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Lady Prof 06/01/2008 I am a lady prof at a professional college. I am married for the last 4 years,and issueless. 2 years ago a student, let us call him nandu, came under my tutelage. A 6 footer with very broad shoulders, dark and a rounded face,and short hair. The only thing that gave him away where those eyes. Though they where large and feminine, they were owershadowed by thick and prominent eyebrows. And there was nothing feminine about his piercing glare. Though myself a teacher, I could never afford to look in the eyes of this man. It always gave me a chill,which I then understood as fear,but which I now recogonise as thrill. He was the chief warlock of the college.every day my colleauges would iterate the many stories they heard about this modern day hercules- yes, he was damn strong as I was to find out later. Though myself 32 I am still a teenager at heart,ready for hero worshipping. This boy I expected to be a headache,but I was utterly wrong. He was damn brilliant and had a natural flair for the subject, which was highly unexpected from a trouble-monger. Later his teacher from the previous sem told me, that he was putty in class, very obedient, friendly&lovable despite his goonish looks,provided you do not try to boss over him ,but handle with affection. I found that she was verbatim right, the next day itself.he became my errand boy. Other teachers(mostly who had not taught him or those who did not have the knack) looked in awe as I carelessly handled this 'certified explosive'. I enjoyed the admiration. We became real friends, and I introduced him to my husband. They momentously took to each other. He became my hubby's favourite drink companion. At the age of 20 he knew a lot more about spirits and taught him good drinking practices, due to the lack of which he was frustrated at parties. After a while I also joined them, and this student of mine graduated me from port to gin(well now we enjoy scotch-dsp black- his favourite). By the time I was also coming to admire him. The sportsday compelled me to believe what others told about his strength. He got prizes in shot and discus-with dismal technique. There were many other achivements in other fields which if I put across would identfy us. He became accepted as a versatile genius and many other factors made him the perfect figure to be the best 'ladies man'.but he denounced all the beauties of the college. He was not ready to modify himself for their sake. And with the rudeness, arrogance he had, no girl could tolerate him,except me. The teenage girl in me had stopped admiring him, she was worshipping,she was in blind love with him. Gradually we became so close that I was astonished how this visibly straight laced,authoritarian, conservationist was totally unorthodox at heart..... And could crack toilet jokes so nasty that they left me with abdominal cramps. Then came their batch tour. They needed a lady prof and I was forced to go with them, due to him, who was a really good friend now. In the picteresque beauties of a hill station, we found ourselves alone in a room. I cannot disclose the circumstances as it might well be giving ourselves away. He always enjoyed his drinkand had a bottle with him. He tempted me with a peg, and I joined reluctantly,just for company sake. A tv show was running about sex fertility etc. He asked y I had no children. I told him that I became pregnant only once and that too after treatment, and it had been lost in an abortion. I burst into tears... Suddenly the rough and toughness vanished and there was a congenial man who took me in his arms and comforted me. I felt comforted more than I had felt when my husband had spent 3 hours talking with me after the abortion.i knew I was in love. He changed chanells and got a station which was continuously playing dance tracks. He asked me onto the floor to dance.he knew I loved to dance. I was fascinated. Fascinated like a 16 year old. We started dancing and he was so good at it.glasses were being emptied .now the full bottle had only some more left. Both of us were drunk. In the midst of a salsa,his hands started to sneak in through the slits of my churidar. I was in my senses but drunk-the inhibitions were gone.and I was with the man I loved.i also hugged him tightly.his hands crept up on the nape of my neck an touched my rrt ear, he caressed there. I went limp with the thrill. Suddenly he turned my head to one side and kissed me deep.his toungue went foraying in. I never liked that. But I liked his plugging snout and the odour , alcoholic and musculine.he was hugging me very hard, his right thigh between mine,- I could feel it brushing against my parts( sorry that I don't use the 'c' feels awkward to me.....).yes he was a hercules,but I could see that he was caring so much that he doesn't hurt me due to his lust. It was this care that turned me on I sent my hands iside the flannel white shirt he was wearing. He had a terse body, not stony hard and sculpted. But the well formed supple firm body of a martial artist or dancer. A fuzz of soft hair was barely palpable over his chest and lower back- he was a still a boy. But he was all