Turning on a hesitant Mallika
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Indian Sex Stories Servant Category Turning on a hesitant Mallika

Turning on a hesitant Mallika" Turning on a hesitant Mallika">Turning on a hesitant Mallika

Santhosh 13/03/2008

Servantsandy.59@rediffmail.com Hi, My dear Keralaerotica readers. I thoroughly enjoy the stories in Keralaerotica, masturbate reading them and most often I get wild orgasms. So I thought I would also share my experiences. This happened about two years ago when I was staying in Mumbai. I used stay in a flat in Malad, a western suburb. My wife is a school teacher and I have two children aged 6 and 13. We brought a servant girl of 18 to look after the children since neither of us would be there to look after them when they come home from school. Her name is Mallika. She is an ordinary girl, became little bit fat after started saying with us. She is short with long hair, big eyes, big boobs, broad hips and heavy thighs. I never had any intention on her since she was under my care and since I didn't want to hurt my wife for unfaithful acts. I had an average sex-life with my wife and even if she was not ready to have sex she would help me in relieving by masturbating me and I was happy with that. At times I would masturbate and mostly in the mornings. One day children had gone to school in the morning and it was 8 O' Clock. My wife's school starts after 1 O' clock and that day she had some work in the school and she also left. I usually leave for office after 9.30. Since I had sufficient time I thought I would see a porn-film in the computer in the bedroom and would have a quick masturbation. I like Indian porn-films since it would not be bang-bang from the beginning till end. The woman would be shy to show her assets and cover them and the partner will have to try all his tricks to eat her pussy and fuck her nicely. Since Mallika will not come to my bedroom when I was in the room I had not bolted the door. I was watching the film and removed my dresses. I laid on the cot and slowly started to caress my organ. The girl in the film was very beautiful and the man was eating her pussy slowly. I had big hard on and started to shake him back and forth. Suddenly Mallika came to my room thinking that I would be reading there. When she saw me stroking she stopped there like a stone with shock writ on her face. I was also embarrassed. She looked at my organ and then she saw the film going on(I had kept the sound on mute). Now she had a smile on her face and I also felt relaxed and picked up the rhythm of stroking. She told me stammeringly that the Isthiriwala(laundry-collector) had come to collect money. I told her that I wanted to finish my job and went on with stroking a little vigorously and suddenly semen spurted out, some fell on the floor, some on my belly and hands. Mallika was watching all these with interest. I immediately got up and went to bathroom to wash off. When I came back Mallika was cleaning the floor with a wet cloth. I took the money from my purse and gave it to Mallika without looking at each other. Next few days went without any incidents, though our relationship had changed. At times our eyes would meet and she would blush and I would feel some movements under my belly. One day afternoon, a holiday for me and working day for my wife, Mallika and my little child were lying on the floor. Elder son had gone to play cricket outside. Mallika was reading magazine and the child was playing by herself. When the child saw me she insisted on me to lie with them and tell a story. With the child lying in the middle, my right hand below her head I started telling a story. Mallika also put her magazine down and both started listening to the story. Some times I touched body parts of Mallika while caressing my child. I found that she was enjoying the story and the occasional caressing. I became bold and started caressing her belly and boobs over her dress of a short skirt and a shirt. After some time my child started sleeping. Mallika had closed her eyes and was listening to the story. Now I stopped the story and closed my eyes, but started caressing Mallika. Slowly I put my hands under her skirt and started caressing thighs and move to her pussy. I put my fingers beneath her panties and felt her hole which had become slippery. Now I changed my position laid down near her. I started caressing her boobs and suddenly Mallika embraced me. She took my lower lip and started sucking and I started sucking her upper lip. I pushed her head back and inserted my tongue deep into her mouth started caressing her tongue. Suddenly she withdrew her head and started tossing her head left and right as if she was not able to bear it all. She now opened her blouse, lowered her black bra and inserted her nipple into my mouth. I started to suck brown nipple madly and inserted a finger into her hole and started masturbating. She was making low noises and suddenly ground my fingering hand in a tight grip between her big thighs. She had come by now and embraced me tightly and started kissing me wildly. Wanting reciprocate Mallika inserted her hands into my vests and started stroking the hard on. She took it our and started caressing smoothly and when I was about to come in her hands when the door bell rang. We hurriedly put on our clothes and Mallika went to answer the door. It appeared to be some hawker wanting to sell her wares. When she returned my daughter had woken up. With a sense of disappointment I went to bathroom to masturbate to get a shattering orgasm. When I came back Mallika smiled knowingly and she also went to bathroom to wash her come. I couldn't continue my sex with her that day. But subsequently I got a better chance. That in next Please post your comments to sandy.59@rediffmail.com (sandyDOT59)

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