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Unforgettable Flight Trip" Unforgettable Flight Trip">Unforgettable Flight Trip

Jack 30/11/2010

Travelmovinster@gmail.comHi Readers.. I am a regular visitor of KE, and find very interesting and arousing stories/experiences here.. I had a lot of sexperiences in my life, and I believe sex is the fourth basic need of human kind.. If you enjoy it with a trustable partner, it is the best thing in the world to do.. !! Anyways, let us keep aside philosophy and come direct to my experience.. I was flying from Blr to Delhi, for an official trip recently. In the checkin counter, there was a lady who was travelling in the same flight. She had an extra baggage, for which the airline ppl were telling her to pay extra money. The airline people charge very high amounts for extra baggage, and this bag was pretty big!! This lady was flying for the first time, bcos she wanted to reach delhi in some family urgency. I figured out tht this lady is also from Kerala, bcos I heard her discussing the situation on phone with her husband. She was planning to open the bag & move some stuff to another polythene cover or two so tht she can keep it with cabin baggage. But that also does not seem to help her much in reducing the weight of check in baggage.. There enters me !!!! I talked to her in malayalam & told her tht I have only my laptop bag. So.. if she dont mind, I will check in her extra baggage with my ticket. Since I looked genuine & decent (!) this lady told ok. And she called her husband to ask opinion. I also talked to tht person. We turned out to be from the same district in kerala. And tht person was very happy tht they escaped from paying for extra baggage. I checked in the bag with my boarding pass & we checked in together. Oh.. let me describe the lady. She was a normal looking girl, still attractive. May b in her late 20s. Had decent boobs, and a fairly round ass !! Most attractive part was her face, it was simply superb and she was a natural beauty.. From the check in counter till security check, this lady was thanking me over & again. I told, it is ok.. not a big deal. I was able to help, so I helped. She was like blah blah.. nowadays nobody helps each other, etc etc. I told, I am a different man!!! She smiled.. And... in the boarding gate, we had to wait since there was time for the flight to get ready for boarding. We decided to take coffee.. And this lady was very talkative. Actually then I started observing this lady closely. She was really attractive. She was in a churidar, I could make out tht she had a good structure. And, while talking, we exchanged numbers also. She told tht she & her husband live in Bangalore right now. They have a kid also. The kid is studying in Delhi, bcos they were previously in Delhi & recently shifted to BLR. (Her husband got transferred here, etc, etc).. They did not shift the kid in the mid of academic year. so..so.. Now, she wants to go to Delhi bcos the kid is now living with the grandparents, and the grandfather had to undergo an urgent surgery. So, she wanted to reach delhi as soon as possible. I was very bored in hearing all the story, but still managed bcos I thought I can make friendship with this lady, which may sexually benefit me !!! And .. we entered the flight. TOok our seats, and I helped her in wearing the seatbelt. In those moments, my hand slightly brushed her boobs & also her belly! but she does not seem to care tht.. The flight was taking off and this lady bcome really tense & held my hand tightly.. That was a really nice feeling. And in flight, we talked a lot. She asked abt me.. I told I am also married. I am flying to Delhi for an official trip & wil be thr for a week or two. Then during general talks, we discussed abt the life nowadays & nobody has time for nobody, etc etc.. I felt like this lady is not so happy with her husband. She was saying, initially married life was very colorful, but kid is about 6 years old now.. so life is dull now, with a lot of responsibilities. Husband has no time to take her out, or spend some quality time with her.. even she does not remember when they watched a movie together for the last time. I told her not to think like tht.. I told her not every family is colorful, not every person can be enthusiastic, If ur life is dull in family, then make good friends.. friends can always enlighten ur life & bring fun to your days.. She told tht she is a housewife, and her social circle is very limited. Also, her homely conditions is not so good to keep male friends. I asked her, whether I can be her friend.. She told ok.. I asked her why.. She told she does not knw, but she feels some sort of comfort with me... And I told her tht I will be at Delhi for a week, so.. we have enough time to knw each other and make our friendship strong !.. In between the talks, we sat really close bcos in flight, ppl can over hear conversations!.. Our shoulders were bonded together. And many a time (when I helped her open her snack box given by the airlines, etc), my elbow hit her boobs,.. In the last half an hour of the flight, my elbow was on her boobs only. I thought, it will be not fair if i try to touch her now itself. Bcos, I wanted to get this lady in full.. And it was the beginning of a new relationship..!! During landing also this lady held my hand tightly.. and this time, she put her arm behind my arm, and held my elbow tight to her boobs. It was a really nice feeling.. My cock was already in 90degree.. During getting out of the flight, I was standing behind her in the queue and got chance to push my erection to her hot ass. She turned back & smiled and stood as close as possible to me.. We