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Vellore to Bangalore" Vellore to Bangalore">Vellore to Bangalore

Ram 07/10/2011 All, My name is ram, and I am 27 yrs old. This is one of the new sex encounter I had recently during my travel. As i am new to authoring my sex experiences in the KE Recently last week I used to travel in a bus from my native vellore to bangalore via Chittoor. The bus was almost full, as I had taken a window seat just one seat behind driverside, and I had three females sitting just behind driver seat. Two of them very aged and one of them was young one with huge boobs and fair skin, the first sight was awesome, as when I stood to place my bag on top the seat, I saw the big boobs revealing the cleavage of the young girl her skin was glowing white. The bus started moving from vellore by afternoon 3 pm, as it was a window seat I had placed my hand near the window and it was touching the young females boobs and hands towards the side, as she did not object for the touching I gained some courage and started caressing her, she was reciprocating well, by the time the bus stopped for tea, then I had chance to see her she gorgeous and after reaching chittoor, I had started caressing her even more and then she moved sideways towards the windows and I was able to cup and squeeze her big boobs which were very soft, as I believe she was still a virgin, but once I started squeezing her boobs became harder and I was able to tickle her nipples. Soon I had one of the passenger getting down in nest stop and the seat next to me was vacant, as it became dark, the young girl came and sat next to me on the pretext that she was getting too much air from the driver side. I sensed this is some good thing happended and pretended to sleep and started touching her boobs sideways and slowly cupped her, she was responding well. Then I gained some courage and their was no light I started mouthing her boobs, then slowly she removed her salwar and bra and opened her boobs for me so that I could lick and suck her, as it continued she started stroking my dick over my pants and she placed a bag so that no one could see me sucking her and then she removed my zip and had my tool which is now in it full size ( 8 Inches) and started licking it as though she is sleeping on the bag, it was very great felling as she gave me awesome blow job after about 2 hours I cummed in her, this was the longest blow job I had ever had as she did not release my tool from her mouth still we reached bangalore and I made a point that I never left her sucking her boobs, in the mean time I fingered her cunt and she was enjoying it very much. I never asked her name and no one in the bus came to know about it, but I have enjoyed sex without fucking her, but on my next encounter with my neighbor who enjoyed sex with me told that I have the big tool which can satisfy any women, to confirm it she said that she pregnant after getting fucked by me which happened 6 years later since she got married. Any desperate housewifes, aunties and college girls who need to enjoy the sex ecstacy and interested in wild and secret satisfying sex send in your responses to

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