Uncertainity of Women
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Uncertainity of Women" Uncertainity of Women">Uncertainity of Women

Vikram 20/06/2010

Traveldespo_39@yahoo.inHi This is Vikram back with one more of episode which happened day before yesterday night. I do not think this is so sexy as previous story, but this incidence has left me wondering if women know what they want and when they want sex??. I was travelling to Harihar on last day of April. Never realised that May 1 is a holiday and the bus would be crowded. Adding to the misery, it was raining as if it was no ones business. I reached the bus stand at 11 pm and went to the platform which lodged buses going to Harihar. I started eyeing for my next prey who could be enjoyed, since it was raining i observed couple of girls who were going to Davangere but completely wet. Bad luck ensured none of the bus that came had any seats to sit, though those kind men in bus had somehow managed to offer seats to the wet beauties and they were gone. I could not wait anylonger so at 1220 am, i boarded a bus wherein conductor assured me that i may have to go standing till tumkur and then i get a place to sit. On seat 14 to 22 there was a family who was returning from somewhere. In that i found one lady in late 30 with one grown up daughter may be college and other one much younger. Since this was an express bus so the seats are 3+2. The lady was in typical Maharastrian 9 yds saree with beautiful pearl necklace around her neck. The mother was any time preferable over the daughter. Since i had to stand till Tumkur , i did not do anything, as i was standing next to her in the aisle once or twice my hand had slipped in sleep and had fallen on her shoulder. Around 2 30 am the bus halted for snacks. I was being pushed by people who wanted to get down for snacks and natures call, once or twice due to this push, my crotch rubbed her shoulders. Suddenly the lady also got up, she stood in such a way that her shoulder till her arms rubbed my dick. What a sensation, so as all the three the mother and two daughters also got down, i sat down in their seat, when they came back, i stood up and went a little behind for them to sit. The mother with a pretext of making her kids sit inside also came towards me and pressed her ass into my dick, and kept that way for some time even after the children had gone inside and sat down. The bus started and lights were turned off. some time would have passed when i felt some softness against my knee cap, i opened my eyes to find the lady had turned her body towards the aisle and her breasts were touching my knee cap. WIth my gun already gearing to go, slowly started pushing my knee to the front kept it like that and brought it back and again went in front, Her softness was vanishing, the softness had completely vanished and my knee was feeling as if it was rubbing some semi soft mound. I could feel the lady moving her breasts in upperword and downward movement. Now i thought anyway she wants it and let my hands down, i started with her hair, slowly pushed her hairs over her ears and tickled her ears. She slanted her face in such a way i could sense her pure pleasure. WIth small circular motions i moved from her ears to her cheeks, God they were cold. I used my first three fingers from her cheeks to her ears and back. She slanted her face more towards my hands, with my index finger, i started outlining her lips, they were full, slowly she opened her mouth, i inserted my fingers inside her mouth, slowly she was biting my finger and sucking my thumb while her breasts were literally pushing my knee. From her lips i moved towards her chest the upper half, i rubbed her chest touching her upper mounds horizontally . Now with an abrubt motion she turned and straightened herself, these foreplay itself had brought me to state when i was going to cum.With her adjusted positions i realised my hand could enter her blouse, i put my hands in. My pleasurable surprise, she was not wearing any bra and her taut nipples came into my fingers. i squeezed them , pinched them, pulled them, pushed them inside and pulled them out again. i was in paradise. Since my legs were aching and the TUmkur passenger extended his journey, i had no other option but to sit down in aisle. When i sat my head was at her stomach level and my hands free to play with her legs. I tried inserting my hand into her saree but the nine yards tieing did not allow my hands inside. I started resting my head on her stomach just below her breasts. Suddenly she pulled her pallu to make my head feel her stomach.I started kissing her stomach, used my tongue on her navel when i was licking her navel she bent forcibly to crush my head. What a sensation. Now i started kissing her navel slowly down towards her ---------/ I started to kiss her thigs over her saree, suddenly she asked the younger daughter who was sleeping with her head on her elder sisters lap and legs on mother, to get up and sit properly since her legs were paining. Her entire portion below her waist was mine i kept on kissing her thigs, inner thigs slowly moved upwards when she started to push her crotch more towards my face. All this was happening above her saree.I moved more and was on her pussy and started rubbing my mouth with immense pressure on her pussy. She pushed her pusssy more and used her hands to push my head more into her. Suddenly she went stiff and her legs extended towards the front. Since i had enough so i got up and stood next to her, she again acted sleeping came and kept her face on my dick, i sensed her using her lips on my dick. Here is the irony, i unzipped myself so that she could kiss my dick over my undergarment ... If you like my story share feed back to despo_39@yahoo.in.

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