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Unforgetable Indu" Unforgetable Indu">Unforgetable Indu

Bright 14/01/2012

Servantbrightersex@gmail.comHello all, this is Bright, 26 male, hailing from a middle class family from Trichur. The incident I am going to narrate happened just three months back. My parents are doctors and I opted for IT. I got appointment in a MNC at Kochi and was staying there and only on weekends I used to come home. My parents and I were the only inmates of our house. Since the doctors were busy, they appointed a maid to look after the day to day affairs of the house and so she was staying overnight. I used to come home on Friday nights and used to leave by early Mondays. She, our maid, Indu by name, may be about 28, was just an ordinary looking lady and I had no other intentions about her till one day one incident happened. Sumesh, my school days' friend once came to see me one Saturday and he had seen Indu and asked me why she is here. I told him that she is our maid and stays here. He then told me that she was in his house for 2 years before and she was the person who taught him the early lessons of sex. That was a new information for me. Till now she had not shown any inclination or signs of things like that. He told me that before going, he will do some interesting things. I do not know when he got a chance to meet her, but as soon as he has gone, she was with a hidden smile on her lip's corner whenever she was looking me, which I could clearly understand. After we had dinner, she was cleaning plates etc when I came to the kitchen to take some water. When I was about to come out of kitchen, she told me in a low voice to come to her room, by 10.30. She was given a room with attached bath room near to the kitchen. It was only 9.00 and from the time I heard her whisper, I became somewhat shaky and my breath was becoming fast. Even though I am 26, I had no experiences in sex other than watching porno movies. I was waiting and waiting but the time was still 10 only. I switched off the light in my room. It was dark around, since, by that time all in our house was in bed. Any how it became 10.28 and I started with trembling steps and somehow I reached in front of her room. The door was not locked and some light was coming from her bathroom. She was waiting in her cot and as soon as I entered she came to me and just touched me and given some instructions. She asked me to go back to my room and come back without making any sound and as fast as I can. I was confused and asked why. She told me that in case if some body of our house is awake and coming to kitchen, then I have to reach back my room fast. She was clever. I have done it and came back within 2 minutes by remembering every article on the way and proper not to touch them while I am moving. She then asked me whether I have any experience before. When I told no, she was just whispering in my ears and told 'I am going to have one virgin tonight". She then asked me to touch her boobs and squeeze it gently. I started rubbing her boobs and by that time she was making me naked and was prompt to keep it within my reach. She touched my dick and it was already hard as a rock. She started to rub on it and asked me to make her naked. The light in the bathroom was off and there was only a little light in the room, and just like a shadow only, everything was seen. I found that she was not wearing any bra or panties and she was clean shaven. She directed me to touch her pussy and asked in a hush "how do you feel". I just kissed her lips and with that she was also biting my lips and my ear lobes. Her action on my ears was too exciting and it made me real horny. I amassed courage and told her to teach all what she taught Sumesh. She just pinched on my cock and told me that today is the first night of my sex school nights and it will continue till I learnt everything. I asked her how many days it will take and she casually told "may be months". The first night was somewhat gone with immature ejaculation and embarrassment etc. I was also having a little bit of fear thinking sometimes my parents may come to know about this. She was encouraging me saying she can handle any situation but even then the first night was a little bit shaky. But from the second night onwards it became more and more thrilling and marvelous. She was using our local language, Malayalam, always while giving lessons and the words she used were also horny. The time fixed for the second night was also 1030 and I was present for the class without being late even for a minute. As soon as I entered her room she came and embraced me saying, 'kalla kuttaa, innale monu vallaathe pediyaayirunnu alle? Innu njaan pediyellaam maatti tharaam kuttaa" She then started chewing my lower lips. My dick was almost as a rod from the time I left my room towards hers and on hearing these words, it became like a steel rod. At the same time she was fondling