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Jonny 21/04/2011

Travelifonlyshecomes@yahoo.inMy name is Jonny. I'm a foreigner living not so far from Bangalore. It takes about 3-4 hours away by train or bus and since I live in a spiritual place, many women here turn away from sex believing there's something unholy about it. They feel that somehow God doesn't approve and one of these women is my wife. She's really very nice, both in looks and nature and for this reason I'd never want to make her unhappy. The problem is on the subject of sex we disagree. I firmly believe in God and I've asked many times for Him to provide me with a woman for intimate relations. I prayed for someone that won't distract from spirituality or my marriage, but I keep meeting women who want me to leave my wife for them. Since I know I could fulfil my needs with them it's very tempting, but also dangerous, as I won't tell lie and neither will I leave my wife in difficult position. The truth is at the end of the day, I have to say, I like sex and I like it a lot. Some close friends with whom I can talk freely, suggested spending time with a prostitute was the best answer, but that doesn't tempt me. I don't like to think of going with women who has 100's of guys and isn't nice in her behaviour. In any case, it could never be as good, as these girls are not doing it purely for the pleasure. I've spent months just thinking that there must be a woman out there who doesn't want marriage, though still has a strong need for sex. My female equivalent must exist. When the perfect solution hadn't arrived, I decided for a long time, I was being protected against my weakness for the senses, but eventually came to realise that it's not a weakness - it's part of who and what I am. Why would God create a creature with needs, only to have them denied? So many women in this place are walking around with this belief that sex and God are pulling in opposite directions. Luckily at least, not all, and one married lady started calling me and sending SMS on regular basis. She was more than willing, but was also young and inexperienced - and unfortunately very foolish. She kept all the SMS on her cell and one day her husband found them. As you can imagine, he was none too happy. I was expecting a big fight when he called me. Just as it looked like my prayer was being answered, the block was put in the way and she begged me to cut all contact or her husband will punish her. I was really surprised the husband let it go so easily, though I suppose being married to her, he must already know her habits. My prayer looked like it was answered and yet such a near miss all in a few days. We were so close to meeting up and yet so far. I know to some it sounds strange, but I don't believe that sex outside marriage is cheating. It's much more important to take care of their needs. If only my wife could see that. Some people think monogamy should be kept no matter what, though when one wants something so much and the other isn't keen, I don't agree. In other areas of life, we're quite free to eat outside if nobody's cooking at home, so tell me, why should sex be any different? I'd never leave my wife and there's no way I would do things in a way to hurt her. It's just that the energy's driving me crazy. Just one problem in life is keeping it less than perfect and the irony is I really enjoy it. Before my wife convinced herself it was wrong to enjoy sex, I'd give her several orgasms a night - and all that before I allowed myself to cum. She really enjoyed it and so did I, as I'd spent many years perfecting the art of holding back, my body would vibrate all over for 1 or 2 hours - and by the time I finally let go inside her, the whole room was electrified, then she'd fall asleep as if in a trance like a baby. It was awesome. There's no point bragging about looking like movie stars or having body of Olympic athlete but the fact is I'm sexually charged - supercharged in fact - and for a guy over 40 I've got a strength of much younger guys. Other women who live here pick up my energy and luckily not all of them want to remain Sanyasi. The local women working in the shops touch my hand and hold for a second or two as they give back my change, sometimes shivering in anticipation, cheeks flushing. I feel the excitement as they show looks of intense arousal then look down so shyly because the next customer needs serving. I know they want it, but they're scared for their reputations in such a small place. It's so obvious to anyone taking notice to see the look of disappointment if their line is busy and I have to go to the next counter. Once or twice friends with me have made comments and laughed as we leave the store. Some of the Indian women are braver and ask me if I like Indian ladies, which I've no hesitation in answering "Yes". As the days go by and they ask me more questions, I have to tell I can't run away with them, followed by a strange combination of excitement and the looks of disappointment. Three of them agreed to travel to Bangalore with me for the day, but each one chickened out before we got the chance. A couple of calls from them and they realise people will talk and they could become famous in all the wrong ways. Sometimes the foreigner women are even worse to handle. They're much more up-front and it takes just a few minutes chatting before they're horny as hell. Often they start rubbing up against me and talking suggestively, whilst playing footsy under restaurant tables in a very provocative way. When we're alone, there's always a catch. They'll tell me they want me and then comes the but - she wants me all to herself. So many are divorced here and don't mind creating a fuss to catch a guy. They don't care who gets hurt. Some of my very best friends had their relationships ruined like this, just before they move on to their next victims. It's as if God is torturing me, so until I get chance, I live with the memory of a day in Bangalore - my nearest encounter. I'd read loads of stories of things happening on public transport. To be sure, I'd noticed the buses with ladies sections and had witnessed a few disgusting looks at the men who'd tried to touch them. I was sure that no matter what people write