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With Servant Lalitha" With Servant Lalitha">With Servant Lalitha

Vedi Veeran 04/10/2006

Servantvediveeran@rediffmail.com Hi I am vedi veeran here again sharing my experience with our servant maid lalitha. I satyed with my parents at my native place and this happened when I was studying in plus two. I was just 18 years and I had masturbation fantasizing various ladies. Our servant lalitha was also in that list, but I was always wanted to fuck her. She was around 40 years, very fair and with very sexy body. She used to wear a blouse and a mundu with a thorthu to cover her breast. Her husband was a drunkard and used to beat her every often and she was not happy at all. Still she used to have a very smiling face. One morning, as usual, I had gone to the bathroom to take bath. As the bath room door was not closed I entered only to see lalitha inside and she was about to wash the clothes there. She had folded her mumdu till thigh and the thorthu to cover her breast was also not there. So I could get a very good darshan of her tits and also her thighs which were very round and fair. I just could not take my eyes off her. When I entered she was holding my underwear in her hand and on seeing me she asked me why there were so much stains in my underwear. It was all the pre cum spread on that and she wanted to just tease me. As I could not answer she smiled at me and said" nalla pole vaanam adikkarundalle. Prayam athalle, pidicho, pidichu pidichu vellom kalanjo" pinne aareya manassil dhyanikkunnathu, vanam adikkumbol? I was astonished with these questions. As there was no one else at home as my parents both had left for office, we both were only at home at that time. I did not know what to do? I was hot and she was also teasing me to test me probably, I thought. Then she said it was months since she had a lay and her husband is a drunkard and does not even touch her. She was gasping and taking deep breath and her tits were moving up and down due to this heavy breathing. I was looking at her tits rather staring at them like a hungry wolf. Suddenly,lalitha caught me staring at her and got up, looked at me asked me why I was watching her like that now? I had no answer. She suddenly lifted her mundu above her navel, exposing her legs, thighs and pussy and asked "is this what you were looking just now"? " have you ever seen it before"? I was completely dumbstruck. She then lifted her blouse from one side ( she was not wearing bra at that time ), exposing her huge boob big huge areole and asked again " is this what you want to see"? By now, I was getting horny and my prick was coming back in action. I was wearing only a towel and nothing under it. I was very hot and my prick was forcing me to move ahead so that it could enter a hot pussy. She then took me to the bed room and asked me to switch on the fan. She took off her blouse and mundu and was absolutely naked standing. She said " you feel very hot no? And keep thinking about women all the time?" "come, see how a pussy looks like and literally put her hand on my head directing my face to her pussy. My god, it was agreat body with good figure and firm tits, and her butts were also very firm and round. Her pussy had lot of hair growth and the nipples were erct waiting to be swallowed. I sat on my knees and had a close look at the hairy pussy from a very close quarter. I could smell it which was a mix of sweat, piss and her own juices.was intoxicating aroma and I felt heavenly. I actually sniffed and as if naturally, started licking it. By now, lalitha was feeling weak on her knees and sat on the bed with her legs wide spread and not allowing me to leave her pussy and I too was tasting it very religiously. My hands automatically went on her huge boobs, which I started pressing. Lalitha was loosing her control and started talking cheaply in malayalam calling me names like eda mayire valichu ludikkada, oompi oompi kudikkada . She then pulled out my towel from my waist to expose my erect dick which was oozing pre-cum. She then took my prick in her mouth. It was like a dream for me as everything was all of a suddeen. She was riding her smooth lips all over my swollen dick and in between giving flicks with her tongue . I was at a peak of pleasure. She then took me onto the bed and guided me to enter her. She was really wet and I had no difficulty in entering her. I had a fuck of my life. We had three rounds in just three hours that day. She was too good and we were thoroughly satisfied. Lalitha was very hot and very sexy. That day onward whenever I get a chance, I screwed her and we enjoyed. Lalitha was satisfied totally. I have been lucky that I had lots ands lots of good ladies I enjoy during my early days. I will share one by one thru this . Those who want to contact me are most welcome and amil me at vediveeran@rediffmail.com

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