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With my ever horny Aunt" With my ever horny Aunt">With my ever horny Aunt

Ramesh 29/10/2005

wemeetnow@yahoo.com Hello "KERALA EROTICA" readers who share this platform & narrate their personal fantasies/stories and experiences freely, frankly and fearlessly. As a regular fan of this wonderful and sexotic site, Ramesh, the writer, a businessman, married, residing at the ever buzzling city of Mumbai would share a recent experience (NOT a fantasy) with my aunt (my late father's late elder brother's wife) who is at least 5 years older than me. Her name (changed here) is Seema. She is indeed very fair by complexion, well-built and perfectly maintained symetrical body, bold & beautiful even at this age, highly matured, very sexy and horny. She possesses an attrative curvy figure of 39-27-38. She is a decent, broad-minded, modern, free fun loving, educated,happy-go-lucky merry widow living with us but very independent minded right from the day she was married to my late uncle. She always sought my company more as her one and only most trusted male-friend, rather than as her nephew, past over years, (since my uncle's death). We used to freely chat, discuss and debate on any topic or subject under the sun without least hesitation, reservation or embarassment. However, she never indicated her real intentions of me satisfying her strong passionate urges and sexual satisfaction that she badly needed which she perhaps expected from me only (being fully aware that I am a happly married man), of which I realised only in May 2004 when my wife and children had to go out-station for 4 weeks. On 1st Saturday of May 2004, around 11 am as I reached my office, my Seema aunty rings me to say that there was some important work and if possible I may return home promptly or finish my urgent work at office and come immediately. I asked her what the matter was and she said that there is nothing to worry about,yet wanted me to be back home as early as possible as it was very important. I said: "o. k. , I am coming". Seema aunt's voice was thrilled and she replied "Fine Ramesh, be quick, I am waiting for U". It was an hour's drive from my office to home and was just wondering what was " very important " that she asked me to return. As I reached our house, I pressed the door-bell button and the door opened quickly. It was quite an unexpected sight for me to see. Seema aunty was wearing only a black transparent bra and transparent panty. As she was fair complexioned, good-looking, attractive, well-built, with curvy figure,cute eyes, long black hair (which symbolised how sexy she was), her large breasts exposed almost fully, her nipples quite visible. She looked prolific and sexotic and displayed how much she was sex-hungry and wanted to be satisfied by me in all respects, which I then understood. We first embraced and hug each other, press one against the other,caress the body, kiss on cheeks,then lips, then lick each other. Seema aunt starts moving her hand around my back, wraps her arms and presses and hugs me hard and moves her hand down to press my hips. I respond and press her curvy hips, and then Seema aunt holds my hand and puts it on her large breasts & presses my fingers. I now press her breasts with pleasure for few minutes. I was thrilled by her juicy and silky-smooth breasts. Then Seema aunt unbuttons my shirt. She then licks and kisses me profusely. I too get aroused and lick and kiss her all over her cheeks, neck, ears and lips and suck her tongue. Then she pulls my tongue inside her mouth. It was indeed a sensational feeling for both and she held my tongue tight in her mouth by pressing her lips so that it did not slip out. I unhook her bra and rub her back. She starts moaning. She unbuttons my trousers and removes lets it fall. Then I lick and plant kisses on entire portion of Seema's large breasts . I press hard and squeeze her breasts that begin to enlarge snd now seducing snd inducing me to get more sexy. Seema's tits get erected quickly as I pamper bright red collar around her tits and pull her tits after