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Kash 27/07/2005

Inlawkashifmullick@yahoo.co.uk Hi its kash again with another story. The incident which I will narrate just happened about 2 months back when my cousin came to our house for her exams. She was a real beauty. 24 years, 5'2", 36/26/36, fair and attractive. When I saw her I had decided that I would fuck her. First I asked my Bhabhi (my cousin's wife) who also enjoys group sex to help me. Since beginning she is also very, very sexy. she always like to have sex with me all the time whether I am in mood or not. She says life comes only once then why not enjoy each and every moment beautifully so that in the last stage of life nothing lefts un enjoyed. I knew my cousin's wife since before marriage and I was attracted by her due to her beautiful and sexy looks, her choices and talking style. In fact all the bachelors from my distance relatives like her very much. I was thinking of a plan to have sex with my cousin. One day on meeting with my cousin my bhabhi asked her during talk about me that does she likes me? She quickly replied who do not like him? That is good answer for me. Then she talked straight way that would you like him for a day. First she saw my bhabhi on her face and then asked when then she replied whenever she wants then she told me ok keep this program tomorrow because tomorrow is Sunday and her family will be out to attend a wedding ceremony and bhabhi will make some excuse, and whole day she will be property of mine. In that night my bhabhi talked to me regarding my cousin. She replied dear you gave me immense pleasure and now this is my responsibility to give you best sex pleasure either from my body or arranging somebody other else. Lastly it was finalized that I will enjoy my cousin in front of her. Next morning by 9 o'clock I entered her room, she just came out of the washroom I asked her whether she has cleaned herself properly she gave me a sexy smile. Without saying ant thing I took bought her shalwar down and applied water on her pussy and started cleaning it she was moaning with pleasure and then I left her room. Now, I knew she was ready for sex and we were also ready to receive her to play the game. After she came out of her room, I felt there was a little nervousness on her face. My bhabhi was also seating beside me keep on chatting and chatting. Then My bhabi start the first move and told my cousin that "Appi jaan, do not waste your time and enjoy with me I have arranged him for you for this day." On making her face down my cousin was laughing but not making any movement. I was seating and watching their activity. My bhabhi got up and asked my cousin to stand up before she thinks anything she opened her salwar's nari and in no time her salwar dropped down from her hip and her naked legs start visible but her choot and thigh was hiding under kameez. she lifted the kameez to show her virgin choot to me. she then quickly removed my clothings and on becoming naked seated on sofa again and called my cousin nearby between his leg and asked her to suck her lund. My Bhabhi pushed my cousin from back and made her seat her on the ground between my legs and she helped her hand to hold my lund. First for few moments my cousin felt nervous but slowly she started to make her hand movement on my lund. She was seeing my lund very carefully and enjoying his hot and hard lund in her hand and on moving her hand on it she was pleasing herself. After few moments she took my lund in her mouth and start shaking her head up and down. I sat on sofa closing my eye enjoying my cousin sucking. My cousin was trying to take total of my lund in her mouth but lund was too big and thick to enter whole in her mouth. She was sucking my lund with faster pace movement of her head. Seating back of my cousin I was twisting her boob's nipple for her excitement. Holding my lund by one hand she was busy in sucking and sucking harder and harder and soon my legs getting tightening and I felt that I was going to explode and before my cousin could realise anything I exploded in her mouth. She drank all his cum and start licking cum which was spreaded here there. After few moments my lund start shrunking. my cousin got up and sat down nearby sofa and start taking some relax. my cousin thanked to me for giving this chance and asked her what next? I told, "Your choot." my cousin told me, first me and my bhabhi will go for fucking and she watch first and afterwards I will fuck her. My Bhabhi also quickly took out her cloth. Soon we both were naked before my cousin and seating nearby she was watching us very curiously. My Bhabhi sat down on sofa and widening