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Traveling with my MIL" Traveling with my MIL">Traveling with my MIL

Kiran 19/11/2010

Inlawks3600@gmail.comHi, I am Kiran, thanking you all a lot for all your supports.. Let me get into the story directly.. My mother-in-law (MIL) is a very voluptuous lady, very fair with huge breasts (unbelievably LARGE) and she only wears Saree. I had noticed her breasts and used to joke to my wife, "Your mother's breast is too big" She replied "Why can't you catch it?" My father-in-law is a careless man and does not attend her much. Most of the time she is busy in her kitchen works and that is her life style. After a marriage function, we were traveling back. The journey was for about 5 hrs. When the marriage party started dispersing, in the hurry, I got into one car where, I was sitting next to my MIL. My wife got into another car, along with our child. We both were in the back - she was sitting behind the driver and the driver was driving. I called & asked my wife whether I should join her and she replied not needed; so continued with MIL. The journey started at around 6 PM and things were very normal - we were generally talking (she is very talkative). By 7 PM, it was dark.. Due to exertion we both were tired & started sleeping. Seeing me sleepy, MIL told me that I can lie down in the back seat. Although it was a shock to me, but I took it in the right spirit and tried to lie down. The length of the seat was not enough to accommodate me. She told me to keep my head on her lap! Another shock for me!! As an obedient boy, I kept my head on her lap and slept. The car was moving in high speed and due to the shake, my head was massaging her thighs and frequently (due to bad road) was hitting her stomach.Although she slept off, I could not.. Although I have done 'everything' to her in my wild dreams, but have never thought of getting such a live chance! After some time, my 'bad thoughts' started coming in. First, I was facing away from her stomach and sleeping. I turned around and slept facing her stomach. My whole body started freezing. Her huge breasts started pressing me face, as the vehicle was jerking and moving. I lifted my head and looked at her..she was sleeping. I slowly shifted the saree from her blouse and kept my face directly touching her stomach - I covered my head with the saree -there was no change in her. After some time, I slowly pressed my face on her belly - then also no response, rather she was in deep sleep. My 'master' started becoming stiff, driving my blood into my head! I thought what to do - then decided to proceed. The car was creating enough jerks as the road was bad. Taking this advantage, I took my hand removed the bottom hook of the blouse, then the next two. I could touch the 'huge, hard' breasts with my hand. Again, I lifted my head & saw - she was sleeping (or acting sleeping?). I gathered further strength and took my left hand and managed to remove the hook of the bra. Oh my God, another rush of blood into my head - both the breasts were FREE! I assumed that she also is enjoying, I slowly lifted the bra up and freed her left breast - within no time, I started sucking it and lightly massaged the right breast with my left hand! The breasts were very hard and full!- really huge ones!! Then I changed the breast and sucked for more time - this went on for some time. I could not hold anymore.. my master was struggling to come out. At the same time, the time was running out and I felt, for dinner, the driver may stop at anytime. So I decided to jerk off and try further luck after the dinner. I took out my master - it was Iron strong, with all pre-come wetting my underwear - I started moving it, within few minutes, I started flowing... a strong discharge with great satisfaction.. Please respond so that I can give you what happened later in the next story.

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