collected the baggages, We took different taxis. .i headed to my hotel and she to her home, and agreed to meet soon. And when I was sitting in the taxi, she called again & told tht she got a very good friend and she feels like trusting me. I told no probs. I am also a family man, so.. I am trustworthy & we have to ensure tht our realtionship does not interfere eithers family life. Also, we can be family friends too in future.. !! After that, I got involved in my office work and next evening this lady called me.. She told tht her fathers surgery is over, but he is still in hospital in observation, everything was fine. I asked her whether she got time to remember me.. She told tht she had been thinking only about me but really didnt get time to call. After that day she called me whenever she got time and we talked each and everything. On the 4th day, during the call, she told me that she was very eager to meet me. I told that either I will come there or she can come here. She told that she has to go back to hospital in the morning again, and now she is alone at home with her kid. SO, its not possible to meet now. I asked her, when does the kid go to school. She told, around 7 am. I told fine.. I will reach there by 7.30, and she has to go to hospital by 11 am only.. SO we will have time.. She agreed.. I collected her address and had 2 pegs, then went to bed thinking of next day. Next morning, I got up early, got a shave, got ready and reached the place at 6.50 itself.. I located her flat and got out from the taxi a little bit far from the flat. I walked in the surroundings and waited in a part adjacent to her apartment. It was not so good goverment aprtments in south delhi... After some time I saw a kid walking out of the building. I assumed it is her kid, and assured when I saw her waving hands to he kid through the window. She didnt see me. I called her and asked whether I can come now or not.. She told tht her kid left just now, and she was about to take a bath.. I told her tht I reached, and naughtily told tht I also didnt take bath, so we can take bath together.. hehe.. she launghed and called me naughty boy.. and told me to come in.. I climbed the steps with pounding heart and knocked on her door.. On the first knock itself, the door was opened in front of me and this lady was standing in front of me.. What a natural beauty. She was wearing a nightie. I looked her from foot to head and reverse.. hehe// SHe told, "You did not give me time to get ready even.." I told, " no probs,, I like u so..." She smiled and made me sit in the sofa. She gave me tea and sat beside me.. We sat together and started talking. I started with basic conversation and came to the topic directly.. I told her that she always say that there is no fun in her life now.. LEts find a way how to bring in some good things in life.. She told, that.. "Aapko pata hain, phir kyun puch rahe ho.." (You know, still why are u asking).. I stood up & sat more closer to her.. I took her arm in my arm and slightly caresses it. Her fingers were tender, I raised her arm and gave her palm a slight kiss. I was not sure whether I shall directly start the action or not. I looked her on her eyes, and what I found was desperation for companionship. I told her that I know you need good moments in life, and I am sure that I can give you that. Do you trust me..?. She told that she trusts me more than anything. I decided not to waste tme now.. I brought my face near hers and slightly kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes. I brought my lips down through the path between her eyes and kissed the tip of her nose. I slightly kissed the tip of her nose, and then moved to her right eye. I took her eyelashes in between my lips and pulled them slightly.. Then I moved to her upper lip and slightly touched them with my lip. She started to breath heavily & told me that we can go to the bedroom. We stood up and hugged tightly. I felt her boobs crushing on my chest. She held my hand and lead the way to their small bedroom. She sat on the bed. I made her lay down and I started kissing her from her forehead again. Then finally our lips were locked. She was sucking my lips like mad. She was also breathing very heavily now. I freed my lips from hers, and slightly moved my lips to the backside of her ears, kissed her neck and licked there. She was mad with pleasure and told that "YOu are so good"/ I told her :"Wait for more.." and then I slowly unbuttoned her nightie buttons, that made visible the white bra in which her honey pots were hidden. I slightly inserted my hand inside the nightie and caressed her boobs from outside the bra. I asked her, "Shall I remove this?" She told.. "Hmmmmmm". I made her sit and she adjusted herself in such a way that I removed her nightie. She was now in a black panty and a white bra. What a combination. by god !! I sat near her.. She leaned to my shoulder. I took her face in my hands and passionately kissed her lip to lip. We were literally sucking each others lips. I felt that her body wanted sex very badly. In the mean time my left hand was caressing her soft boob. They were very smooth and her nipples were alerady rock hard. I slowly lowered my head to her boob, and gave her a bite to her left nipple from above the bra. She moaned in pleasure and she herself took her boob out of her bra. Her nipples were normal of size but in brown color, which I liked very much. (my wife's is black, but that 2 are attractive!!) I started sucking her nipples violently and she started moaning. I came into tension whether any neighbors will listen to the sound. She was in such a state of exstacy and was not caring the sorroundings. I took a second of break and started the TV so that TVs sound will prevent our love making noise audible to neighbors. We regained the positions, and this time I shifted my attention to her other boob. my left hand was caresing her left boob, pinching her nipple and my mouth was busy with sucking her right nipple. she was ;lifted to a state of pleasure. I guided her hand to my already erecet tool. She pulled him out and he sprang out to freedom. She was amazed about the thickness of my tool (It is of normal length, but pretty thick for a normal pussy..)