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Young Doc 07/07/2008

Servantyoung_dick25@yahoo.comHey all.. I've been reading erotic stories at Keralaerotica for a while now and have never bothered to contribute. I've absolutely nothing else to do right now so here goes.. This incident occurred when I was 19 years old. I was a virgin at that point and understandably very frustrated. I was so horny I could have screwed a hole in the wall. I was on vacation, taking a much needed break from my Medical college (I was a 2nd year medical student). My parents and grand mother greeted me with the usual enthusiasm. My mother was looking happier than usual and this was because she had found some new help to take care of my grandmother. They introduced me to Suma that evening, she was a nursing student who was trying to make some extra cash on the side. Suma was in her mid twenties and not a bad looker. She had grown up in an Adivasi farming community and all that hard work had given her an athletic figure. At 5'3" she had a pert ass and luscious looking breasts. I was 19 at that time and used to workout almost every day. I was a shade below 6' and weighed a solid 78 Kgs. I was also a virgin at that point and this might be the reason why my hormones went into overdrive when I saw Suma. I managed to chat with her briefly and discovered that she was married and her husband was working in Kuwait . Apparently she had last seen him over a year ago. She had been given a room on the 2nd floor across my grand mother and mine was just down the hall. The lay out of the floor was such that we could see into each others rooms. That night as I was undressing to go to bed I noticed her looking at me. I pretended not to see her and stripped down to my boxer shorts. The light turned off in her room but I could make out that she was still looking at me. Very soon I had an erection that made a huge tent in my shorts. I walked over to her room and heard her rush to the bed. When I looked in she appeared to be fast asleep. I called out her name and asked if she wanted water or something from downstairs. She started to say something but stopped when she saw my cock was still standing up. She laughed and asked me why I had a bulge in my shorts. I asked her in an innocent voice "what bulge?". I almost gasped when she reached out and touched the tip on the bulge."this one!" she said with a half smile on her face. I just stood there with my mouth open and she reached out again and grabbed my cock through the shorts. "We need to fix this" she said and pulled me towards her. I had heard that tribal women had very liberal attitudes.. But had never had expected this reaction. She pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me. Reaching down, she pulled off the nighty. I reached up and with some difficulty unhooked her bra, freeing her plump breasts. The nipples were dark brown, elongated and were very erect. She then grabbed the waistband of my shorts and ripped them down to my knees. My cock was at its fullest and was hard as an iron rod. She slowly rose above me and thrust her panties down. I was now lying on my back looking up at her naked body standing over me. She bent her knees a little bit and I could see her trimmed bush. Her pussy folds appeared engorged and was dripping with her wetness. Almost as if in a trance I saw her slowly squat over me. She held my throbbing cock in her left hand and guided herself onto it. Her pussy was now well lubricated and some of her juice was dripping onto my belly. She lowered herself until her pussy lips covered the head of my cock. The feeling was incredible... She continued to move side to side teasing my cock, moaning with each movement. Then without a warning she pressed her weight down and impaled herself on my cock. We both gasped in pleasure. She then started to rock back and forth building up a rhythm. Everytime she rose her pussy sucked and held on to my cock until she descended back onto me. Not surprisingly I didn't last very long.. I could feel my balls swelling and a pressure building up inside my cock. I almost yelled out when I came, she quickly got of me and my cock kept spurting rope after rope of thick cum. She used her hand to pump my still stiff cock until every last drop had come out. We quickly cleaned up and I promised her we would do this again soon. The next time I would focus on giving her an orgasm. Comments to :

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