kissing and then pressing between my thumb and index finger. Her moans increase. Now I press Seema's spongy buttocks. She removed my banian (vest) and underwear as I remove her bra. Now I move my hands back to her buttocks and after pressing them, rub her ass. She starts moaning and saying: "Ramesh, call me by name now. . . I am longing to hear this and don't leave me. I want you to do everything to me my dear. I am your sexy friend for all times to come. Please whisper my name in my ears my dear. I am eager to hear that". I say: "Yes, my dear Seema, Sexy Seema, you are mine forever and you be assured that you will get all care and satisfaction you are in need of from me whenever you want". She is overjoyed and plants me a kiss as she hugs me tighter. Then I remove her panty and what a delight to see sexy Seema now. We both are naked now. Seema looked simply sexotic and more very sexy and beautiful. She slipped out her tongue and licked me on my lips, cheeks, neck, ears and I too took my tongue out and we licked each other's tongue for few minutes and then Seema put mine in her mouth. We both were excited and she wanted to eat my tongue which she grabbed in her mouth and again held tight with her lips. We both kiss and lick each other profusely, press the entire body of each mercilessly. Now Seema starts biting my arms and cheeks and licks my neck and gets more and more sexy and starts patting and holding my cock. She began pulling my cock and waited a few seconds for saliva to spill. I now press Seema's huge breasts and kiss and lick her nips after kissing them with one hand and press her spongy balls with the other. She moaned and started saying: " Pyare Ramesh darling, meri nip ko chooso, bahut achha lagta hai. . . doosri nipple khincho or mera stan (breast)dabaao. . . aur dabaaaao! Ah. . aur jhor se chooso. . . bahut sexy lagta hai". Seema's breasts grow larger and harder and nips erecting and increasing in length. I put her nips in my mouth one by one and suck very fast as I am also aroused and hot. She says "Ab tera rod mere haath main do, mai khinch ke lamba karti hoon. . . tumhara rod kadak aur mazedar hai. Meri cunt ko tere rod se chodaana hai. Chodne ka mazaa yega. . . yeh rasbhara rod hai. . . meri chut ko aaj aur ab din bhar khush karna hoga". She was holding my cock and kept on pulling and making it grow larger, harder and longer and let it become stiff and hard. I pamper Seema's wet pussy and now kneel down to kiss the lips of her wet pussy and then lick them and sip jelly oozing from her pussy. She says "chut ke bahar aur pappi chahiya. . . kiss karo or chaato. . . phir oonglian chootke andar dalo. . . . chut main jaldi dalo. . . chut rookh nahin sakti". I insert my fingers inside as desired by her and Creamy and spicy jelly starts flowing out of Seema's cunt. I drink all the jelly from her wet pussy. Her jelly emitted an excellent flavour and very tasty. I rub my cheeks against her hot and wet pussy and make her sexier. She says " tumhare gaal resham jaise naram aur smooth hai. Gaal ko choot ke saath aur ghiso. . . bahut achcha lagta hai (rub your silky smooth cheeks against my cunt, I feel very nice)". I do it willingly and get hotter. My dick became almost 7" long. This was because Seema's strong sex-appeal, inspiration and passionate urges. Then Seema holds my cock and first kisses, licks and rubs against her,cheecks vigorously and puts it in her mouth and sucks fast. After few minutes she removes cock from my mouth to say that "Tera rod mooh main rakh ke choosna hai. . ras bahut mitha hai. . . rod ko mooh main dalke chodne ka mazaa lena hai. . jab tak yeh lauda mooh main hai, ras nikaalte rahena". . . she immensely enjoyed mouth fuck. Her mouth fuck (sucking my cock) went on for nearly 10 minutes) as the speed of her moans increased with her heartbeats. My cock becomes harder and longer and Seema sips all the juice from my cock in her mouth and then Seema removed the cock from her mouth, holding it,rubbed the oozing saliva with the cock all over her cheeks,neck,breasts and her arms and then her body. Now holding the cock in one hand