warm,another turn on for me.he was kissing every inch of my face and neck. His rt hand was caressing my lt breastwith the chudidar on. He was running his left index finger through the butt-cleavage and also caressing them. Suddenly he touched and squeezed my perineum-the space between anus and vagina. A wave of pleasure passed through me. Still his toungue was in my mouth, he was tasting its ever inch. Slowly I was also liking it. Then he loosened a bit. I started to unbutton his shirt.he let me do so , all the while caressing my tummy. I liked it there more than at the breasts.then once his shirt was removed he again came to me from the back. He unhooked my bottom and and pushed it down. He put his hands through the panty and started to play with my parts especially with the clit. His fingers were also touching my vaginal walls. I was lubricated enough. He then tried take away the top of my dress. I understood at once that this man was a virgin. He was trying to pull it up as if it was a t-shirt. I disrobed my self. I was wearing a corsette and panties only. He again came and kneeled before me on his rt knee.and grabbed my lovearms and spread his lt hand to the small of my back. He kissed deeply in my deep navel and licked the whole tummy that was visible. His hands crept up and unhooked my corsette.he took them away. My breasts fell frightened me to see him go mad at the sight. And I didn't use to like the breast act that much.he started to kiss&lick my breasts and to fondle. It was apparent that he was straining to control himself, so that he didn't hurt me.i caught a knot of hair and brought his face up. His hands were still at my breasts.i was busy undoing his jeans.when it fell to the floor I told him"chakke(that is what I call him) unleash urself on me. I want it that way". He smiled at me. Then like a whirlwind he fell with me on to the vacant bed. Here I really got to know his strength. He entwined me in his hevvy long arms and rolled on the bed. His legs were all around me the kiss was so deep that I choked on his toungue thrust deeply in. Whereever his hand went it tried to pluck out chunks of flesh. My tits were squeezed flat.i was getting to know what real male energy is. I was in pain. I thought I would be hurt if he continues like this. He was right. Men - strong men- should rather control their strength for the benefit of the girl. I somehow freed my mouth and bit his neck and scratched his back. He suddenly came to senses and loosened his grip. I pushed him off and jumped onto the floor, standing there panting. He also got up and asked"y? Wat happenned?". "you nearly killed me" I said. "oh iam sorry. You are panting. Have some water". He got up and walked to the table to get water. Then I noticed his erection. He saw me looking at it and asked "do you feel it is not big enough for u". He had the look of a commander staring at the face of humiliating defeat. I had a hearty laugh "do you think the penis is important for us?it is the man-the person- that is important to women. And you the man is more than enough for me". I could see his lost confidence rushing on to his face. I also understood one thing as the pain had now worn off. My parts were dripping wet. He filled the glass and approached me. I put my finger in the vagina and took it out. It was glistening wet with oily fluid. I raised iit before him . And turned my back on his face he should have understood. He hugged me from back and put the glass to my lips. It was scotch. We shared it. Then he leaned over me. I had to bent forward. I asked"hey wat r u doing". "will show you now", he told. He massaged firmly my parts and perinieum. He had understood that it was my 'switch'. I had that wave again, I was on the verge of orgasm. He put me on fours legs and came over me. He thhrust his penis into my vagina, and filled me . A few thrusts, powerful, ploughing, full contact ,and his 2 hands were on my breast and pubic hair. When his left hand came near my mouth I licked hiis index finger. That moment I had my orgasm, like a lightning ,a thunderstorm or a landslide. It lasted a few moments,a few moments of intense pleasure I had never got before. I bit his finger hard. There was a "ah" and a powerful thrust. I tasted blood in my mouth .i had hurt him. Then I went all limp. He was still blowing. It was a bit painful now. But I bit on the pillow and endured it. Then aft 3-4 blows, he suddenly went rigid with short but very powerful thursts and hugged me hard. The penis partially came out. I fondled the exposed part and thus he ejaculated the whole load in me. He put his hands on the bed and took long breaths. The semen was flowing on my thighs and pubic hair. I didn't want to wash it away. I was the happiest girl on earth.he didn't take his penis out. We remained in that position for another full minute..... Then he took it out and we botjh fell to the bed hugging each other and staring into each others eye I could see tears of regret in his eyes. But in mine he I am sure he saw tears of happiness.... The story writer do not want to publish her email ID. Your comments can be sent to, we will forward it to her.

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