Unforgettable Experience in Australia
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Indian Sex Stories Inlaw Category Unforgettable Experience in Australia

Unforgettable Experience in Australia" Unforgettable Experience in Australia">Unforgettable Experience in Australia

Raj 11/03/2009

Inlawghsrs@yahoo.comI am a businessman aged 38 years and married since 12 years. I had one sister-in-law who was about 12 years younger to me. We use to meet very frequently at my in-laws place and spend night to together with my family. After my sister-in-laws (SIS) marriage she moved to Australia with her husband and then we met hardly once in a year. As I was in business we had one Exhibition in Australia pertaining to our industry and I decided to go for that Exhibition. Luckily the Exhibition was in Melbourne where my SIS use to stay. So hotel and food was no problem for me for that 5 days which I was going to stay in Melbourne. I reached Melbourne and my SIS and his husband were there to pick me up at the airport. SIS husband use to work for a call center and his job timings were from 6 am to 6pm and was getting an overtime as he was good at his work. The next day morning he left for the work and I was asleep tired and woke up at about 7 am and saw that no one was in the house. So I started preparing my own tea and in the mean time my SIS came from a walk and entered the house and she was in a short and T shirt and my god you believe she was the most sexiest girl I had ever seen at that point of time. She was looking a real sex bomb and I just got stared at her and she realized my eyes and said hey are you OK, do I like an Alien to you as you are staring at me. I said no its ok I am just fine. Then we both had tea together and she went for a bath. I could not resist myself and followed her in the bathroom after five minutes. I saw that the door was open and tried to peep from the visible space but could not have a look. I took a deep breath and entered the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me and my god she was looking great and she did not know that I had already entered the bathroom. Soon I tried to touch her nicely shaped boobs and she was really shocked to see me and got angry on me and said Jiju what are you doing, I said its OK honey, lets enjoy something new. We both had a an exchange of forceful hands but at last SIS was in my arms and I could feel the hotness of her body and we both started kissing each other and soon we were on bed. I lay her on the bed and she closed her eyes and was enjoying my touch of pleasure. I started kissing her from her toes and gradually moved upwards and as I reached her pussy I could smell the sweet smell of her pussy and realized that she must have shaved it just a day back. I started licking her pussy with my tongue and she did not realize for a while and thought that I was playing with her pussy with my finger but when she opened her eyes she could not believe what I was doing and got real hot and said what is this Jiju I have never had such type of pleasure from my husband. Then I enjoyed the sexy juice of her pussy for atleast 15 minutes during which she was uncontrollable and moaning like anything. Then I gave her a blow job and said her to suck my Dick, but she did not agree at once and I had to convince her and ultimately she took it. My god you wont the believe the way she was sucking my Dick was just like sucking a lollypop and she was really enjoying it and now she did not want to leave it as she had never tried this before with her husband. Our foreplay remained for atleast 45 minutes and we really enjoyed ourselves. Then we both of us had a bath together and again had an intercourse under the shower with was really mind blowing. Soon it was for both of us to leave for our work and she dropped me at the Exhibition and I promised her that tomorrow also I would definitely give a unforgettable pleasure. The foreplay went on five till the time I was there. These five days were the most memorable days of my and her life where in I had sex with a girl who was 12 years younger to me. A year has passed but we have never met again. I guess now its time for her to come to India to visit her parents where I would get a chance to again give a unforgettable pleasure. Contact : ghsrs@yahoo.com

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