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Vacation with Anu" Vacation with Anu">Vacation with Anu

Rahul 11/10/2008

Inlawbpal1000@gmail.comAnu, my uncle's daughter came to our house during summer vaction. I and Anu were sitting on the sofa playing cards. We were very close to each other. I studied in 1st year BA while she studied in 11th Commerce. We discussed everything including sex. She had a boyfriend and would reveal all the intimate meetings with him. I would also reveal her all the intimate moments with my girlfriends. I had even fucked one of them. But Anu did not like crossing the limits. She has gone as far as kissing and cuddling him. Only once she said me, he sucked her boobs while she helped him masturbate by fingering his cock. She used to wear tight salwar kameez. I used to flirt with her saying that someday her salwar kameez might tear during her lovemaking session with her boyfriend. She had fairly big boobs and sexy lips. She allows me to kiss whenever I feel like it. That day she was very excited. I was going to Anu some sex scandal clips on my mobile. Anu has never seen real sex clips. We were waiting for my Mama and Papa to leave office. As usual, both my Mama and Papa kissed us and left home. Anu was watching from the balcony waving hands at my parents. I went close to her and was fondling her ass. Anu blushed. We both cuddled ourselves at the bedroom and I began to show the clips to Anu. As she began to enjoy the clips, slowly I began to undress myself. Anu was in her nightie. As I got very close to Anu, her fingers touched my cock which was tight and erect. Soon Anu came to senses and moved away from me. I took the mobile away from her and dragged her near me and whispered in her ears. Anu said, 'No, its not good.' Something wrong will happen. I showed her a packet of condoms and requested her to plz plz plz do it for me. Anu came close to me and kissed my lips. I was completely nude while she was in her nighties. I fondled her velvet body and felt her. Anu became very hot. She took my cock and began to lick them, bite them and suck them. I lay with my mouth open enjoying every moment of what Anu was giving me zzzzzzzpleasure. Soon I got up and softly held her and removed her nightie. Wow! what a figure. Great boobs beneath black bra and a sexy panty. I unbuttoned her bra and played with her boobs. My fingers were all over them. We kissed a lot and played with our tongues. Anu got very hot that she lowered her panty. I kissed her lips, then sucked her boobs, then her navel and then, then, then, Anu was moaning. I bit her pussy. I took my tongue out and began to kiss her pussy in circles. I inserted my tongue inside them. I put my fingers in and played with them. Anu was shaking her body vigorosly by now. I removed my finger and again rolled over my tongue clockwise and anticlockwise in circles over her pussy. As juices began to flow from her body. her eyes closed. I sensed it was the right time. I bathed myself with all the juices of her pussy, sucked her boobs, kissed her lips to lips. Anu could not control any longer. I immediately reached for the packet of condoms, carefully put them in and slid my cock inside her pussy slowly. As I was pusshing her slowly, my body began to heaten up, My each push made her wild. Soon we both fucked each other wildly and as I was about to cum, I immediately removed my cock from her pussy, took out the condom and poured all the juices over her boobs and face. She happily took them and sucked them. Soon we took rest together naked. Then we got up, cleaned up the bed and took a nice bath together. We had a gala time together. contact

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