Unforgettable Bus Journey
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Unforgettable Bus Journey" Unforgettable Bus Journey">Unforgettable Bus Journey

Pinky 15/05/2007

Travelpriya.kumar665@gmail.com Hi every body am 33 yrs old married lady working in chennai. I am basically from cochin, we all in our family were going to cochin for vacations.But due to some reason last minute I had to pull out from the trip.so I booked my ticket in a a/c bus which goes to kottayam.7 pm the bus starts from chennai.i was there on time and the bus started few mins late.to my surprise the bus was empty,I asked the bus staff they said it will be occupied in pondicherry.i just sat on my seat next to me was a young man from kottayam. He looked good .tall ,handsome with broad chest and well built body.He said he missed his flight to cochin so he thought to take a luxury bus.He asked about me and my profession and the talk just went on.Only then I came to know that he was coming from London and his grand parents stay in kottayam.As it was a video coach they played a malayalam movie.He was just asking me doubts about the dialogs which he didn't understand.as time went on we became very close ,he offered me some beer he had bought from London.It was not cold but not bitter was drinkable.after having two cans of beer I was little bit in a mood to do some misc hive. The vehicle stopped at a place near mahabalipuram for dinner.We had dinner and again the journey started.After sometime the bus staff switched off the movie and the lights.the bus was pitch dark.I closed my eyes but couldn't sleep.Suddenly the guy sitting next to me held my hand and said " are you sleeping?" I immediately said no why,he didn't take his hand from mine.I didn't object,that gave him more courage.Slowly he put his hand on shoulder and said why don't you speak some thing we have a long way to go.I understood his intention.I gave him a naughty smile and said this is not a place for all these things ,there are people here. He said in the bus of capacity of 52 there are only 12.I said passengers are going to join us.Then he kept quite.I was kicking myself for leaving this chance.After sometime accidentally my hand fell on his lap and immediately I tried to take off my hand but he caught it and said at least keep your hand here nobody is going to watch us.I just smiled and continued to keep my hands on his lap.Even I was aroused,by this time my heart was beating very fast,I just wanted to give him one small hint.I pretended to sleep and slowly I moved my hand on his big fat thing.He was already erect and he pressed my hand on his dick and made me to stroke him and shamelessly I was doing it.I had forgotten about my age and my husband all I wanted was some fun in the dark. He slowly pulled me towards him and started kissing my .He was pressing my breast with his firm and strong hand.I was very hot ,my juices started to flow from my love pot.I pulled his zip down and took out his dick and was stroking it harder.He pushed my head and made me to suck his long and hard dick.Like a hungry bitch I was eating him.I licked him sucked his precum.I could make out with his expression he was having a good time.i was in my peak that I realised that we are in a bus with co passengers.I slowly took his tool out of my mouth and told him "why don't we go to the last seat". He said ok he got up and walked to the bus staff gave him some money,and came back.He told me that after pondy the helper is saying to change place. After few mins pondicherry arrived and to my surprise only four passengers got in.Immediately this guy asked one of the passenger to sit in our place and we went to the back seat.I followed him.After half an hour the lights were put off and immediately he pushed me to one corner of the seat and lifted my skirt pulled my undies , spread my legs and started to lick me all over my juicy cunt.i couldn't stop was moving my hip and wanted him to go deeper and deeper.It was like haven his tongue going in and coming out of my love pot.I came several times.now it was his time .I asked him to drop his pant and fuck me.he took out his long tool and mounted on me ,the moment he went inside me I was in the seventh sky.he was too good in sex.His each and every thrust was making me cum.He was vigorously pumping me and suddenly his legs streched and a pool of semen was inside my pussy,after awhile he took out and wanted me to clean him.I first hesitated but wanted to try once and I licked his full length cock and his tool was clean.we got back in our dress and respective places.We were damn tired he gave me a beer had that and went to sleep when I got up cochin was nearing but he was still asleep.i didn't want him to meet my hubby silently I got down from the bus in cochin and when I turned back he was watching from the window. Comments to : priya.kumar665@gmail.com

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