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Warm nights with my shanti" Warm nights with my shanti">Warm nights with my shanti

Charan 30/07/2011

Servantcharan_95@yahoo.comHello all KE readers , Am charan , ive been frequenting this site for about 2 years now , its a wonderful website and is better than watching porn films actually !! Anyways, let me tell you about myself , I am 22 years old and have been living in chennai since birth , have an above average body , 6 feet tall , fair , many girls find me handsome , but ive been at a very universities so no relationships . Am from a very conservative family as well but unfortunately i have a very high sex drive and love the feeling of sex This incident happened to me 1 year ago , it was during my summer vacation . We went to my native for vacation , we stayed at our grand parents place , the day i landed up there i was pleasantly surpised to find a new help at home , her name was shanti , she was abt 30 years old , 5.6 feel tall and had a wonderful figure. The first time i saw her she jus looked away and went on with her work . As days passed by i called her to help me around as often as possible . One evening i was sittiing and watching tv and she came sat in the room as it was her tv time . I purposely ignored her and switched a few channels to find something erotic . Then i finally found a channed airing the movie , Species . As the erotic scenes in the movie came on , i started looking at her with the corner of my eyes , she noticed me looking at her . Then when i keptlooking for a long time , she smiled at me.... its when i got the hint ...!! That night i went to my room after the movie for a bath , after my shower i realised that i forgot my deo spray in the next room , so i called her and asked her to bring it to me . I was standing with my towel when she came into the room . When she saw me , she gave a naughty smile and came close to give it to me , suddenly she placed her hand on the towel and squeesed my dick !! I got instantly turned on .... she made me erect and asked me to come to the store room ( its where she slept at night ) after 11. That night i couldnt wait for all to sleep and slowly at 11.30 pm i crept out of bed and went to her room . She was lying on the floor wearing this skinny nighty..... the veryy sight made me feel stiff..!! I walked and knelt near her and sqeesed her tummy , she woke up and kissed my lips like a pro..,,!! She slipped her hand into my shorts while kissing me and got a hold of my semi-erect dick and squeesed it ! i squeesed her breasts with my hand and slowly lifeted he nighty from below till her waist....! her thies were so soft yet fims...her vagina was wet and the little curly hair around it was so soft....!! i pushed her legs apart and kept my cheek on ker vagina , at first she resisted and asked me what am doing , but i the second my lips came in touch with her vagina , she became quiet and all she could do was moan ....>! I slipped my toungue inside and tasted the most inner parts of her clit and after 5 minutes she came with a burst of honey in my mouth...!! She then pulled me up and licked my lips , jus typing this thing down has made me hard now !! ok , She then grabbed my cock with her hand while kissing and pushed it into her wet vagina...!! My entire dick slipped into her hole slowly as she was a little tight , she bent her legs around my waist and locked herself in position....!! I started pumping slowly and after sometime she started pumping with her waist too !! She moaned but i had to kiss and silence her coz my grandparents were in the very next room !!!!! I pumped her for 10 mins and she came again , i couldn resist and started pumping fast , jus when i was goin to come she sensed it and told me to come inside her..! I was so happy to hear it coz it was my first experience and unlike in all the porn i watched , i got to come INSIDE the woman !!! I came with a burst of semen and she said it Felt very WARM inside her vagina...! We both then cleaned up and layed there talking for sometime . i then went back to my room around 1.30am..! We enjoyed each other for around 3 days till i left ......! She then left that place and have no idea where she is now......!! I hope i tuned you on with my experience..>!!:) It was my first and last unfortunately..... Am looking for someone for a meduim term relationship , will be leaving abroad in a few months........... any interested ladies from chennai can mail me at charan_95@yahoo.com

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