her legs and asked me to fuck. I asked my cousin to suck my lund to erect. my cousin quickly came and start sucking my lund and in no time my lund become erected and become hard like iron rod. Afterwards I came in between My Bhabhi legs adjusted my position and kept my lund's head on her choot and gave great jerk and in one jerk his whole lund vanishes in her choot. Deep and out of control sound came out from mouth, "Oooooeeeeeeeee mmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaa." After a while I start shaking on moving my hip to and fro. On closing her eyes she started enjoying my lund and on every thrust sound was coming out from her mouth, "Ooooooeeee aaaahhhh ooooooeeee aaaaaahhhhhh ooooooeeeeee aaahhhhh." my cousin was watching all this on seating nearby. Soon I cummed and white watery liquid started to come out from her choot. I took out my lund and asked my cousin on taking out all her clothes to come on My Bhabhi place and take the position. She quickly followed the instruction and took her position. My Bhabhi caught the legs of my cousin tightly from the back of sofa on widening her legs and asked me to fuck her. I quickly took the position and keeping his lund on virgin choot's opening gave great thrust and half of his lund vanishes in my cousin's choot. my cousin cried, "Oooooo ooooeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee mmmmmm mmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaam mmmm maaaaaa aarrrrrrrrrrrr ggggggggaaa aaaaayyyyyy yyeeeeee eeeeeee." But without caring his cry I gave another great jerk and nailed his total lund in her choot. my cousin kept crying but I started giving stroke one after another on nailing my lund total in each and every stroke. She told afterwards she likes me and wanted to share sex since long. I was busy in giving thrust My Bhabhi was holding my cousin legs and my cousin was keep saying, Fuck me more and more and satisfy me and yourself. I was speedly giving thrust and enjoying. Sign was great satisfaction was looking on my face. Soon my cousin cummed and afterwards I exploded in my cousin's choot. Staying in that position for few moments I took out my lund and sat down on sofa nearby start adjusting his fast breadth. My Bhabhi freed the legs of my cousin and seating on the same place she was trying to adjust her breadth. My Bhabhi too sat down nearby sofa and start taking rest. After taking rest for 30-40 minutes My Bhabhi went in the kitchen and arrange to drink milk shake and juices. After taking milk shake and juice my cousin asked what next? I told your ass. She told you whatever you want you go for that she will never mind. I asked for this on bed. I asked my cousin to suck her lund to erect again. my cousin did this and soon my lund took the position. My Bhabhi asked my cousin to lay down on bed on making her face towards roof and on seating down towards her head I lifted both of her leg and pulled up towards her head so that her hip lift up maximum so that her ass came up in the position. When my cousin's hip was lifted maximum then I put a pillow in the back of her hip to make the position remained as it is. I told My Bhabhi to take out few amount of saliva from her mouth and apply on my lund to make it smoother while fucking her ass. My Bhabhi quickly did that and afterwards I adjusted his cock on the opening of ass of my cousin. After adjusting my position i gave great jerk but ass hole was so tight that only a inch of lund could enter. my cousin told "Ooooeeeeeeeeee." Giving great pain but without caring I gave another jerk and nailed his cock half. my cousin start screaming, "Oooooeeeeee mmmmaaaa aaaaaa mm maaaarr rrrrr gggg gggggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaayyyyyyy yyyyyyeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeee ooooo oooooee eeeeeeeee mmmmm mmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa." But without caring her screaming i gave another thrust and nailed my total of lund. After taking some breath i started to give thrust. my cousin was screaming. I was busy in fucking her ass without caring her screaming. After a while I exploded in her ass and then we both released her to take rest on bed. . After taking rest for an hour we all got up and took bath and putting our clothes back we sat down on sofa. Sign was great satisfaction was there on the face of all of us. my cousin gave thanks to me for giving this chance to me. After taking rest for further hours my cousin adjusted her pain so that she can walk properly normal so that no one can identify about her fuck For comments and suggestions kashifmullick@yahoo.co.uk

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