Young and Eager

When I was very naive at the age of 15. All my peers were growing up so to say. We were dressing up at weekends when we go out. We started using make up and dolled ourselves. Some of us even tried using pads under their bra to enhance the size of their breasts. I was not one of those who needed the pads as I am gifted with a large pair of breasts wearing 34C cup brassieres. While I can improve my looks using make-up, I cannot hide my plumpness.
When we were out at the shopping mall, people our age approached us and tried to be friends. We would then go out in pairs doing some fondling and kissing inside cinemas.
As time passed, some of my closer friends were going steady with their respective boyfriends and the luckier ones like Anita, Julia and Sue had rich boyfriends and had advanced on going on dates on their own.
Sue with whom I was closest to at that time had confessed to me that she had slept with her boyfriend. I was so naive and eager to want to know what goes on in his bedroom. She had spent most weekends at his place when his parents were spending their time at some posh club where they are members. Anyway, she told me his parents are very open-minded people. I had imagined and counted how many weekends Sue had spent with him. They had gone steady for two months so they could be having sex for at least 6 weekends and she probably would not do it when having her period. I wanted to know how she felt the first time and she answered me calmly, " don't you believe in all the stories about the excruciating pain when your hymen in torn. When you can stand a needle poking your skin that is it. In about 20 seconds, it's all pleasure."
Sue then wanted to know how far I had gone with my boyfriend. She wanted to know if I begin to masturbate. I told her frankly about the boy I was dating. He was meek and shy but I did not want to encourage him because I do not want him thinking starving of sex from him. All he ever did was fondled my breasts while fully dressed and rubbed my pussy mound on my jeans. I told her that is when I masturbated when I got home.
Then at some time, I was alone with Anita and Julia. They were so amused that I was still a virgin. I supposed Sue must have told them about my meek and shy boyfriend. I told them he has improved and shed
Some of his meekness. I lied to them that he has begun putting his hands inside my panties and played with my clitoris, which gave me multiple orgasms. What else can I say to my peers who had the more experience. They are into womanhood having discarded their virginity some weeks ago. I must admit I felt envious and was eager to be bedded in the near future.
I really anticipated for the next two months and I gave up on him
To break my hymen. Those leave me to masturbate every time after our date.
One day a long time neighbor who lived a few streets from us came to invite my whole family to his wedding the following month. I was to be the bridesmaids to his future wife along with his sister.
Dean as we called him was my elder brother's best pal and they soon chatted. I was somewhere near at earshot and listened to their conversation and I gathered he was forced to marry her. He was not happy to be marrying her but he decided to because she is from a very rich family at least he will be ok financially.
As I was to be one of the bridesmaids, I had to go for a fitting for my bridesmaid gown. After the fitting, he had dropped off his sister to her gym class and was about to drive me home when I opened up a conversation and asked him as to why he wasn't really looking forward to marrying. He looked at me as though I might not understand the situation. I reminded him that I am old enough and further more need to learn from other people's experience. He agreed to tell me the situation so instead of driving me home we drove to somewhere exclusive and began telling me the whole thing.
When he first dated her, it was really for sexual reasons. He had not wanted her to be his steady. He already knew she had several boyfriends before him and knew she was not a virgin then. Nevertheless, he dated her anyway. While not dating her, she was free to go out with men she liked. To cut the story shot he admitted having sex every time they met. Then she got pregnant and she told him the baby is his. He could not argue, as he always did not use condoms when having sex with her.
She did not want an abortion as she had aborted twice with her previous lover and would be dangerous the third time. Therefore, Dean, at 24 will have to marry the woman who was 32 at that time. I felt a pity for Dean and while he drives me home, I kept glancing at his forlorn face.
I kept on thinking about Dean's situation and called him several times to cheer him up. Dean too had inquired about school and my ambition and soon I realized I had been chatting with him almost every day until the eve of his wedding day. I also realized I some time visualized his face when I masturbated.
After their marriage, they went to Turkey for a honeymoon and when he came back, he had moved to his in laws in a district for the rich.
Two months later, he stopped by my school to pick me up and I just could not hide my joy upon seeing him.
Instead of driving me home, he turned into his house. He was holding my hands like lovers do and lead me to the front door. I had a strong feeling he was about to bring me to bed. I breathed heavily eager to find out if Dean is going to be the first person who is going to fuck me.
As we walked, he told me he had a present from me from Turkey - a very personal one.
As he led me to his bedroom, I asked if his sister will be back soon and Dean told me he had volunteered to send his sister to gym classes and gave her some money that she may spend shopping for her needs.
In his bedroom, he took out a set of sexy under garments, a bra, and panties. He told me he wanted to see how they fitted me and to do that he would have to undress me, which he began to do so immediately and I found myself allowing him to peel of my clothes one piece at a time until I stood naked in front of him. Instead of dressing me up with the gifts he bought me, Dean held me close to him kissing me while his hands rubbing my naked pussy. We wrestled in bed and he tells me sweet nothing. All I knew was that I was in ecstasy when he bit my nipples, gently rubbed my clitoris. He calmed me down asking me if I was ready to lose my virginity. I told him I would not want any other person and not even my own boyfriend to be the first one to penetrate. I must be behaving like a slut but I enjoyed talking like that to him. He coaxed me to do blowjob on him and when he finally found wanting and me wet mount me with care. The pain was nominal and soon gyrating my pelvis to compliment each thrust he gave. I was spent. I acted like a whore. I had asked for more thrusts from him. I did ask him if I was a better fuck than his wife was. I had orgasms after orgasms. As I looked at his face, I started seeing the real person fucking me. An older man, 10 years my senior, my brother best friend and some lady's husband. I felt no guilt. I just wanted more from him and feel him inside me. I knew he was not using condom and I took all the risks and he eventually spilled his sperm inside me. I could feel he flooded me.
When he eventually pulled out his dick from my pussy, I felt sore in my vagina walls. He held me closed to him and after some time looked at his wristwatch and told me, we still have time for another shot before his parents come home.
He was my regular lover until I finished schooling and went to university. I did not cohabit with him in my final year in the university and news came to me one day that Dean had committed suicide.
I went to his funeral and that is the last I see of him.
He was cremated on 1 April 2000. This entry was posted on 30 Aug 2009 by in Virgin
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