and hugging me with the other, we both move towards the sofa. I was holding her tight and pressing her body and hips while proceeding to sofa. I sit first and Seema sits facing me in my lap. She inserts my hard-long dick in her wetty pussy to get fucked seated first. She embraces/hugs me tight. I too hug her tight. After about 10 minutes, Seema puts her bulging ight-breast's erected tight nip in my mouth and I,was licking and sucking while pressing her right enlarged breast with my right hand. She said suck more, press more, I am really enjoying. She was really very hot and sexy by this time. Her sexy eyes increased her strong sex-appeal stronger and was severely tempting. She was telling him all the time. . . "don't leave my pussy,choot ko mat chchodna. . lund aur bada aur kadak karo aur ander dalo. . . jitna meri choot main jaata hai itna daalo. . ras bahut swadisht lagta hai. . . ras nikalo. . tumhare saath baith kar chodne main itna mazaa aata hai ki baat nahin. . . bister main lait ke jab chodaungi to chodne ka mazaa aur ayega. . lekin ab aur chodkar mujhe sexy banao. . mujhe tumhara lund pasand hai. . . chodo. . . Jab tak main na kahoon tab tak baith kar chodna. . . uske baad mujhe pichhe se meri gaand maarna. . . tum ab mere pakke chodu ho. . . mai tees saal se sex ke liye tadap rahi hoon. . . ab main sex ke beena aur nahin jee shakti, isi liye aaj tumhe phone kiya. . mere liye yeh important, sorry, bahoot important hai. Ab mai tumhari raand hoon. . . rakhail dost hoon. . . teri doosri Biwi hoon. . ab se tu hi mera sab kuch hai. Hai na mere Ramesh? Kaho na ki tum mere doosre pati ho aur main tumhari doosri Viwi. Yeh apne beech ander ki baat hai ". I was now totally lost to her and said: " Yes meri Seema, tu meri sexy bitchy raand ho. . . mai tera hi hoon. . . tujhe main mere hi saath rakhoonga aur tu bhi meri ho. . . ". Tears of joy drop from her eyes and she hugs me very tight and plants showers of kisses and licks. She gets crazy now. She tells me now in English "Then I want your rasdaar rod in my ass and want to be fucked in my ass deeply inside. . . my ass is aching for your rod inside to be fucked before we get in bed when I am fucked by sleeping under you in bed dear". This went on for over an hour before we went in the bed hugging each other. Sexy Seema was holding and pulling my cock all the way from sofa to bed for further fucks. I sit on the bed. Seema is still standing. I embrace her,kiss her navel and stomach, lick it, then lick her waist, press her curvy balls, rub my cheeks against her spongy balls,bite and suck them, kiss her ass, lick it, insert my fingers first. Deema enjoys and says "suck my balls as the fingers are inside. . . . I want your whole hand to go inside my ass. . . fuck my ass dear. . . " Then I remove my finger from her ass, kiss and lick again and then she holds my rod, pulls it and as she sits in my lap facing her back to me, inserts slowly my rod in her ass again as she sits in my lap. My hard long rod slides smoothly into her ass quite effortlessly. Seema moans with sigh of relief and I with a sigh of pleasure. I wrap my arms around Seema and embrace her, kiss and lick her cheeks and neck, press her breasts and insert my fingers in her pussy as my rod is inside her ass. She says "rod aur ander dalo. . . chodo. . . sirf ek hi oongli choot main gayee hai. . . aur ek-do oongli choot main daalo. . jhor se choot ke ander maalish karo. ..oongli se choot ko ghis daalo, oongli aur ander daalo... nikalo mat... main aur garam hooon ...mujhe tumhare saath sex karna hai...bahut sexy mahaul lagta hai.. mujhe aur sexy karo...bister main chodne ka mazaa aur aayega..".I do accordingly and also enjoy with her...my rod is oozing and so also her cunt is getting wetter. After being ass-fucked, she rises from my lap, Seema licks my dick, mouth-fucks again for few minutes. She liked mouth-fucks. She said: "Ramesh, tumhare Uncle nain kabhi mere saath mouth fuck nahin kiya...yeh kitna mazaa deta hai...meri jawani ab lagti hai wapas aaa gayee hai....Tu ab mera hi fucker hai..." Then she presses and licks my whole body, bites my arms