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Silky 04/06/2009 I'm Silky. Right now I'm on Trivandrum Mail bound for Chennai. I boarded the train a few hours after I reached Thampanoor station. I know my delight that is Kottayam is far away. There is no way to be there before 5 PM. My A/C coach is half empty. There is no smart dick around. There are two Punjabies next to me. They are from Chandigarh . There is a smart ass going to Kolkatta. He is worried about his connection from Chennai central. I knew very well that Coromandel express does not wait for Mallu express. I was at the Kerala University Campus at Kariavattom. My niece invited me for their hostel day. It was a wonderful event. The last event of fun in the campus. She completed M.A in psychology. She is pretty. Soon she will marry a smart Mallu boy from Colorado . They met online and made it to the final step. I felt jealous. I live in Velacherry with my husband overseas. My brother studies engineering at the Institute and my cousin runs a school. I got the connections, you know what I mean? I get emails from my husband. He wishes me good tidings. He has diabetes and vascular problems. He needs medication to get sleep. I knew I have a medicine for that. In fact my mom said before my marriage that I should not marry diabetic boys. They will have erectile dysfunction for sure. I understood that fact painfully late. My hubby has trouble keeping his dick erect for more than 3 minutes. I want to cry. I loved his brain more than his dick. Now where is he when I need him so much? It is Kollam station now. The coffee boy brought drinks. I could hear opium outside. I didn't get it. Oh! Dear, the coffee boy is saying opium for coffee. Fuck his tongue. That son of a bitch is not getting inside the A/C compartment. If he sneek in , I'll kick his ass out. Two more passengers entered. I will wait for my coffee at Kottayam. I opened my railway guide and acted like reading it. There is nothing worse than a railway guide, right? It is a piece of garbage designed by a shit head. I like the reservation clercks at Thiruvananthapuram Central. They do a good job of matching people with travel mates. I checked the reservation list. My neighbour is a lady from Kottayam. That is next on my points. I took my mobile phone and tried to speak to my niece. "Hello sweetie" I called. "What's up?" "I'm fucking tired" "Go get yourself a drink" "Where did you leave the Golcanda wine?" " Go fuck your ass up" "Shut up ass hole" "Whom are you talking to?" "Silky, I need someone fuck me now" "Wait until the Colorado boy smell your ass" "His dick is eight inches longer" "Put it's tip in your mouth and suck" "Don't be jealous Silky, I'll let him suck my cunt" "It smells awful, you potta kalam" "No. your chatti smells awful" "What's up?" "Tomorrow I go to movies with Ramu. Then we go for a walk in the campus. Then we will nip buds and have lot of fun" "Silky, how is chettan?" "He enjoys Frankfurt like hell." "What?" "He met a charming Russian girl two years younger and 25 kilometers away." "Anything funny?" "He will bore the ice queen to death" "Sure, he is such a fucker. Look what he did to you?" The phone got disconnected. My neighbour started to read a Malayalam daily. After a few minutes another gentleman asked for that paper. It is typical of Mallu's to share the news by borrowing dailies. But, this clever guy brought a paper from home that was exactly one year old. So I could see the look of disappointment on the borrower's face. Then there was darkness outside. Iknew that the train was entering Kottayam station like a thief panting quietly. It is 5PM. We are on time, by god. The train sucks and flight is very expensive. I got my coffee. My neighbour offered my a cold pack of mango fruity and ice cream. I politely declined the generous offer for good. It was time to go to the washroom. But, I tried to hard to control and wait until next morning. I thought when I would reach home? The ticket examiner came in. He looked at my ticket and went ahead. The train started moving. There was a gentleman ready to pay excess fare because he couldn't get a confirmed birth in sleeper class. Fucking stupid ways of men. I tried to open my carry bag under the berth. As I bend down I could feel the searing look of the Punjabi fellow. I bent down and he looked at my ass. Fucking son of a bitch. He has no power and plenty of wish to fuck any one who pass his way. My mobile phone beeped. It must be an SMS from somebody. I looked and lo and behold. It is the sweet dick of Ramu, the suitor of my niece. It looked strong and long. Whereas my husband's dick is awful. In Malayalam it is like panja kai. Whereas this one is like poovan pazam. Again I felt an arrow of jealousy pierce my heart. One day I will have such a dick in my pussy. Till then happy married life. I flipped the picture of Unni my pet dog. My Unni is my own and your ramu ia also mine. I replied back. I messaged goodnight and tried to sleep past Ernakulam North and beyond.

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