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Vijaya riding on my virginity" Vijaya riding on my virginity">Vijaya riding on my virginity

Rajesh 03/11/2009 Hi all. Im a big fan of kerala erotic stories, my name is rajesh and im from andhra, this is a real incident happened to me at the age of 23, now im 29 years old. I used to study in hyderbad and used to go to my native place for holidays. I was a virgin then and had no sexual experience but I wanted to have sex desperately but was always afraid to aproach anyone. Im usually fond of elderely woman with big sizes. This happened one time during vacation my dobhiwala family usually come and wash all the clothes in my house, he or his wife or daughter would come and wash the clothes. This encounter was with his wife vijaya,nobody will believe if u say she washes clothes , she looks like a teacher/from big family. Let me describe her,probably 36 years age, she was 5.8 in height and plumpy/chubby., she had very good breasts and medium colour. Some times when washing she would tie her saree higher which would show her things, I saw that couple of time and started to masturbate thinking about her, I used to think of making her naked and becomin naked infront of her and loosing virginity to such a beauty. One day she was drying clothes and asked me for help to tie strings to a pole so that she can dry the clothes on the strings. As I was tying the strings she came from the back and accidentally pressed her boobs on my back, as I thought it was accidental I did not do any thing, but she was laughing at my reaction because first time it was boob touching experience. Then she repeated the same thing at the other pole and again she laugehd naughtily as to tease me. As I turned back she still did not move and my chest was touching her boobs. Suddenly someone in the house called so she went away. Days passed by but I did not get any chance as sometimes daughter or father used to come, and I was becoming desperate thinkning about her thighs and boobs. There is only one bathroom in the house and which is slightly away from the main house but in the same compound where all would take bath and sometimess wash clothes in the house only. The washing soap is usualy in the bathroom, so one day as soon as I saw them comin I went in to the bathroom on purpose and started to take bath waiting for them to ask for the soap, as only my aunt was in the house she told her to take the clothes and go to the bathroom for washing as she thought nobody was inside. But I was waiting there and I closed the door but did not lock it, I was completely naked there waiting for the sexy goodess of my dreams to come and see my nudity. I applied soap on my body and face but could still see, she opened the door and surprised to see me there naked and smiled and was looking at my erect tool and did not know wat to do. I acting like surprised told who is it? She told it is vijaya, then I asked to give me the mug with water acting like soap is in my eyes for which she gave the water and poured water on me to wash the soap, after all the soap was washed she was watching my naked body 6ft ht and smiling at my erect tool, then I went towards her hugged her suddenly and started to kiss on her neck and slowly upwards , one of my hand around her waist and finally I reached her lips without much resistance from her and kiseed passionately for 5 minutes or so ,I was still naked for the whole time she in a saree ,her saree was of nylon like silk material and my naked body feeling her body on that material really made me mad, then I slowly pulled her pallu and started to kiss her on her boobs from the small opening, she was holding my pennis in her hand and moving it wildly, she was telliing why were u waiting all these days without coming to me with such a big dick, as we were still kissing and fondling each other we heard some lady talking to my aunt and she was telling her to go the bathroom, then vijaya told me it is her daughter who is also comng to help her wash the clothes today, so again I had to hurry up and put on my underwear and towel and went out as if nothing happened.but my aunt also saw me comin out and became suspicious about me .so again I missed a beautiful chance. But after that we started to tease eachother when ever possible like I used to squeez her boobs when passing and she used to hold my dick when nobody around on our clothes.she used to tempt me a lot by exposing her boobs and thighs.she used to say she is waiting for a chance to ride on me and fuck a virgin dick,and she will teach all the pleasures too enjoy sex. She used to make me strip naked infront of her in the bathroom she holds my dick and kiss eachother, but she never removed any clothes and never could have sex because of very less time due to interruption from my aunts and her daugetr or husband , so we had to manage very carefully and I think she enjoyed a lot by tempting and teasing me and I enjoyed the feeling that a woman wants to see me naked and wants to have sex with me, all these talk and feelings would make me mad for a virgin boy and I would masturbate thinking about her in the bathroom. One day she told me go to the pond far from the village it has lots of rocks and tress sourrounding it and wait there. She told my aunt she will take the clothes to the pond and wash them there and come back, so we can meet there, I went much in advance saying that im going to the mango garden and was waiting for my sex teacher. Let me tell u she understood that im desperately waiting for a fuck and so she wanted to take advanatge of the situation and dominate me completely and satisfy her sexual pleasures which were not possible with her husband, which I