my back with both her hands. I started rubbing her boobs with both hands and she made enough room to do me so. She was not wearing bra and the softness was felt even from outside of her nightie. She has taken some breath by releasing my lips and asked me to remove her clothes. Her nightie was having buttons from top to down in front and I have taken enough time to remove all the button hooks and she became naked in front. Same as last night, there was not enough light in her room, so I was not able to see her body properly. But my hands were feeling every ups and downs of her body. She was clean shaven today but I think it was having some bush last night. I asked her about this and she told me,"kuttanu tharaan vendi clean aakkiyathaa". She then asked me, "Ini adutha kaaryam njaan parnju tharunnathu pole cheyyanam". "Yes, teacher", I replied. "Ente oro mulayilum naakku kondu malayaalathile sha enna aksharam ezhuthedaa kutta", and I started to do it. My god, it was thrilling and by that time I could feel buds of her boobs were erect like hard and fresh grapes. I was not stopping making 'sha' on her and after sometime she told "mathiyedaa kutta, ini chappithaa"' Both my hands were on her "kundi" and I started to chew her boobs. With very low voice she was making sounds and I became afraid and told her that. She was just smiling and said, "edaa kutta, sukham varumpol alpasolpa swaramellaam varum. Innale ninakku paalu vannappol enthoru swaramaayirunnu". She told me that last night she was using her hands to stop me from making much sound, but still I was without control. "enthu cheyyam penne, aadyamaayi oru pennine ingane okke cheyyumpol kurchu swaram vannillenkilalle albhuthamulloo?" Without answering, she started to caress my erect cock. Her hands were so gentle in handling my tool and she again started to chew my lips. This time I have taken the initiative before she could start and I put her lower lip in my mouth and started chewing it. The feeling was great. Even though I chewed her lips the previous night, it was not so thrilling like this one. After 3-4 minutes she asked me to suck her boobs. In between, she was giving me lessons how to make a girl more and more excited by touching, kissing and licking. "oru penninu ettavum sukham enthaanennu ninakku ariyamo kuttaa?" "Ariyilla mole" "Njaan enthinaa innu shave cheythu vannathu?" "Enne kaanikkaan aayirikkum" "Alla, innu njaan mone oru puthiya soothram padippichu tharaam" "Ente mol enthu paranjaalum njaan athu pole thanne cheyyum" "Enkil monte naakku ente mulayil ninnum pathukke thaazheykku kondu vaa" "Evidam vare??" "Nee kondu vaadaa kuttaa, njaan parnju tharaam". I started to drag my tongue towards down. Her stomach was thrilling, the belly button was more interesting and then I recollected some scenes of the films I have seen where the horny woman's pussy is being licked. "Ninte kanthu nakkaan alledee penne?" I asked Without any hesitation she murmered, "Pettennu nakki thudangedaa kuttaa" It was the first time I was smelling a pussy and putting my tongue there. But the aroma was wonderful and as she was fully wet there, the wet and salty taste soon became a really marvelous experience. She told me that while licking, I should not make my tongue tight but it should be loosened and flexible. I tried it and it gave more and more exciting feeling. "Ippol samayam enthaayi ennu kuttanu valla pidiyumundo?", she asked. I have just looked to my mobile, and my god, it was almost 530 in the morning. I was wondering what we were doing in this 7 hours' time. She just smiled, kissed and sent me back telling, "baacki innu raathri". Saying this she again kissed me on lips and put my cock in her mouth for a while and chewed for a split second. I will narrate the next night's class in my next episode. But all the teachings made me capable of satisfying women that was why they are calling me again and again to get my skilled services upon them. As said in the first episode, any lady from and around Kochi and Trichur may contact me to feel my experience and expertise, as Indu taught me. You can contact me in brighersex@gmail.com. If the lessons I have narrated will help you. From that night on every week-end, she was my teacher and I learnt a lot of lessons. I am now capable of making a woman have multiple orgasms within 10 minutes, and I practically proved it 3 times by now. The lessons Indu taught me was clearly based on the needs of women and hence it was really working and enjoyable to these 3 different women. The problem now is that they are repeatedly calling me and asking me to come to their rescue of getting sexual satisfaction. I really take it as a challenge and fulfill their wishes. Ladies from Kochi, Trichur areas are welcome to get my service, which is cent percent free. Just mail me at brightersex@gmail.com and ask for my availability. Weekends are already booked by Indu.

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