again, kisses my nips,sucks them for few minutes and sleeps flat on the bed inviting to fuck her. She says "ab mujhe chodo...lund mere haath main hai usse cunt main daalti hoon"...She inserts my rod in her cunt and the fuck starts. She screams in low tone and then whispers continuously in my ears...fuck me darling...don't leave me...mujhe chodo.. aur lauda ander daalo, ras daalo...achha lagta hai...chodo... main rookh nahin sakti...chodo, mere ko aur chodo...mere fucker... mujhe aur fuck karo ...chodo mere darling, mujhe aur chodo...meri choot main tumbhara lund aur dalo aur chodot ko phaad daalo...itne saal baad chodaaana bahut achha lagta hai...I need fucks only from you, your fucks are hot and juice is sex-tasty..give me more and more juice again...my cunt wants to sip all the sexy juice from your rasdar rod... fuck me darling,mujhe aur chodo, Yeh choot tumhari hi hai... teri choot ko tumbhara lund pasand hai...teri choot bahoot garam aur sexy ho gayee hai...ab choop nahin rahegi...uska poora khayal rakhna aajse tumhari jimmedari hai...tumhara kadak lamba lund aur lamba karo, ras nikalo...mujhe chodo mere fucker, aur chodo..aaj se yeh choot tumhari hi hai aur tumhari hi rahegi aur yeh kadak lund mera vhi hai aur mera bhi rahega mere Ramesh...chodo..please, aur chodo... main tadapti thi itne saal ...ab aur mat tadpaao mere Ramesh darling, mujhe chodo mere chutiye...tumhari yeh raand ko jab tum chodte ho tab mujhe bahut santosh hota hai...cunt main tum poore aajaao mere darling...chodo.. aur kuch baat nahin karni siva ki chodne ki...rod ko choot main aur kadak karo...lund bahar nahin nikaalna...main pyasi hoon...ras nikalo...bahut garam hai...main aur garam hoon...choot ko lauda hi hahiye...chodo mujhe...tumhari bitch Seema ki kasam.. agar cunt se lund bahaar nikla to cunt gussa karegi..merechodu...mujhe chodte raho...". Seema was now restless,absolutely desperate and wild, horny and sexy beyond control. She kept on saying in a sexy tone: "I need your hot fucks very sexyly for being fucked strongly.. please continue fucking...I am extremely sexy and want more and more sexy satisfaction from you...I enjoy every bit of your fucks, push in your rod in my cunt as it grows longer and longer...I am overwhelmingly desperate to be fucked by you today...please fuck me. please continue ucking...I want all I missed since your uncle died...so my sexy dear, please don't leave me alone today ....Your rod is really hard and juicy. You are really the type of fucker I needed since you lost your uncle, to satisfy me...you are my one and only favourite fucker". These utterneces by Seema made my sexual hormons become hotter and I too was getting more and more fucky, loosing control as a married guy, and could not resist. I fucked her on and on as she demanded. Her Hindi talks aroused my sexual sensations and inspired me to fuck her as much as I could as she really was sex-nungry and needed satisfaction. I wondered how a so sexy woman could hold on for as many as over 30 years. She said: "I will fuck whole night...tum mujhe khoob chodna.. ab tum mere pati ho...mujhe fuck karna...Seema raand ko yeh lund fit ho gaya hai......please fuck me again and again.... never say NO to your Seema bitch...she is your whore ". We fucked for over an hour non-stop.Then I got down and sat on the bed and she immediately sat in my lap and started licking and kissing and put her tongue in my mouth for some time. Then she pampered my nips, played for a while, pulled them and then started sucking my nips holding and pulling my cock with her hands. She went on pulling while sucking my nips for more than an hour non-stop. My nips became erect, tighter and longer. She was sexier than what she was during our first two fuck-sessions (on sofa and in bed). After sucking my nips, she licked my ears and whispered inside that "Ab tumhare nipple meri choot main dalo or chodo mere darling..ek ke baad ek nipple se chodna...ab main vapas bahut sexy ho gayee hun...choot ko ab nipple se chodana ai...achcha lagega ...mujhe nipple se chodane ka experience lena hai... main ne ek website par dekha tha... teri yeh