt her)... we were hugging and laying after we both got exhausted... when i had an urge to pee, i got up and found tht we slept off hugging eachother for almost an hour... i went to pee and just peeped into her room to see her kid, he was fast asleep and the time was 3 in the morning... i came back to the bed where she was laying with cum stains on the bedsheet underneath her hole... i slowly opened her legs and started licking her hole... she was smiling in her sleep... i slowly inserted my tongue again in her hole which woke her up... she started caressing my hair and asked me "want one more round" with a wink... i said "yes but in this hole" saying tht i poked her asshole... she said "noooooo rocky, it ll hurt more, it cant take ur size inside, am scared"... i pounced on her and started kissing her again and said i ll not hurt u... after trying to convince her for sometime, she accepted at last... i took oil from the bathroom and applied it on my rod... asked her to get into doggy style... i poured oil on her asshole and slowly insert my middle finger inside for which she started making hiisssssssss sound... i inserted my finger to and fro inside her ass slowly and made her comfortable... poured more oil and inserted 2 fingers and she widened her legs more and i saw her biting her pillow... after inserting 2 fingers and making her comfortable, i inserted the 3rd finger for which she started crying in pain... but once i applied more oil and tried inserting 3 fingers after widening her asshole, it went it tight... she said she cant more than tht... i poured oil on my dick and kept it in the opening of her asshole... i wiped my hands of the oil and lay on her back in such a way tht my hand is reachable to her face... i pointed my dick on her asshole and gave a hard pushhhhhhhh... it went it with a ploppppppppppp sound....... i knew she ll scream to her maxxx, so i closed her mouth with my hand when i gave the push... the fingering in her ass and too much oil helped a lot to enter into her on the first hardddddddd push... i was in heaven since i could feeeel my rod in a veryyyyyyyyy tight virgin holeee... i could see her assss sucking me inside... i slowly took my hand which was covering her mouth from stopping her shout... i saw tears coming from her eyes... my cock is still fully inside her hoooot asshole... i asked her how do u feel for which she said its paining a lot... i tried to remove my cock slowly for which she said "don move, stay der, it is painingggggg" i slowly hugged her from behind and inserted a finger inside her pussy and did fingering to her... when she started enjoying the fingering, i tried to make movements inside her ass... she was responding to my movements... i started to and fro slowly making sure it doesnt hurt her anymore... and she was enjoying it... i started increasing my speed of movements and she was responding back by hitting her ass against me... we started fucking slowly... i was fingering her pussy while fucking her ass... since her asshole was tight and i could feel the grip on my cock on every thrust, i was reaching my climax very soon... as i was nearing my climax and increased the speed of fingering, since i wanted her also to reach climax when i reach... this time i was not able to control holding my climax... i increased pumping her hard and shot my loaddddd inside her ass hugging her from behind... i fell on her as i came... we lay in bed with my cock inside her... as my cock started shrinking after cumming, it came out of her ass with a plop sound... i asked her how the experience was... she said eventhough it pained as hell, it showed heaven in the end... i hugged her and continued fingering her... she was holding my cock in her hand while i was fingering... i made her reach climax and licked her cum... we slept hugging eachother for some more time and she woke me up in the morning at 7.30 or so... when i woke up, i saw her dressed up fully and was standing with a bed coffee... i was surprised seeing the time... she said she woke up with her kids cry, she went and made him sleep, took bath and came... i was laying naked underneath the bedsheet... she said i was sleeping deeeply and she dint wanted to disturb me, so she had covered me with blanket and went... i kept the coffee on the table and pulled her on the bed but she resisted saying tht her parents have already woke up and are waiting for me to join them for breakfast... i demanded for a kiss and she held my cock and squeeeezed it while she gave a french kiss... i took bath and had breakfast with them... i left her home after lunch and i could see tears in her eyes when i was leaving... i called her when i was in bus to ask abt it for which she said it was coz of meeting a friend after a looong time abt 5-6 years and a hot wild session on the first meet and that too it ended within a day... i promised her tht i ll surely come der again before going to bangalore and i kept my promise :) That will be shared in the next episode... Any unsatisfied lady/aunty can mail me to juicerrrrr@gmail.com... Everything will be highly confidential.

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