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With my In laws" With my In laws">With my In laws

Manisha 23/03/2005

Inlawxxx I am Manisha(female 22) from Hyderabad, I just visited Kerala Erotica site and its a wonderful one. After reading the stories I was inspired to share my own experiences with all others. The story below is a true experience. I would like to have this story listed in this popular site so that others can read it. Few Years back I was married to an Engineer he is working in Dubai. When I was 20 I got married I spend my first one month with my hubby. He is well built person and he fuck me all those first month and I enjoyed alot. After that my Husband retun to his work in dubai and he left behind me with his father and one brother. My mother-in-law is no more. After few months passed my sexual desire increased more and more. I will to tell you about my father-in-law, he is 49 year old and 6" tall and well built even good than my husband. And my brother-in-law is in hostel and only in weekends he used to come home. So one day in morning i was in bathroom taking bath I feel there is someone on the door and I came to know that is my Father in law. And after that I saw some change in his lifestyle and also in his eyes. So one day after having dinner I went in his room with a glass of milk which he take daily after milk, that day he was laying on bed wearing a lungi. When I went in his room he asked me that he had pain in his body specially in his leg and thighs. So I asked him "shall I massage your body he said Ok. And that time I was wearing a pink color gown and nothing inside it(I mean no bra and panty) so during massage he put eyes on my open parts as well as top part of my boobs( which I was showing deliberately). And doing massage I also get excited and slowly slowly after massaging from leg I inclined towards his thigh where i saw his dick was erect and very much hard. I lifted his lungi for massaging his thigh. In the mean time I saw in his face which become hot red and his eye was closed. In between he become so excited and he could not able to control himself and he pulled my hand and kissed on my cheek. I could not react and he strated opening my gown's button. An in between my hand slipped into the inner part of my father-in-law's. He was not wearing an underwear. So his hard dick directly came in my hand and I pull it out and put into my mouth. After that i suck his full dick and he undressed me. His dick was around 10" in length and without waisting time he put me in his bed and riding on me. He put his full dick into my vagina and pumping in and out and he did that for about 30 min. And after that he cooled down after droping every drop of his semen in me. we enjoyed alot. After that day he use to fuck me daily 2-3 time. He fuck me with great intensity. And since last two years he is fucking me. I also goy fucked by my husband's younger brother many times. But his dick is also around 10" long. But I enjoyed much more with my father-in-law. Now I have a child from my father-in-law and my husband thinks that it is his child. Hope u enjoyed my real life experience, i am not publishing my e-mail id here, i want your responses about my story. Please forward your comments to keralaerotica@yahoo.com and they will forward your mails to me. Manisha

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