The Chamber of the Head
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The Chamber of the Head" The Chamber of the Head">The Chamber of the Head

Sridhar 05/10/2011

Teachersridhar.raj6@gmail.comHi everybody! This is my maiden attempt to pen a story, that too an erotic one to the popular site Keralaerotica! Okay pals! Just do not expect a straight away Boom..Boom story from me, this is like a poetry to me which I am recollecting and narrating as it occurred in real life. I welcome the comments from ever increasing readers of keralaerotica! I am Sridhar, 37 years old from Karur but the story narrating was happened 3 years back. All names changed for privacy. After working abroad as a teacher I decided to quit the job and join my family. Soon after reaching home I got a job as a Principal to a small residential matric school. After joining only I came to know that all the staff of that school were ladies. Among all of them two were sisters, the elder one was Hema, 27 years and married and the younger one was Preeti 24 years. Hema was of wheatish complexion where as Preeti is a bit darker in shade. As I started implementing the foreign style of administration I assigned them the Grade Supervisors post thus it made them to visit the "Chamber of the Head" that is my chamber very often. As the days rolled by they became close to me. One day evening at the end of the school, Hema entered my chamber and offered me some sweets telling that is for the occasion of wedding anniversary! As I wished her she slowly said she was expecting me to wish differently. As I was not used to bless anybody till then I asked her, how? She said I want to bow to your feet. I stood up and came to the front of my table. As Hema bent to touch my feet her saree which was not pinned slipped down! The marvelous ariel view of her wheatish boobs caused me a sudden rush of blood to all my organs! As I blessed her on the head and tried to lift her I did not know what happened to me I slowly pushed her on to the wall and held on her shoulders. Her cute face was turned to the side but as I pressed my body against to her instead of pushing me away she hugged me. But still her face not facing mine! I did not make any valiant attempts so as not to frighten her but automatically my left hand went down and opened my fly with two fingers I parted my brief and took out my manhood. All these happened in no time. since Hema was facing the side (in order to avoid any kisses) she did not notice it. I started to press my body on her in the standing posture itself, my chest pressed hard against her soft, spongy breasts and my exposed tool in her groin area exactly on her spot. Now I gained some sense and with my right hand started squeezing her left breast with the blouse simultaneously I caught her right hand with my left hand and moved it towards my erection, I could sense her shock on touching my bare penis that she did not know when I took that out but without facing my eyes by turning sideward she held my tool and gently squeezed that. As already my precum started to come out, because of her squeezing it started to flow over! Her right hand palm fully got wet with my precum. She did not face me even now! With my hand I moved her hand over my rod up and down as masturbating! She too obliged, stroking my rod slowly but when she increased the speed a bit, that was heaven for me, since she was standing straight in front of me and stroking her palm only brushed my pinky head of the penis which was too much for asking .I did not last for long. I just exploded letting my semen to splash in spasms sprinkling all over her silk saree she wore on her wedding anniversary day! My legs and whole body were shivering and I could not stand so I sat on a nearby chair spreading my legs wide. Now only I saw Hema her sandal coloured silk saree was wet with my semen and right from her abdomen fleets it was dripping down till the very bottom of the saree! Hema saw my face and condition and slowly came near to me she stood on my side and touched my shoulders in a comforting way. Even after ejaculating a huge amount of my liquid still it was oozing out from the head of the penis and since I did that by opening my zip all that liquid wet my pant in the groin area. Now Hema sat down on knees and touched my limping tool, started wiping out all the fluid with her right hand itself. As she rubbed up and down to clean my tool once again came to life. yes as erect as a pole! Hema saw me with surprise as very soon I had the erection again! She was kneeling, cleaning and her face was close to my lap, so instinctively I held her head with my right hand and pushed it towards my erection. As she bent her head I rubbed my penis on her lips! She did not open for a moment but as gave a thrust it went into her mouth! Soon happened the unexpected she started swallowing my penis full and started moving up and down. Believe it or not I did not move a bit!! Only she was moving her head, her warm, wet mouth was feeling more than a heaven I closed my eyes in the feeling and when I opened and saw her sucking my penis full close to my stomach and pubic hair I could not control anymore! I exploded once again within five minutes in to her mouth!. Now only I started thrusting deep in her mouth. jet after if it will empty my balls forever! Huge amount of semen which was flowing out of her lip side dripped down fast on to her neck, blouse and her lap! Just imagine how will You feel a modest beautiful girl wearing a sandal coloured silk saree got fully wet by two loads of semen!. that is also dripping down from the lips to the neck, blouse , stomach till the end of the saree! I welcome the comments on my first story..If there is really a positive response from the Keralarotica and its readers to my email I shall pen down my one year experiences with Hema, Preeti and Puni . If I pass in your test the chronicle will continue under the title The Chamber of the Head2 and so on! Thanks all!

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