nipple ab meri choot main dalo mere Ramesh". I agreed. She was delighted and kissed and licked me first, then Seema inserted my erected nips in her mouth first then in her ears (I was holding her tight bibs - hips - and pressing them) and she now lay in bed and I inserted my right nip first in her pussy slowly. My nip slipped in her pussy very fast and started getting tighter and longer. My cheeks were pressed in-between Seema's 2 legs (thighs) and I was holding her spongy balls in my hands as she was holding mine in hers. The sexcitement was growing...I too was too hot and she said " nipple aur ander dalo mere dear ..nipple choot main chod rahi hai...mujhe nipple se chodane ka naya shaukh ho gaya hai...chodo..." After 10 minutes, my right nip was removed and left was inserted in her pussy again...it was again great feeling to experience. Something unique and every man and woman must also experience nip-fucks in life frequently. This nip-fucking went on for over half hour before we went in the bed for further action.. We both were very hot and the whole atmosphere was sex-friendly. She slept in bed and I slept on her in other direction in 69 position. She was sucking my cock (holding and pressing my hips) and I kissed her pussy first and then non-stop licked her pussy (holding her spongy boobs in my hands). She said.. cunt ko aur chaato...choot main ab tumhari jeebh (tongue) dalke chaato...choot ko jeebh se chodaana hai... chodo mere yaar, chodo...abhi aur bhaut choodana hai...raat bhar kisi bhi tara chodana hai..mujhe chodane ki bahut tamanna thi...main akeli ho gayee hoon aur tumhare jaisa lundwala hi dhoondh rahi thi. Ab tum aa gaye to main chodaungi hi.. chodo mere sexy...dil se chodo...mujhe chodaana hai.." This action continued for about 20 minutes.I then stopped licking her pussy...my cock was still in her mouth and then I tongue-fucked her...I put my tongue inside her sexy wetty cunt for few minutes... Seema's cunt was very tasty...she was absolutely sex-intoxicated now...and said to me not to remove my tongue from her pussy...she said..mujhe jeebh se chode raho...chodo mere sexy fucker, my young sex, tongue-fuck with me my all time my great hot fucker. I enjoy....I did this tongue-fuck for about 15 minutes. Then I bent and sucked her left nipple holding her breast in my left hand and then inserting my fingers of right hand in her sexy wetty pussy for about 10 minutes. She was at the peak of sex-excercise and then we both began to fuck agan...for about 35 minutes. We hugged, pressed and were kissing each other and had stuck tight to each other. She said "main aaj se tumhari hoon...mere stan ko stan ko khoob jhor se chooso..dabaao...mujhe tumhare lund ko aur khinch kar lamba karna hai aur phir chodna hai...choot aur sexy ho gai hai aur laude se ras chahiye..tum mere stan ko dabao...mere balls ko dabao or chooso...mere ass ko chaat lo...mujhe tumhara shareer bahut achcha lagta hai...lund kitna mitha hai...use chaat lene do....use ab main choosti hoon..wah! kya rod hai....choot main vapas daal dena hai..." She pressed my hips and then started licking my hips and ass and kissed me. Then she put her finger in my ass and sucked my balls. Then she sat on my waist and moved front and back rubbing her pussy and making my body wet. Then we had a coffee session in nude. As coffee was ready, hugging each other we went on sofa. After both had coffee, she held my cock and started pulling and began kissing and licking. Then she sat in my lap (my fingers inserted inside her pussy) and was licking me and sucking my nips. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then hugging each other we went on bed again. We repeated the session. As I was fucking, she said " meri nipple chooso... teri lund ko lamba aur karo...chodo mere chutiye... coffee ke baad aur garam ho gayee hoon...chodo mere rakhail pati... tumhari randi ko tumhari raseeli lund chahiye...jab tak choot main lund rahega, tum mujhe chodte rahoge..." We fucked again for over an hour. After full fucky-night, we had a fuck bath too in the morning after making a lot of love, kiss, lick, kiss, suck,press,crush every part of each's body. We fucked in the shower too. Both derived total satisfaction from each other and again after lots of hugs,pressings and kisses, she expressed her desire to kiss my cock, suck it, lick it,and mouth-fuck. I responded. In the process both became very sexy again. Two more fuck-sessions were held and all the fucking excercises of previous day and whole night were repeated. In the end she licked my ass profusely as a token of rememberence of our first ever new bondage and sexual relationship forever and I too to in turn reciprocated by licking her sexy wet cunt. She said : " Mujhe tumhare saath fucking main aur choosaane main bada santosh aur anand hua. Meri Bhabhi jo mere se teen saal chhotii hai aur meri achchi dost bhi hai usse bhi tumhare jaisa he fucker ki talaash hai, jo is he tarah uske saath fuck karen aur usse anand de. Agar tum mujhe "Yes" kaho to main apni Bhabhi ko bhi aaj shaam agar tumhe aitraz na ho to..main phone kar ke boola leti hoon".Hum teeno ko khoob mazaa aayega aur mere Bhabhi jo mere se bhi jyada sexy aur sunder hai woh bhi khush ho jaayegi kyon ki woh bhi fucks ke liye tadapti hai. Jab main tumhari baat karungi aur teri kadak rasdaar lund ne meri cunt main mujhe fuck kar khush kiya woh soonkar woh fuck ke liye naachegi aur khudki oongli se apni choot se khelegi". I said: "Yes". Maine Seema ko kaha ki "meri aur se Bhabhi ki cunt ko meri pappi kehna". Seema was now a fully satisfied woman and from that day we have regularly had sessions and also with her Bhabhi occasions which I shall narrate later (after feedback fromreaders). But one thing I must mention that females older than males by at least 5 to 7 years are more matured and enjoyable as they realise and understand the need and value need for sex religiously and a necessisity than leading a lonely or widow or divorced life. You will appreciate as you read next paras. Life has since then, indeed been fantastic with my sexy aunt Seema.She is simply erotic beyond imagination.About 12 months ago, she told my wife that instead of her getting up very early to prepare my tiffin as I leave for office at 8.30 am,my wife may do it at ease after I leave for office and she will carry it daily to my office at from our home by 11.15am which my wife agreed happily not aware (even now) why Seema suggested so.Now starts the errotic action (just one being narrated today out of several). By 12.45 Seema is in my office cabin. 1-2pm is lunch time. I lock my cabin door from inside & sit on right side of sofa exactly at 1pm by which time Seema has served my food in plate and has opened her blouse buttons and has unhooked her bra as I go to lock the door and unzip my trouser,removed it and also my undy. As I am seated Seema hugs me,licks and kisses and serves me in a plate to eat and as I hold the plate and eat, she lies on her tummy on my left and puts her head in my lap and starts sucking my cock fast after having rubbed her stiff hard,long and erect nips with my dick first.It is indeed grand pleasure to have lunch in this manner and she gulps all the saliva spilling from my cock.She has become a great cock-sucker. As I end my lunch in 15 mins.,she gets up,I wash my hands and mouth and return to sofa by which time she is ready to breast feed me for almost 20 mins.and tasty juicy milk flows from her large breasts which I drink daily. My fingers are in her cunt massaging inside. Cunt becomes we. Then, we finish sex act in 15 minutes. Except on Sundays and holidays when I am at home. This has been our regular routine transformed into a daily need and also a habit now. We both enjoy beyond expectations. Any Aunts, Bhabhis, lonely ladies,single, married or divorced, widows specially in Mumbai-Thane-Navi Mumbai (without any money considerations from me please) can write to me at my E-mail address: wemeetnow@yahoo.com and be assured of utmost secrecy and guaranteed satisfaction. Readers can share experiences with me directly also without fear. Your suggestions and comments of my above experiences is invited. -Ramesh

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