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Two Weeks with Shanti" Two Weeks with Shanti">Two Weeks with Shanti

Vijay 27/12/2008 I'm Vijay. This is the incident from the time when I was staying with a room-mate in my first job. We were staying in a flat. We had an old lady as maid who used to come in the morning to clean the house. Once the old maid said that she will not come for next two weeks. She will send a relative of hers to do the job for those two weeks. I and my room-mate said okay. Next morning, at about 8.00 a.m, the bell rang. When I opened I saw a dusky woman, about 30 years old. She had a voluptous body - not fat but fleshy. She had worn her saree tightly, forming the shape of her curvy body. While I was admiring her body, she told that she is the alternate maid and will be working at our house for next 2 weeks. I thought it was my good luck for next two weeks. She came in and I told her where we kept the items she would need for her work. By that time my room-mate also woke up. When he looked at her, he also grew lusty. I could see it in his eyes. But both of us did not let it become obvious to the woman. I asked her name and she told me it was Shanti. She then started cleaning used utensils in the kitchen. She was standing and facing the wall, celaning utensils in the sink. I came and stood at the door of the kitchen, lookin her from the back side. She had a great ass - big, round and fleshy. Her blouse revealed some of her back and her waist. I felt like going and grabbing her ass and rubbing my cock between her ass. But I controlled myself. Besides I did not have that much courage. I secretly watched her througout that morning as she cleaned the house. I saw a little bit of her cleavage as she was mopping the floor. I was also worried that my friend may see me lusting over a maid. So I watched her very secretively. After she left, while bathing I masturbated thinking of her. The next two days again I watched her body keenly. She had big, juicy breasts. Looking at her blouse it seemed like ripe mangoes hanging from a cloth bag. I wanted to suck those mangoes and drink their juice. But I lacked the courage. Then, the third day morning, my room-mate had to leave early for office. When Shanti came, I was alone in the house. As usual, she started with her work. She went into the kitchen and started washing the utensils. I watched her from behind for a few minutes. Her ass cheeks shook slowly as she was rubbing the utensils. That slow movement of her ass cheeks were making me hot. I gathered some courage and walked towards her slowly. I don't think she noticed. I stopped at about one feet from her. The I placed my hands on her ass. She jumped in surprise, or may be shock. The utensil she was holding fell into the sink causing loud noise. She turned and saw me behind her. My hands slided over to her bare waist as she turned. 'What are you doing?' she asked. 'Leave me'. 'Don't worry',I said.'I won't do anything without your consent'. 'What consent? This is not right.' I pulled her close and her boobs were pressing against my chest. 'There is nothing wrong. We are two consenting adults wanting some fun', I said. I realised that she was not resisting or pulling back. I saw my chance.. I moved my hands back and started to squeeze her ass. It was soft and fleshy. Her boobs were still resting on my chest. I could feel her nipples getting hard. I started to kiss her mouth. I sucked on her lips. She opened her mouth to let my tongue in. Now I knew that she was completely in mood. 'Let me wash my hands and get clean', she said. 'Wait for me in the bedroom.' I went to the bedroom and undressed to my underwear. When Shanti came to the room she smiled on seeing me in that state. 'You have lusted me from the first day, haven't you?' she asked. 'Yes, oh yes', I said. She unwrapped her saree and started walking towards me in her blouse and petticoat. When she came close I started to hurriedly undo her blouse and pulled loose the strings of her petticoat. Now she was in her bra and panty. Her massive boobs were buldging in her bra. I squeezed them hard. She let out a moan. I took them out and started sucking her nipples. Her hands moved down over my chest to feel my cock over my undie. She pulled my undie down and started stroking my cock with her hand. I was completely hard. I undid her bra and pulled down her panty. 'Fuck me like a whore now' she said to my surprise. That was the signal I needed. I pushed her down towards my cock. She licked it from tip to balls. The she started sucking it, taking whole of it into her mouth occassionally. Wow, she was sucking it so nice. I held her head and started to fuck her mouth. I could feel my cock going deep down her throat. Then she it took it out of her mouth and started to hit my cock on her boobs. She rubbed the saliva from my cock on to her boobs. Now I wanted to fuck her boobs. I asked her to hold her boobs together so that I can fuck her boobs. She readily did that. I pushed my cock between her boobs and started to fuck her boobs. My cock was feeling great between her soft and fleshy boobs. After the blowjob and tit fuck I was almost ready to come. Then I came on her boobs. My cum splashed all over her tits. I pulled my cock out. She massaged the cum all over her boobs. I presented my cock to her mouth and she licked it clean. We didn't talk much after that. She completed her remaining house work and went away. I kept thinking of her the rest of the day. I wanted to fuck her badly and waited for the next day. Next morning, my room-mate was at home when Shanti came. With my room-mate around I did not know what to do. But once when he was away in his rooms, I pullled Shanti close and squeezed her boobs. That lasted for about 2 minutes when my room-mate came out of his room. Then my wait ended. He went to take a bath. I had about 10 minutes in my hands. As soon as he went into the bathroom I hurried to Shanthi and started kissing her hastily. She responded with equal passion. She knew we had little time. My cock was all hard. I lifted her saree up. Her bushy pussy showed up.. I started rubbing her pussy with one hand while squeezing her boobs with the other hand. 'I'm going to fuck your pussy now', I said. 'No', she said. I was shocked for a second. 'Only my husband can fuck me in my pussy' she said. 'Fuck me in my asshole'. She is a real whore I thought. She wants me to fuck her in her bum hole. I turned her around. Her massive ass was looking out invitingly from the saree lifted up. I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed it down with my undie. I spit on her asshole and spread the spit with my cock. Then I pushed my cock into her asshole slowly. It was very tight. I spread her ass with my hands to make way for my cock. I gave a strong thrust and my cock was completely inside her asshole now. It felt so good. She was moaning in pain and enjoyment. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in and out of my cock. She was thoroughly enjoying it. Her soft ass was hitting hard against my legs. She was vigorously rubbing her pussy at the same time. Her ass was so tight it gave me pleasure like I never had. I was ready to cum now. 'I'm going to shoot my cum deep in your ass', I said. 'Yes, yes !' she said. I shot my cum inside her ass. It felt like I must have shot about a glass of cum inside her. It was very intense. I took my cock out. I asked her if she would lick it clean but she refused because it was inside her ass. Like yesterday, we didn't talk much after the fucking. My room-mate came out from the bathroom in about 2 minutes. I went to take my bath and Shanthi completed her house work. I fucked Shathi for the rest of those 2 weeks almost daily. She didn't allow me to fuck her in her pussy but I did not regret it because fucking her ass was heveanly. I have never seen her since. 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