about on these sites, such things were pure fantasies. Things like that just don't really happen. Though one day, after travelling out for the day, I was unable to get a train ticket home and all the best buses had left for the day. I was forced to decide between staying the night and getting an old local style bus, which was claiming to be an express. It was leaving at 5.30 just before dark and I knew it would take forever. Before deciding, I heard an Indian lady getting frantic about having to find a hotel for same reasons. She was fairly well dressed and her looks were pretty good. Obviously married and looked like a decent type, I could see was a little afraid of the dilemma. As it happened she was travelling about half of the distance of my journey and on seeing me she enquired whether I was taking the bus. I don't look threatening in any way, being clean shaven, well-spoken and she seemed to feel reassured by my presence. On seeing her nervousness and the distress if she didn't get home, my decision was made that at least I could play like the knight in shining armour and I boarded the bus. I hoped we could sit together, but the bus was pretty full by now. We couldn't find place to sit together except there were 2 seats near the back of the bus both occupied by single men. I persuaded one of them to move so we could sit on the same seat and she wanted to sit by the window so I obliged. It seems like the custom in India and anyway it would give me room to stretch my legs as the seats were cramped. As the bus pulled away I remembered I'd bought some water for the journey. We left Majestic and once we were on a proper road, I took it from my bag, which was on the shelf above. I knew she was watching, but figured it was more to make sure she could maintain a gap between us. As I reached on the shelf, the bus went over a bump and I found myself losing balance and almost fell onto her. It was like electricity flowed between us. I instantly rose to the occasion and she noticed too. She was both embarrassed and excited, so as I sat down I apologized to her. Of course, she accepted readily, though wasn't sure whether to stare out of the window or take another look at me. She started fumbling through her bag, as if not knowing what to do. Seeing the lady was very embarrassed by what she was feeling, I waited a minute or two and decided to put her at ease by offering some water. I knew if I didn't change the scene she'd be sat all the way afraid to even speak. At first she said no then finally accepted with a shy smile. As I passed it across, our hands touched ever so slightly - another electrifying swarm of energy flowed between us. I could see by the look on her face she didn't know what to do. More importantly, this time we couldn't pretend it was anything else. Her cheeks flushed up and her lips started to tremor. She sat almost paralysed with our hands still touching - just staring at me in the eyes. From a selfish point of view I was thinking, "Just my luck. Here on a public bus and if only she'd have opted for hotel we could be having a really fun night". The tension continued and I wondered if this is yet another torture session for me. I'd never risk making a woman afraid just to please myself. Even more than that, I knew the risks if she'd panicked and screamed out, but the thing is she didn't - we just sat there in this electrifying tension. I could see the blood pumping through her neck, her dilated pupils - and she was struggling to breathe. The fact she was aroused was beyond doubt. After what seemed like ages, she tried to say something but the words were just stuck in her mouth. Knowing this situation could get difficult for both of us - and especially for me if she went further into fear and other people noticed, so I decided to take action and removed the bottle back with my other hand. I told her that it's okay and that I'd never hurt a woman. As the tension subsided, I gently moved my hand to take hold of hers. It was like holding the hand of a child - she just kept it in place and I slowly lowered my hand so she could relax. My hand came to rest on her thigh, palm upwards. Having done a lot of sales in my younger years, I knew from that a woman feels better when her hand has the upper position. It helps her to feel in control. We just sat with our eyes locked and I started talking to her quietly. Asking her name (which I won't reveal here), I then offered my own and she managed another smile. I assured her once more that she needn't be afraid and after a moment's hesitation, she moved her hand up to my wrist and gave a gentle pull - "not afraid" was all she managed to say. Her smile got a little braver. I continued making her feel safe - letting her know that I knew how difficult it was for a woman travelling alone, but she replied that it wasn't 'that' she was afraid of. I asked her what was making her so scared and she just opened her mouth as if to say something and gripped my wrist a little tighter. Now I knew for sure she was already thinking in the same way. I began stroking my finger up and down her wrist, whilst slowly chatting away about this and that and she responded by twitching her hand and occasionally taking a tighter hold of my wrist. By now nobody could see much, as it was almost dark and we'd only the flashing of street lamps shining through the windows as we passed them by. I took hold of her hand properly from above with my right, and placed it palm-down on my thigh. She was gaining confidence and offered no resistance. Figuring I had to keep things flowing, I kept my hand on top of hers and told her how attractive she is. She tried to play it down and explained she's nearly forty and said men didn't find her attractive at all. Granted she wasn't a Bollywood beauty, though for an woman her age she looked just fine to me. More noticeably her face was soft and her eyes were gentle. I affirmed again that she was very beautiful and she became flattered and shy all at the same time. As she looked down but still smiling, I told her I'd been waiting a long time to meet someone like her. She sat bolt upright and just looked straight into my eyes, searching deeply, as if checking to see if this was real. As she started to settle