... She started playing with my tool like a kid who got a toy in her hand.. I slid my hand into her panty which was already wet with live juices. I inserted my forefinger slightly into her cunt and she closed her eyes wanting more. I made her stand up. Rmoved her bra and panty and also my jeans and undies. Now we were both full nude standing looking at each other. Her body was shining the early morning sunlight which were passing through the window curtains.. I told her. "Come on, I told you that we will take bath together !!" She was desperate and told tht we will tk bath later, lets finish wht we are upto. I decided to make it a more late so that this experience wll be unforgettable for her. I made her sit by the edge of the bed, I sat in my knees, spred her legs and started licking her dripping cunt. It was not clean shaven, but there was not much hairgrowoth. I shoveled my toungue into her love hole in circular motion, which made her moan more. I continued licking her and fingering her for more tme & now... She was entering her orgasm. As I could feel that her body becoming weak. And a special smell came from her cunt followed by the outbreak of her juices. I dont really enjoy the taste of that.. SO I withdrew my face, but kept on fingering her pussy hitting her clit. She told me not to stop. I fingerfucked her for 5 minutes more aling with shifting positionto suck her nippless and lick her earlobes.. She was ready for it again, and had one more outbreak. I lifted her in my arms (She was pretty heavy)! and moved to the bathroom. She was tired by the action till now. She told.. "Dont think I am selfish. I did not do anything for you". Saying this, she caught hold of my dick and sat in front of me on her knees. she shook my tool for sometime, washed its head and took it in her mouth. Oh.. it was such a wonderful feeling. I was in seventh heaven when her tounge and mouth did magic on my dick. She caressed my balls with her fingers and finally... That was it.. I shot my cum to her mouth.. It was too much for her to hold and she spit the cum on the bathroom floor and sucked again for the remaining. She drank the next delivery which was pretty less in quantity. I was also tired now, and we decided to take bath. I soaped her boobs, cunt and gave her a nice bath. We hugged in between and she gave me a nice bath too. this made us arose again, but both were tired by the early-mornig action. She told that we will have breakfast. I agreed and we had poori and sabji which she already kept ready. After this, we had some tea. And things were shaping up again, because we hadnt done the real action yet. We got undressed again and started foreplay. This time, we adopted the 69 position and started licking one anothers love spots...this gave me a strong erection and her cunt was ready now for the main game. We shifted position and I positioned myself on top of her. I was confused that I did not carry a condom.. Bullshit.. She assured that it was running safe for her, and even if there is any doubt she can have pills later. I told, still its not good for the safety of both, and then she stood up fast and found a condom from her cupboard. She told tht it was there luckily which she kept there when they (she & her hus) used to have sex !!! I was back in mood. I inserted the condon to my tool and we did some more foreplay. Now again , I rubbed my condom covered dick head in her pussy entrance..she was so desperate and she used her hand to push my dick inside. It was tight, and my shaft slowly and steadily found its way inside her love hole, the entrance of which were blessed with slight set of hairs. :) I made initial thrusts which came into a rythm and I started pumping fast. I changed position in between and continued the action. FInally it signs were visibel tht she was approaching her orgasm, third one of the day... I was also about to explode. Finally the cry came out of her mouth, and she was shivering for 2-3 minutes with pleasure.. ans was uttering words like.. Aahh.. oh my god.. aah.. come on, etc.. Within a minute I delivered my cum in the safety of condom... I maintained the same position and fell over her. We hugged, both sweating bodies so close to each other. I kissed her again on her lips.. She kissed me again and told "It was god tht brought you to me".. I told.. "GEtting a partner you can trust is not easy in todays world.. I am also happy tht I got you." We got dressed and told good bye to each other. We met 2-3 times after that. And After 6 month or so, I met her twice in Bangalore. We are friends even now.. But their family moved to Baharin, as her husband got a job there. We still keep our relationship active & none of our family knows about it or we never let them tink like that, because we primarily give time to ou families, but always room for some spice in life with wuch relationships.. SO, friends, keep ur minds open. Spread love & happiness,, thats why god send us to earth !!! Surely send your feedbacks to movinster@gmail.com This will encourage me to write more for the readers !! -- Regards JAcK

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