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With my ever horny Aunt 2" With my ever horny Aunt 2">With my ever horny Aunt 2

Ramesh 23/08/2006

wemeetnow@yahoo.com Hello "kerala erotica" readers! Your warm response to my first story published on 29-10-2005 has once again inspired me to share at least one more sexy experience with my seema aunt, as demanded by many. For new visitors to this erotic site, in brief may I inform you that I am ramesh, 50+, married, at mumbai, have closest intimacy with my widow aunt seema, who is at least 5 years older than me. She is has very fair complexion, well-built and perfectly maintained symetrical body, is bold & beautiful even at this age, highly matured, very sexy and horny. She is a decent, broad-minded, modern, free fun loving, educated, happy-go-lucky merry widow living with us but very independent minded right from the day she was married to my late uncle in early 1950s. Life has since then indeed been fantastic with my sexy and ever horny seema aunt. She is erotic beyond imagination. Few months ago, she told my wife that instead of her getting up very early to prepare my tiffin as I leave for office at 8. 30 am,my wife may do it at ease after I leave for office and she will carry it daily to my office at from our home by 11. 15am which my wife agreed happily not aware (even now!) Why seema suggested so. By 12. 45 sweet seema is in my office cabin. 1 to 2pm is lunch time. I lock my cabin door from inside & sit on right side of visitors' sofa exactly at 1pm. Seema has served my food in plate and already unbuttoned her blouse buttons and unhooked her bra as I go to lock the cabin door from inside and then unzip my trouser, unwrap belt and open buttons to let it fall down and my undy is then removed in meantime by seema. As I am seated seema hugs me,licks and kisses and gives me the plate to eat and as I hold the plate and start eating, she lies on her tummy on my left (on sofa) and puts her face in my lap and starts sucking my cock fast after having rubbed her stiff hard,long and erect nips with my dick first. It is indeed grand pleasure to have lunch in this manner as she gulpsall the saliva flowing from my cock. She has become a perfect cock-sucker of late. The wonderful feeling experienced is beyond words to describe. I end my lunch in 15 mins. She gets up, I wash my hands and mouth and return to sofa. She is now ready to breast feed me for almost 20 mins and tasty juicy milk flows from her enlarged breasts which I sip daily. My fingers are in her wet cunt swiftly massaging inside as I am sucking. Then, we finish sex act in 15/20 minutes. Except on sundays and holidays when I am at home this has become our regular routine transformed into almowst our daily act and now a habit. At times I skip my lunch too when need arises. Dear readers, please do write to me your views and comments at my email address: wemeetnow@yahoo.com -ramesh

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