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Kumar 24/09/2009

premk_1980@yahoo.in I am a regular reader of Kerala erotica. After reading all these stories I thought that I should also share my story with all of you. First of all let me introduce myself my experience in my life with aunty Its is a pretty confidential story. Its abt a confidential sexual intercourse with a 28 yr old married women with 2 children. Well I am publishing this story with her permission only. Well but not with her real name. Well let's name that beautiful aunt as radha and myself Kumar. Well this name was suggested by her itself. I introduce myself. I am Kumar 28 yr guy from Hyderabad, presently doing my law in Nizamabad. I am like all guys of my age group really interested in sex. But I could not imagine myself with married women like Radha. First of all it was a mobile relationship. I fought with one of my school friends. Feeling sorry for her I wanted to contact her back. So I asked one of my friends for her no. He gave me a Vodafone no. friend was a good friend of mine. So I was pretty sure with that no. First of all I started to msg some friendly, cute messages. At first there was no reply to those. A typical girl's reaction to strange nos. Then after 2 or 3 days reply came. WHO R U? I was really happy that she replied. Well I sent my name soon following it up with a sweet sorry. This lady started replying that she did not know me and pleaded me to stop messaging. But I was adamant.By the way that she replied I was sure that it was my friend I felt that because she was angry with me she replied like that. I did not give up. At least I kept on sending some 30 to 40 messages saying sorry. Plz do believe me like that. But she had just one reply...I'm not your friend...don't waste your time messaging me.. One day I even tried up calling her....but no response. I was dam sure by now that it was EX-Girl Friend...why can't she pick up the phone if she was not EX-Girl Friend... That day I sent more n more messages. That night I got a call from a landline no. It was radha though she did not disclose her name. She was really kind in her speech. Softly she said that she was not EX-Girl Friend not to msg her again. She said that she was so kind because she felt that I was a loving friend of EX-Girl Friend, by the way I sent those msgs. I felt that EX-Girl Friend was making some one else call through some other no. But I was pretty scared to send msgs again. So I called that cell no. It was that same sweet was again. I felt speechless. I gave a bold sorry to her n promised her not to msg again. But she was really cool at heart, she warned me from not messaging her. She said that she loved that sweet msgs that I send.... But I was pretty scared. I did not msg her that day. The next day she called me up. She was really sad that I did not msg her. From then on I started sending msg es. I started feeling naughty in mind. I invited her for friendship wit me. At that time the phone bell rang again. It was radha..How can I forget that beautiful voice. She started asking me all sorts of questions like why do want to become my friend, v have never seen before then how can v become friends. But I just gave one reply I feel u r very sweet that's why. Well she enquired more about me. And I was dam open to her not giving any fake detail. Then I enquired about her. She said that she was a 28 yr lady wit 2 children. I felt that she was not being true with me. Thus I stopped messaging her. But she kept on messaging me n made me believe that she was true. She promised me wit her children. I was forced to believe her. She said that her husband was abroad n thus she felt lonely in her house. She was a house wife. She started calling me daily now. For abt 1 hr or some thing.... She often used to speak abt her college life. How she enjoyed them. I asked her whether her marriage was lone marriage. She laughed n said NO. I felt she was against arranged marriage. These phone calls continued for over a month. We were real great friends now. She was very free with me. I was also very open to her. She had just one condition. BE SECREY. One day by around 12 o clock she phoned me. I was very surprised; she used to call me only at night. She sounded really hot. She said she felt really lonely. She said that her husband would come in 2 days time and that she cannot call me then. I felt very sorry for her. To my surprise she asked me to come today itself to her house. She just said that we can explore n cut the phone.. I was really exited. I called her back gave a big kiss n said that I would be coming by the next train to Hyderabad I was really exited of what was gonna happen in the next 10 hrs. I picked up the next train. I felt that the train was too slow. I even felt that I could run even faster to reach Hyderabad. Dear readers this was is my first experience. U can under stand my feelings. At last the train reached at around 9 in the night. My sweet heart was there waiting for me. But how to recognize her. She phoned me n thus v met each other. She was real beauty. She was abt 5.8". Fair with huge breasts n bums. She wore a nice blue transparent saree. I could see her stomach through it. What a pleasure to be with her. I felt. She took me in her car n reached her house by around 9.30 pm. She told me that her children were sleeping n took me upstairs' to her room. It was real big room lighted with just a dim light. Just to add to my sex feelings. She did not waste any time. She pushed me to that wide red bed n asked me to be her slave. I obeyed her request. She unleashed my zip. N started pressing them. I felt she was doing it for the first time. She started licking my dick. I could not resist my emotions. I removed my t-shirt n jeans n forced her to remove her saree. She looked so hot in that blouse. Her huge breast were about to burst. I could see her nipples pricing through her blouse. I removed her blouse n now she was in her bra and panties. I carried her through the open bathroom n opened the shower. The bathroom was as big as the bedroom. I started every moment as I could. It was my first time sex. So I did not know what to do. She guided me in every thing. I started drinking all the milk from her breast and mind it was really tasty. I started kissing her whole body. She was really impressed with my penis. Its abt 7". She said that her husbands were just abt 3". We broke to laughter. She just asked me to be her slave. I obeyed. She tied me to her bed n started kissing me from top to bottom. I really enjoy that French kiss. Both our tongue was inside each others mouth. What a feeling. She started sucking me penis. I could not resist myself. I tried my level best to undo the rope. But was unsuccessful. She started laughing. N again gave me a French kiss. I felt I was in heaven with n angel. I used all my energy to undo my hands she loved that moment. A moment where I felt restless. She rubbed my penis in her pussy.... "u bitch undo me" I screamed. Just to get a feel of her body. She replied." undo it if u can, u beast" she inserted my pennies inside her pussy, she moaned in pain I also cried... This is my first time. She started moving to force loved her scream ahhhhhh ... aaahhh.....oooh...... ahhhhhhhhh..Ahhhhhh. She said" always u guys want to satisfy urself first, now let we girls get satisfied first, remember u r my slave" I could not resist myself. She brought her breasts closer to my mouth. I started licking them like a kid. At last she undid my hands. I pushed her into the bed, pressed her tight breasts n kissed her lips hard. This is what I wanted, best all over my body I was just playing with her as if she was a small kid... I fucked her in both holes. She was in great pain. I tried almost every thing I knew watching those xxx films cds. We enjoyed ourselves for abt 3 hrs. I might have masturbated for abt 7 times. What a cool night was that. Radha had told to be very confidential. So, be confidential who meet me. SO ALL Hyderabad and surrounding Hyderabad GIRLS,AUNTS INTERESTED IN COOL, CONFIDENTIAL SEX WITH ME, JUST E-MAIL ME AT premk_1980@yahoo.in. UR SUGESTIONS R ALSO WELCOMED KUMAR

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