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Two hour to Cochin" Two hour to Cochin">Two hour to Cochin

Martin 30/04/2011

Travelintrudingall@yahoo.comThis is martin ( from Chalakudy working as middle level manager in a reputed firm at Cochin . I was a regular reader of Kerala erotica But I am submitting my story first time and I like to share you an incident happened in while I was going to my office in KSRTC from ankamaly to Cochin . I am sharing this story expecting the response from the angel which I met on Bus. First of all this is not s fucking story. But after this incident I started to travel very close to ladies expecting chance to touch on their boobs but only on mutual understanding. I entered the bus from ankamaly through front side and the bus was fully packed because of rush for sivarathri at Aluva. After me three more peoples entered to bus so that I moved close to the ladies beside me. I noticed one sexy lady staring occationaly on right side towards me. I am an average looking 28 year age, 5.10 height and 79 kg weight with thick mustache and having confidence to satisfy all type ladies. She wore a green saree with less makeup having wheetish white color. If you give a small pinch on her face it will become red at that point. Her lips and eyes will attract everyone and she is looking like an angel in my dreams. She has long hair and good thighs. I heard her voice when she scolds one person behind her tried to touch her ass. At that time I thought no chance for me to be close to to her. When the bus reaches Athani some more peoples entered to bus, it was tighter beyond your imagination and I was more close to her so that my right shoulder is in touching her left shoulder. She fixed her left hand on the rod in front of me (those who traveled in KSRTC know the rod near the entrance from front). At this time I put my right hand above her hand and kept it on same rod such that both our hands are above one another. When the bus suddenly applies brake she move forward and me intentionally move my elbow to the right side and I was able to touch her boobs for a while. I thought she will scold me too and I am ready to hear that because I want to touch the marvelous breast at any cost. To my surprise she move more close to me and when I look her she smile gently and I thought that was the green signal to start my actions. That day was Shivarati and due to famous Aluva Sivarathri vavubali the highway was block from athani itself. When she moves close to me I put my palm on the rod and slowly move my elbow to her left boob and keep it there she is also trying to press her boobs on my elbow. She starts to make hisses when I applying more force on her pumpkin which continued for ten minutes. Then I take elbow from boobs and put my left hand through the saree and I touched her stomach slowly moved my fingers to her left boob. This gives me more sensitivity than elbow. That was a rigid and so smooth item which was not able to catch with one hand. I can feel the marks of her bra, I can feel some area which the bra was not covered (base of the breast).Slowly I starts to draw circles from there until the nipple, caring not to touch her nipples. She got interested and starts to make hissing sounds. She whispered me to do the same on her right boobs also but it was not possible to me because of the standing position. Then she tilted al little towards me and now it was easy for me to touch her right pumpkin. She was the third woman Other than my wife and my aunt (one of my customer in Cochin ) which I am squeezing the breasts. I make an unsuccessful try to put my hand inside the saree to massage her pussy but she don't let me to do that since it was bus. Now the bus was four kilometer from aluva and I know that no rush will be from aluva and before that I have to take the advantage of block and want to explore more. I slowly massaged her hand from her finger to elbow with my nail and I can see she is enjoying the same slowly I start to squeeze her boobs again after that I started to draw circles again but this time I play with her nipples . I noticed that she some times stand in her toes due to excitement. At that time she caught my eructed dick for some time then she released. I can understand that she wants more but that was not a situation. Now the bus reached aluva ,as I expected Most of the people get down from bus( most of the people going to sivarathri manapuram) and she sat on fourth seat of ladies from front since all other seats are occupied Me also sat beside her in the same seat. When I asked her name she claimed that she was Meera (name changed) I don't want to make her any issue if her claim was right and was working as guest lecturer in a reputed college at Cochin . When I ask her contact number she told me that her marriage was fixed and she don't want to make any trouble to her future. I admit her and said thanks for the enjoyment given by her. I thought that no one listen us due to rush But most of the people are looking at me when I sat beside her. The conductor come and ordered me to sit on the last seat when the bus reach kalamassery premiere. I don't care about others. When the bus reach Ernakulam stand I ran to paid toilet and give the hot cum to Meera through my imagination and went to my office. This incident was happened on 2009 sivaratri I think now she got married and most probably she might understand the married life. If she want a change Please Contact me at ( Expecting that she will read this one day and will contact me to finish the balance part of game. If any one has similar experiences please share with me too.

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