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Watching a Memorable LIVE Show" Watching a Memorable LIVE Show">Watching a Memorable LIVE Show

Zeenath 05/10/2008 Hello my dear collegues,How are you? I understood one thing that all the readers have same mind and would be the same behaviour.I had went through almost all the stories published till today. It is a craze for me reading this. Whenever I get time I read the stories. I have addicted to this wonderful site. I read,re read almost all the stories published. In that I interested law stories that reason you will understand later.Everytime it gives me greater and greater thrill and excitement. It developed my English knowledge highly. I am reading this not for enjoying but for leaning English language. Through this I improved a lot. . I have no words to thank KE for the sweet,poetical,motivated stories which very few have. I wish to confess my tender feelings and experiences before you. But my shyness has always stood in my way. I couldn't have enough courage to expose my intention. Now I am unfolding the hidden thing to all readers expecting a good advice. About me I am Zeenath (name changed),22 years of age,smart,beautiful,160 cm height, good asset, normal breast, normal body shape. My hobbies are chatting with friends and relatives, music and movie. Our economical status is somewhat average. My parents are working. I have one brother, working, not married, and one sister. Parents are looking marriage for me. But I didn't permit it because I want to complete my PG. I came to know this site when my father bought a computer and internet connection for me. My one and only sister (married) living with us because she had some problem with mother in law. They have one kid (boy) I liked very much. My brother in law is working far away . About him,he is strong,religious,good character,orthodox,loving sister deeply.About my sister,she is 27,colour,size,height resembles me but face somewhat different. While he is out of station sister and I are sleeping together and have the habit of discussing all things including sex without informing him because he does not like it. He is treating me as a beloved sister .Whatever I want he is ready to bring it. She told me they are doing sex almost all days. He is an expert in sex especially in sucking and licking. When brother in law came for leave he used computer so many times. My sister and brother in law used computer by closing the door. It made some doubt in me what are they watching every now and then. So I searched internet and the Kerala erotica came unexpectedly. In that I understood my brother in law and sister were watching some sex sites and pictures including Kerala erotica. They were not reading the stories but downloading some Malayalam movies. I was very interested in the site especially reading the stories. I believe written things are more touchable than movies. In those stories I learned a lot about sex. I wonder how such type of sex takes place. Before reading I considered sex is a very bad one and I was not interested. When anyone talk about that I considered it as a bad behaviour.Now I am very interested in sex and I started to watch the love making scene of my brother in law and wife (my sister). One day at night after reading the KE I went to toilet for passing the urine. I saw light in my sister's bed room and I heard some sounds. I was eager to see that show, because sister had told me something about their love making. It impressed me so highly. So I tried many ways, looked through the key hole, looked under the gap of door, and tried as many attempts as I can., but failed. So I listened the sound for half an hour. It made leak from my pusy and I went to bed and masturbated with my finger and I had a sudden orgasm. Next day I planned to see their love scene again. So that at 8pm I entered their bed room and played with kid and I opened the bolt of one window which is directed to sit out balcony that I can see easily and put the curtain without they noticing and went out. At 10 my father and mother were slept and all the lights were switched off except their room. I tiptoed to the balcony and opened the window and made a narrow adjustment in the curtain. My brother in law was watching TV and sister was bathing. After bathing she came with nighty and dried with turkey. She is picking her nighty and drying her breast, hip and pusy in front of her husband without any hesitations. I was very eager to watch that scene and it is coming to my mind again and again. He said "Why are you late? Come soon". He hugged her from behind. They started their love making. I was getting more erotic and started fingering. After 10 minutes kissing she herself removed her nighty and she pulled his lungi."What a huge cock!" I think it was 10 inch long and 3..5 thick. I wondered how it enters her pussy. She knelt down and started to squeeze to and fro. It is black in colour and some type of fluid is oozing out. She tasted it with her tongue. Then they were in 69 positions. I can see all their actions clearly. After 30 minutes licking and sucking he took his tool and inserted in her love hole. It went very easily, moved up and down rhythmically making some erotic sounds. A big monster is in and out moving speedily. They stated uttering sounds by saying erotic words. Then she stood in the upper position and started very speedily. Some oily fluids were leaking from her pussy and at that time I got a special type of orgasm and went to bed. That incident changed me a lot. Every time the monster type huge cock is coming to my mind. Next day I watched their live show again. Then it became my habit watching it daily. Now he is an unavoidable character in my life. I started to look him in a different angle. I am unable to concentrate myself in any work neither in college nor at home. Nobody knows of my sincere love to him. If he reciprocates my offer I shall be the luckiest girl in the world. But now this attachment has shaped itself in love to make me feel somewhat mentally deranged. As a result of this affliction, I have become so apathetic that I failed to attend the college some days. 'The more one tries to hide the more it gets exposed'. One day while I was watching and doing masturbation, I knew that my sister had got orgasm early and he had not got orgasm. I wanted to fulfill him. But how? Sister had slept. I was in a different mood. I thought, now the time has ripened, when I was unable to bear the secrecy of watching the show. Earlier I was proud of the secrecy I had maintained in my mind. But how long should I go like this? I think, now the time has come to reveal all my thoughts to him. He would not have any objection, if I say all these. I have only a fear in this duel that his orthodox mind may not permit this. So whatever the results may be I purposefully made a sound on hitting the window. He heard that sound and jumped and opened the door and caught me. What nonsense are you doing? It is too cheap. Nasty girl. Get lost. I slipped from him and went to my room with depressed thoughts and feelings.. That night was sleepless. So many thoughts flashed in my inward mind. What will he think about me? It has been for more than two weeks, I have been watching, since the time I had caught by him. Oh it is a great shame. Does he reveal it to my sister? What would she think of me? Oh what a fate! I shouldn't have done that. Anyway I want to solve it. I can't express that tension in words. Next day I have got some relief when I have come to know that he didn't reveal it to my sister. She behaved normally. But his behaviour was some what rude and different than that of earlier. I wanted to say so many things before him and wanted to say excuse for my indecent behavior. For that I tried so many ways, but failed. He will go to his work place within days and will be back after two months. He is a very strong character. Somewhat religious. How can I seduce him? I am strongly thinking how to seduce my beloved brother in law. Can anyone help me? I hope I have given you my experience by expecting your kind advice. I wished to write many things but at present my heart is so excited that I feel it better to conclude. You would be very much pleased to receive this if you send a good reply. Please do write to me since this is the first time that I am sending my story. So please come forward with your criticism. Any gents or ladies of any ages are welcome with their suggestions and opinions. The rest incidents which I am waiting to happen would be written at an early date. If anybody finds a little interest in me please do write to me quickly. You will miss out an everlasting friend if you don't write to me. I want friends who can understand my feelings and can keep the flame of friendship burning. I am ready to accept all types of letters. I will definitely reply. Write frankly with open hearts. Love to live and live to love. My Email ID is

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