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Tryst with Teacher" Tryst with Teacher">Tryst with Teacher

Venkat 20/07/2007 Hi readers, this is Venkat again with one of my original erotic experiences in my life. I think I am actually going slowly backward in my life. The last time I gave a story that was the most recent with a neighbor lady Sarala in Coimbatore . Now I am going a little back. This happened when I was doing my Intermediate course ( +2 ) in Hyderabad . We were in Vanasthalipuram, a very big colony. I was the only one in my class who does not know to speak telugu ( I am a tamilian). So making friends was a bit tough, but I had a good relationship with my teachers, I mean to say that as I studied well. They liked me. I was studying BiPC as they call the pure science group. There was a commerce teacher Sharmila. I think she would have been 35 years old by then. She was married and had children. She was not fair or had a beautiful face, but structure mmm that was great 42,32,40 shape. I had only a few chances to talk to her as she is not taking my subject. She had big breasts that would look like she is hiding some papaya fruit beneath her blouse and her assocks large, round, and hard. She was popular among the boys, particularly for her ass because of the swinging motion she displays whenever she walks. We actually learned more of the SHM (simple harmonic motion) from her assocks movement than from the pendulum. The first touch happened during a monthly test. She was invigilator that day. Only two for a table. I was sitting in the far end. She was moving behind me and the next desk that is to check the boy sitting in the same table which I sat. The other side was the wall. So she should come out the same way. When she went in there was a slight touch of her ass to my back. It passed a electricity into my body. I gained courage I slided back a little more so that when she comes back I would feel her assock better. She came back. I thought she would ask me to move forward, but she didn't say that. She squeezed in between my back and the next table and passed I could almost the whole assock on my back. Wow it was a great feeling. Her ass was really hard. I looked at the corner of the eye to know she is suspicious. She was looking at me but not with anger just a glance. She continued her vigilance. I decided to take the same seat the next day also and the same heavenly experience again, but this time I felt she took a bit of longer time to do the journey. I was not sure it was because of the small gap or she did it with intention whether she also wanted me to feel more of her body. Well I gave it the advantage of doubt. The next day it was the last examination and unfortunately I was late and I could not take my favorite, lucky place. I have to sit on the last row. I thought she would still pass behind me to check the boy sitting beside me, but it did not happen. I was very unhappy. I thought that would be the end of my pleasure. As I concentrated more on this I could not concentrate on my examination. Only in the last hour I got the grip of the situation and I wrote my answers in hurry. There was only 5 minutes left for the last bell and I was the only one the class writing. She came near me and asked me move aside a bit and sat there. Well it was obvious that as I was the only student writing exam she should come near but she could have sat in the table beside or the front one why so close. I got the courage the second time. At this time, she was leaning on the table with her head between her hands facing downwards. I had full view of her breasts from that angle. I folded my paper and gave it to her managing to hit the breasts with it and acting doing it unknowingly. She raised up with a shock. She looked straight at me. I gave her the paper and got up and started walking out. Then, I remembered that I have left my scale. I went back to where I was sitting. She was still arranging the papers. She enquired and I said Madam I left my scale somewhere here. I searched for my scale. I could see the tip of it beneath her. She was sitting on it. I told her that if she could move a bit I could take my scale. Instead of moving she just lifted the side of the ass giving a gap. I let my hand into the gap. Even though I could have taken the scale out without touching her, I lifted my hand a bit and managed to rub her bottom part. It was very hot. She left a moan out. Then improvising on it I still pushed the scale into the deep. I told her the scale has got in. She saw me with some anger that looked like false. She looked around and lifted her ass again. This time I let in my hand and turned it so that my palm is on her ass. I literally rubbed her ass for quite some time. She was controlling herself without giving a moan. At last I took scale out and said Thank You very much madam. She asked for what. I said for keeping my scale in a safe place. Her face became red and then let out a little laugh. I came out of the building and waited for her. She came out after 15 minutes. She saw me and asked who are you waiting for. I said for you only madam. Why for me, she asked. I said that I have some doubts in bank dealings and I wanted to clear it with her . She gave a unbelievable look and said ok but I can't explain it all to you now come to my home. Her home was a just a 5-minute walk from the school. We entered her home. There was nobody in her home except us.As she pushed the door I rubbed her ass with hand. But she didn't care. She said she will just come after a face wash. I sat in the sofa. She came back with some biscuits for me. Venkat have it. She sat beside me and asked about me and my family. ( Please note that as I don't know to speak telugu at that time all the dialogues were in English). I took a biscuit and ate half of it and pretended as if by mistake I threw it into her lap. I apologized for it and took it but managed to rub my hand to her navel region. She was getting hot now. Then she asked what are the doubts I have. I said my first doubt is How come your sweat is so aromatic. She asked What ! I said yes I could smell it from your armpit. I lifted her hand and showed how the blouse was drenched with sweat. She shook away my hand and looked a bit shy. I said my second doubt is How come you have a so big ... I stopped She looked at me asked big what ? I quickly removed her saree and pointed to her breasts. She was stunned at my action and was struggling to get back the saree. I put it down. As she was going to put it back, I caught both of her boobs in my hands and squeezed it tight. She shouted loud Aaaah with pain. I kissed her lips so that she is not heard outside. I made her lie down on the sofa. Now I relaxed my grip on her breasts and slowly massaged it. Now she started saying venkat this is wrong You are my student you can't behave like this to me. I said Madam I am just learning what all I can from a teacher. By this time she also got relieved and started enjoying it. Now I undressed myself completely. I slowly shifted my mouth to neck and to her boobs. I sucked it like a baby and simultaneously removed her blouse and bra. I drank a lot of milk. I bit both the nipples and squeezed it between my fingers. Now I slowly removed her petty coat. She showed some hesitation. She told it will cause a lot of problem if something serious happened. I told her not worry. I removed her pavada fully. She was wearing a black panty. I licked her thighs and rolled her and patted on her ass and said Madam This is the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. She left giggle. I started removing her panty. She said no venkat no we can't do beyond this. I told nothing will happen and simultaneously removed her panty. I inserted three of fingers into her cunt and motioned it in and out. Then I went in front tasted her pussy. I was having whole pussy inside my mouth. I passed my tongue as long it would go into the cavity. She could not talk only in broken sentences like Oh...venkat don' god... No ..don't suck. Slowly it changed to Aaah.. yes... Do it more... Press it... Then I kissed her lips. She reciprocated the kiss vigorously. I asked her Madam Can I fuck you now. She took a brink of a second and said no. I said sorry madam I can't go without doing it. I pushed her flat down the sofa pulled her legs apart I went in inserted my cock into the pussy to full length She gave a loud Uffff.I did not started moving. I said Madam I love you so much Do you really do not want me to fuck you. She told oh venkat please .. I did not want to hear the last word I thrusted my cock with full force. The sofa was shaking violently. I continued it for another 3 minutes. All the time she could say only Ahh ..ohh..mmm. After cumming into her I took my cock out . I asked Madam Say from your heart did you like it or not. If you say you did not I will try to do it again. She was tired but when hearing what I said she leaped out of the sofa and covered herself with the saree as if that would save her from me. She told you cruel boy you really tored my vagina. I smiled at her and dressed and said see you and Oh madam I have my third doubt What is credit and what is debit. She threw a pillow at me and said You you you. From whenever I got doubts in commerce, economics, or finance I would take help from Sharmila mam. For comments and contacts:

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