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Tasting Dick for First Time" Tasting Dick for First Time">Tasting Dick for First Time

MS 21/02/2010

Teachermadhu383@gmail.com This happened when i was studying in my second year of UG in pune. Our neighbour was a north Indian from UP, his elder son punnet was my classmate and a very good friend younger son uday was studying in twelfth (all names changed) . As I was very good in maths uday used to come to my house to learn maths( No tuition just free of cost).Puneet and me were very good friends and being in the same age group he used to bring me video tapes of English adult film and I used to watch when there is no one at home.But I had a clean relationship. One day I asked punnet that I wanna a watch a porn movie and very sweetly he said he has one at home .That particular day mom had a ladies club meeting and there was no one at home.Taking this as a advantage I watched the whole movie and I was very much aroused by seeing girls sucking the cock and eating the cum.I was having the tape for some time.one day I again got a opportunity to watch the movie and I was watching very keenly suddenly my door bell rang I quickly switched off the TV without switching off the VCR player and I opened the door uday had come for some doubt.He said tomorrow is my maths exam I have little doubt in algebra.well I couldn't tell him any thing I called him in and locked the door and asked him to sit in the bedroom.I quickly went to the bathroom and washed my face which was looking very pale and when I came back uday was trying to switch on the TV I got a shock of my life and I immediately asked him to switch it off before he could switch off the TV he got the glimpse of what I was watching.My face turned red and I said I don't like any one touching my things without my knowledge.He smiled at me said its OK punnet bhaiya has given you my tape.I didn't know what to say I said OK now shall we start the lesson ,as we were working out some sums from algebra I suddenly noticed uday looking at my low cut t-shirt and as I was not wearing a bra he was able to see the whole of my boobs.It turned me on and I did not do any thing to stop him watching me.Uday broke the silence and said did u like the movie , I smiled and said this is the first time I am watching a porn movie ,it was good. He said do you want more I have some three four collection , again I smiled and said I can watch only today from tomorrow mom will be at home.He said no problem I 'll bring the tape we can watch now.I gave him a naughty smile and said no need I can't watch with you.If you are feeling shy you watch the movie here I 'll do maths sums in the dinning room and if I have any doubt I'll call you. I thought it was reasonable ,I immediately said OK.Within no mins he came back with three movies.I was a die hard fan of Silvester Stallone and he new it as my room was full of his posters, he handed over three tapes and said the first one is of Stallone.i was too excited just couldn't wait to watch nude Stallone performing.I went inside my room closed the door and uday was busy with the algebra sums.I was seriously watching my super star in a porn movie I was really shocked to see him nude and his huge cock going in and out of the girl's pussy.And at last when Stallone was jerking off in the girls mouth uday opened the door and came in I didn't know what to do I put the video on pause and turned towards him and said uday you should knock before entering.He said just play it I wanna watch this particular thing I said no way pls go out or take back your tapes.But he snatched the remote from my hand and started to play the tape .I felt as if I have done some thing wrong by telling this little brat to bring the tape.Stallone was dispersing all his fluids on the girls face and mouth the cream was all over the girls face and he rubbing the cock on the girl's face and mouth,this was turning me on suddenly also got engrossed in the seen and it was like Stallone doing it to me.Uday came closer to me and said do you want to feel a real cock his hands were on my shoulder.I didn't know what to do ? He was standing behind me and he brought his hands towards mt face ,lifted it and planted a kiss on my lips.I didn't know what to do but I was enjoying what ever was happening.He came in front of me and unzipped his fly and said common suck it.This was the first time I was seeing a fully grown dick and that too of a boy who was four years younger to me.I said uday you are younger to me and this is not good,immediately he said this is a way of giving pleasure to each other I promise I will only have oral nothing more than that saying this he took his dick in his one hand with other he pushed my head from behind to reach for his cock.i started to suck his cock slowly and steadily like I had seen in the movie .After some serious blow job I took off his pant fully so that I could taste his balls and feel his ass and he was moaning in ecstasy.All of a sudden his back bend towards me and he screamed I am coming I immediately pulled out his dick from my mouth but uday again forced it inside my mouth and he jerked in my mouth .My mouth was filled with juices I had to swallow the whole thing, the taste was little salty but very exotic.He ensured the last drop of semen goes into my mouth and I withdrew his tired and pity looking dick from my mouth.Immediately I went inside the bathroom , I washed my mouth and face .Actually I did not go to the room to wash the actual reason was I was unable to face him after the shame full act.uday knocked the door and asked whether I am OK I said please leave immediately and take away the tapes also.For next two three days I never dared to even go towards their flat as I was feeling very guilty but slowly I recovered from this situation. Please reply to my email id : madhu383@gmail.com post your comments.

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