and was getting more comfortable, I squeezed her hand gently from above and she squeezed my thigh. I began stroking her hand and she responded by slowly, yet ever so slightly moving her hand up and down my leg in unison with my movements. Only enough to notice but she was definitely gaining courage. I asked if it was okay for me to touch her and she looked slightly nervous, but as I held my left hand just above her knee her eyes said it was okay. I started rubbing her thigh ever so slightly and she slid her own hand to the same position on my leg. I worked her slowly. Each time taking my hand just a little higher and toward her inner thigh. She relaxed her legs a little, leaving just enough gap for me to continue. Luckily her sari was pretty loose around the legs so I was able to get quite high and her excitement was building. As my hand worked higher and the street lamps faded away, her hand continued in unison and worked it's way up my left leg. By now it was pitch black and I wanted more, but her sari was beginning to get in the way. I knew she'd just keep copying my actions and that any sudden moves on my part could ruin the whole thing. Firstly - making sure nobody was paying any attention. I used my right hand to take hold of her's and shifted it up to my crotch. She breathed deeply and shuddered at the same time. There was slight sense of danger in her eyes, though I just held her hand in place until her fingers relaxed. I squeezed her hand and she gave a small squeeze on my throbbing erection. I knew I could hold back, but this was the most thrilling experience I'd had in a long time. No man-stealing foreigner - no calls for marriage - no questions and answers - it was just there. By now I wanted her badly and this, a woman I'd known for less than an hour. She must have been getting pretty wet by now, as the scent was beginning to fill my nostrils. I was worried someone else might notice but quickly realised everyone around was falling asleep. I wanted more so I opened my zipper and gently held her wrist to guide her hand inside. By now it was standing over the top of my briefs and as she took hold, she moved her hand slowly from top to bottom. Not tightly enough for anything to happen but just enough to check it out properly. Ironically such a slight grip just made me tingle even more, both up my dick and my spine. A bolt of electricity shot right up my back and right to the end of my fingers. I tensed as it built to a spark of lightning shooting to the top of my head. Every hair was standing on end. In just seconds, I leaned across and started raising her sari from the window-side and she lifted herself off the seat lightly until I could get my hand in her petticoat and reach her bare thighs. She clasped them together for just a moment and I knew it could all end there so I just held my hand in place making no further advances. By know her mouth was open and I kissed her briefly before sucking her bottom lip. Her legs fell open and I quickly slid my hand up to the bottom of her panties. I soon reached inside, feeling the heat of her wetness. As I felt around with my finger and quickened my movements, so did she and the bus came to a halt. I withdrew my hand and we sat still, like strangers and for a minute or two, we just waited, whilst people changed places or left. Luckily, nobody near us moved and the bus soon got underway. Other passengers quickly dropped back into dreamstate. I felt her knee again and since she hadn't adjusted her sari, this time it was easy to feel my way through her clothing. Her breathing was heavy and I slid a finger inside her whilst rubbing her mound with the rest of my hand. Within seconds, she took another hold of my erection and this time gripping it tightly. I knew there was a danger I could cum as after all this time and being in such an erotic environment. The tension was getting too much, so I pulled her hand off my cock and lifted it to my mouth, her thumb and forefinger were soaked with the pre-cum. I just licked it and took her thumb in my mouth, sucking it like a nipple. As I placed a 2nd finger inside her and stepped up the pace she pulled her thumb away and kissed me full opened mouth. Her tongue hungrily tasting inside me, licking and tasting the juice in my mouth. I brought her nearer to climax and her body was quivering all over. A few minutes later she was rigid as a rock and her thighs almost broke my hand as she held me in a vice-like grip. I continued to move my fingers in and out, though she wouldn't let go for 10 or 20 seconds. It seemed like forever, and the more I tried to free my hand to lengthen the strokes, the more she gripped. Finally her body went limp. She had tears streaming down her face and a look of pure joy. She started kissing my eyes, ears, neck and held me so tight. I decided it was my turn and since she'd already tasted me, I hoped she liked oral. Moving her head towards my zip and quickly pulling him out, she just opened her mouth and took the head in a full kiss. Her tongue was getting to work running back and fore along the slit. She started taking him deeper and obviously knew how to please. Just then when we heard a shout and I felt her stop. I was hoping she'd ignore it but again the call came from the conductor. Three times he shouted and I knew the adventure was over. Quickly adjusting herself, she stood up. Frantically looking in her bag, she took out her cellphone. I also took mine out from my pocket but figuring I'd be quicker, I took the phone from her hand, unlocked it and started punching in my number. The bus started moving and she panicked, snatching back her cell and running for the door, calling for the driver to stop. As she got down she turned and gave me the saddest look. Putting her cell to her ear to show she'd call me, she tapped it against her head and smiled - but the problem was, it was all too late - I hadn't finished getting the number in her cell and without risking her reputation I had to let her go. Maybe the story ends here. It could be my first and last, though I'll try catching the same bus again just to see if she's there. If you've any suggestions please let me know, ifonlyshecomes@yahoo.in

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