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Smita My angel of Love" Smita My angel of Love">Smita My angel of Love

Dinesh 13/03/2005

Teacherdineshk2010@yahoo.comHi I am I was working as a faculty to teach computer education. I used to talk with many sweet girls but this experience was really a nice.. Since I am aged only 28, lot of young females gets attracted and make me romantic. This Very beautiful girl Smita (24) looking like an angel, wearing a sari, smiling face joined to learn the course for office administration. This beautiful unmarried girl impressed everyone by her looks and structure; listening to the first day class of mine. I could not resist the looks, as she was continuously looking me. I took many chances in talking with her during the class. Smita almost touched me many times by asking doubts and questions on the computer. This made me little warm. Then she started sitting beside me for a while and again asking doubts. This time I could manage by putting the book on her lap and almost explaining the subject. Smita is listening the subject comfortably. I could not understand. Then Smita suddenly turned towards around 180 degrees.. Smita almost touched most of the parts to the upper part of my hand. At this stage I was feeling little nervous. Her saree was tight and I could feel the smoothness when she turned and touched with her boobs. Her boobs were fit with correnct structure. It was silky touch.. I remember the sense of touch till now. Then Smita stayed after the class where she was pretending to ask all the doubts she had. It was almost more than 2 hours where she had put her legs across my legs and hands to hands. I was little bit nervous.. The class was over. The next day Smita came very early and pretending to sit in the class she called me from the other room as doubt. That day, I had taken enough courage and took her into another room sat beside her. Whenever I touched her hardly she was smiling a little bit. Her smile has a sexy look and making me more closer. I asked Smita after the class to go for a resturant. She accepted and talked much things. She had taken my hand to her hand and walking across the streets. Few days passed similarly by making ourself much closer. One day we were sitting in a park and chatting. Suddenly she asked whether she can kiss me. How can I say no? Smita she kissed my cheeks in front of the public by covering her sari across her. She is crazy and chuckled after the kiss. After completing the kiss she asked whether any experience for a french kiss. I said I am new and also I am interested. She too expressed her interest. She questioned me again how the french kiss tastes? Then I said I dont know and we should try. She took no chance and she started putting her soft lips across my lips. Smita closed her eyes when I opened my eyes I saw the sweet light chocklate colour of her face in front of my eyes. It was too sweet, much sweeter than sacrine. We did for 15 sec and then she laughed .. She also asked how it was? It was excellent. I never tasted a beautiful girl french kiss before. She could not resist further asked me for more kisses. I remember a kiss for more than 5 minutes. This time Smita put her tongue into my mouth and writing something with her tongue. Initially, I could not interpret but felt that something is going. The words "I Love You" were written. After writing she suddenly pulled her head out and again looking my face. She put her toungue in my mouth and once more Smita had cleared my doubt by writing again. Almost every alternative day for around a month we did. One day Smita called me and said that she is getting married the next month. I was little astonished and could not speak for a moment. But she continued to kiss me. The next sunday she called me at a private place where we had a ride to a lonely bushes. There she could not resist and asked me to hold tight. I was little feared as she is getting married. Smita took no time and touched my entire body with her face. It was very smooth and and then for the first time I caught her tight into my arms with love. Smita took no chance and loosened her clothes. She kept her legs into my legs and pressing tightly. Then Smita also pressing all her inner organs tight on my body. We almost crushed ourselves for around 30 min, then again Smita gave a loud smile. She hugged again and remove my tops and her tops slowly. Again we had a 30 minutes crush. This crushing was very soft. I pulled my pant down and similarly the complete sari. Smita was left with only an underwear. (most of the time my hands crushed the boobs and went deep inside the underwear - also inside the pussy) I put my hand inside Smita's underwear. She could give soft sounds .. and I took my hand and rubbed across the boobs-Smita was enjoying. Slowly, Smita was completly naked in the bushes. I was watching the white chocklate colour of her body, silky touch and black lining across her pussy. This made me erotic. She was saying ooh when I used to squeeze the boobs and when I touched her pussy she used to say aahh! She made to touch her body with my hand and then with my lips later. I almost put my body on her body she was enjoyed every moment with happiness. I was nervous as she is going to get married next week. Smita made me courageous and said nothing going to happen. That day evening I was so happy, as if I had seen another world. I was very happy. I telephoned and said that she was also too happy for the first time and I almost got herself every alternative day till her marriage. This continued even after marriage for a month and then we both had a understanding to proceed further as good friends. Now I'm in Bangalore and any beautiful girl or aunty wants relation with me I get aroused by seeing the beauty. So if any girl or aunty of Bangalore wants to have intimate relation with me she can mail me at I can give enough experiences with mini and swetha and probably with sweet girls like u. Bye and Wishing u all good luck Dinesh

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