realised soon as she came she told my aunt scolded her because she wanted to wash the clothes in the pond, but she came for me and asked what I will do for her. I told her anything for her. Then she made the move firtsly she took me in between the rocks and tress and she sat on a small rock and asked me to remove my clothes one by one, now im standing in front of her naked in open air with trees and big rocks around,then she asked me to kiss her feet which I did after all it was my first experience and that to what a lady man, while I was kissing her feet , she was touching my erect rod with the other leg, now slowly she lifted her saree up and made me kiss all her legs and was touching my chest with her feet. After this she asked me to stop and asked me to lie down on a bedsheet she brought and came to my side and layed down, then she removed her pallu lied on top of me and started kissing me, it was an awfull experince to be crushed under such beauty, we hugged each other and I was trying to remove her blouse she stoped and said first lick her pussy, she lifted her saree and put my head near the pussy, she did not wear any panty and had lot of hair, intially I was taken back by the smell but she forced me to do or else she told I wil get nothing, as I started the licking job she started to moan ooooh aaaah ...ets all sorts of sounds, I was very much enjoying the licking now and she was pressing my head into her pussy and I was drinking all the liquids coming from her pussy and touching the clit with my tongue in the pussy which had bit of salty taste, we continued this for 15 to 20 min and in the mean time she was getting too hot and I slowly now removed her blouse for which she did not resisit now and was placing my hands on the boobs and asked me to squeez them hard. And I removed her bra also and was now licking her pussy from the bottom and pressing the boobs,and her legs encircled aound my back, the size of the boobs was extraordinary and I was enjoying every bit now and I slowly moved up on to her and started to put her boobs in my mouth and pulled all her sari and pavada in the mean time,now I was on top of her, both of us were naked and hugging each other naked, the moment I was waiting for such a long time, she then told me that she will get on top to fuck me and have to obey her orders, I said ok.but let me tell u watching vijaya naked was a treat to any body with such shape and size with wheatish colour. Now my hands are on her boobs pressing. She is standing on her knees on both sides of my body. Her hands are also on both sides my body, my hands caught her hanging boobs and squeezing it. She caught my cock and placed on the hole of her pussy. She widened my thighs and widened her pussy lips with her fingers and slowly downed her hips. Now my cock is going inside her wet pussy. Ooh abba.. Moaned with pain and pleasure. I can't hold myself. Then she told her pussy was eager for my cock and she wil fuck me till she is fully satisfied and not in a stage to control and pressed down her hips hard. Aaaaahhhhhhhh----abbbbbaaa I moaned with pain. Now my cock slides fully into her pussy. Now her boobs rest on my chest and I encircled her back with my hands and we kissed on the lips in the same position for few minutes, then slowly she moved her hips up and my cock comes out of pussy slightly. Then she again moved her hip down and cock in went fully inside, she kissed on my lips and said she will teach how to fuck and started telling that she always wanted to be on top and dominate sex but her husbnad never allows that. I told what r u waiting for vijaya I want u fuck me,she began to move her hips up and down on my cock. My cock is sliding in and out in her juicy pussy. The speed of her movements increased and my hips are also going upwards. Her pussy is playing with my cock. The cock is bulging and trembling telling more faster.her movement speed doubled. A sound is coming from her pussy when my cock is going into her pussy. Pluk.. Pluk . Pluk.ayyyyyooooo..ammmaa. . Some explosion taking place inside our I encircled her body tightly. She fucked me hard. She was like a sex godess riding on me with that boobs shaking up and down and me squeezing them. Finally she said oooooohhhhh .aaaaaahhh itz the fuck of her life and flow of juice from her pussy and my cock also cum. She fell down on me and gasping. Both bodies filled with sweat. I kissed on her lips. My cock is still in her pussy. After some rest she got down from my body and cleaned my cock and her pussy with a piece of cloth. Now we both are lying there naked beside eachother and my dick has become small, she was telling me nobody licked her pussy till today and im the first one to do it and she will only allow me to lick from toady and no one else. She saw my cock now it was very small she told she will make it big again and then my turn to satisfy her now and put my cock in her mouth and within no time my cock was erected. She lay on her on topnow .i tried to put my cock in but I did not know exactly where to put so she hold my cock and guided into her pussy and holds me tight. Im in a great pleasure giving her strokes in and out. She makes soundoooooh ammmmmaaa etc..i increase my speed and ejaculate all my cum in her pussy, I fell on her gasping. I feel very good with pleasure losing my virginity and having such an experience. Then after that we did have sex only when I went to my village and I was loving the village now, but lot of things happened when her daugter and my aunt found out about our sexual relationship and will tell u what happened later. Will be waiting for ur relationship response and feed back. Contact me on

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