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कॉलेज टाइम की चुदाई (Sex Story)

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With my Darling Suzy Aunty" With my Darling Suzy Aunty">With my Darling Suzy Aunty

Jassie 29/10/2004

jassiegift@kairali.tv This was happened when I was waiting for the result of my exam. As I told you, I am a lucky man in the world of fucking. In this case also I never expect to get Suzy for fucking because she is the mother of my friend also. Let us go to the story. Suzy was a 38-year-old lady with medium body. She was supplying milk to our house daily morning and evening. Her house is just next to two houses from our home. She has two children, Varkey And Vinu. Varkey was at Delhi working in a private company and Vinu is my friend. Their father was a KSRTC driver and was killed in an accident. Usually I visit in her home to see Vinu. At that time also I didn't have a bad approach to her. From her side also I didn't get any sexy approach. (I don't know what is in her mind) She is always wearing a blouse and lungi covering with a towel. Our Joseph uncle died because of heart attack at Saudi during that time. Joseph uncle's family is very close relative to our family. Whenever knowing this news our whole family decided to go to their home, which is around 100 km far from our place. (Erumely in Kottayam dist.) But I wanted to attend one of my friend's sister's marriages the next day. So that I decided to stay there and would join them the next day after the marriage. Joseph Uncle's body would also take at least two days to come to Kerala after the formalities at Saudi. My family had left to Erumely around 11 am and I was alone in the home. After one hour my friend Manu (His sisters marriage would be in the next day) came there along with Vinu and one of his relative. They had two bottle of military rum with them. We are planned to celebrate his sister's marriage party in my house because nobody was there. As my mood was not okay because of uncle's death, at last decided to celebrate. Within one hour we had finished the two bottles. It was the first time I was consuming large quantity of rum. After finishing the party we were planed to go to Manu's house for helping the cook. But after the party I could not able to walk or even up speak. They were also in good mood but under the control. I told them to go and I would come after a short rest and they gone. I came to the bedroom; the whole world around me was rotating. A heavy shivering occurred from my foot to head. At last I began to omit in the bedroom itself. Omitted through my dress three four times. I was in half conscious. It was around 4 pm then and the calling bell rang. I know it was Suzy Usually she came with milk around that time. Because of no response she came inside and saw me in the bedroom. "Oh..What is this? What happened?" "Nothing Suzy" She guessed the real factor because she already saw my friends there. "Oh..kutta why did you take this much of rum? See the room is fully spoiled. Get up from the bed I will clean here." I tried to awake from the bed, but again I omit. I was in very tired. My dresses were wet. "Kutta..Come change your dirty dress and go to the bathroom. I will help you." She gives me a support and we both came to the bathroom. I lay in the bathroom floor because I could not able to stand properly there. Suzy began to untie my shirt. Then she removes my lungi. I didn't tell any thing because I was half unconscious. She opened the shower. For about 20 minutes I was under the shower. After that bath I came to 60% normal. Suzy took the bath towel and dried my body. I was only in underwear. Incidentally her hand touches my private area. This gave me a shock. My cock started to erect. Suzy had also noticed that. She looked to my face with a smile and said. "I think you are now perfectly okay" "Yes.but the problem is something different now." I decided to start sex with Suzy. I grab her.. Suzy was also in a good mood. "May I help to solve your present problem? " "Yes Suzy, only you can solve this problem. I didn't get any chance to anybody yet now" My cock was in its extreme erection behind my underwear. Suzy starts to rub my 'kunna' and she down my underwear up to my knee. "Ohh.it is really a very beautiful and fresh one" She whispered, because my dick was an ordinary and white colored that time. Then she Push back my cock's foreskin back, and began to rub my cock's head with her finger. It had given me very much pleasure. I put my hand in her right breast. "Suzy, Shall we go to the bed room?" We both came to my bedroom. I removed my underwear and was in fully naked. I began to kiss Suzy's face like a mad man. She had her sweats smell, which was also nice. I squeezed both her breasts. They were ordinary breasts. "Oh..Kutta..Please don't get hurry I will teach you the ABC..of fucking. But I want fee." "Suzy, I will give what ever u want" "Okay, Did you see a a woman without dress ever before?" "No Suzy, only in pictures" (That was not true, because I saw many women's bathroom scene and also a sexual relation with our servant) She took my cock in her hand and starts to kiss on it. She pulled me to the bed. Now I was in bed. "Look Kutta I am going to remove my dresses" She unhooks her blouse standing in front of me. Her breasts were very sexy with in her bra even if she was her 30. Then she removes her lungi. She was now wearing bra and under skirt only. She stood in front of me and asks "How is me in this dress?" "Very beautiful Suzy. But it is not a fashion show. I want to see every secret place of you. See my 'kunna' is in its extreme position" She laughed and unhooks her bra. Her two breasts came outside. Her nipple was erected. As she is wearing bra every time, her boobs were white. She removes her skirt also. Wow what a hairy pussy she have. She didn't shave her pussy area for a long time. She came to the bed. I began to rub her two boobs mean time she hold my cock and shakes it. I kissed her neck and boobs; I took her left nipple in my mouth and began to lick the nipple surround brown area. "Ohhhhhhhh.Kutttaaa.. mmmmm" She made some sexy sound. She stood up in the knee and took my erected dick in her mouth. First time I was feeling the heat of a woman's mouth through my dick. It was very nice. She licked my pre cum with her tongue and sucked my dick. I was in the seventh heaven. I put my hand in her hairy pussy area. It was wet there. After few seconds "Suzy.... stop it. I am going to cum" I shouted But she didn't stop. I cummed heavily to her mouth. The cum filled her mouth and she swallowed it. Because of the drink and also the drainage I was in very tired. I closed my eyes. "Are you tired? At starting I think you have a capacity to eat me fully" "Suzy, It is the first time for me. That is why." "No Kutta take rest. Can I have a bath in your bathroom?" "Why not?" She went to the bathroom. I heard the sound of water coming from the shower. I decided to saw her bath. I knocked the door. She opened the door. "Suzy, I also want a bath with you." "Okay come in" I entered the bathroom. She was in full naked. This scene made me again erection. (Now also I am very interested to see bathroom scenes). She spread her legs and began to apply soap in her pussy area. "Suzy, I will help" I had taken the soap from her and began to apply all over her body. "It is my first time taking a bath with a man" she said with a smile. "Suzy, which is the 'cunth' (clitoris) of woman." She washed her pussy and spread her pussy lips wide apart. For a better view I sat in my knee on floor. "See this is the cunth" I saw the cunth of lady first time. I saw her one inch length clitoris which is the top structure between her pussy lips with a little hood of pink skin over it. I spread her pussy a little apart and began to lick there slowly. "Haaa.. my Kutta.. nakkada.entae pooru nakki nakki illathakkada monae" She forced my head towards to her pussy. Mean while licking her pussy with my one hand I rubbed her ass hole also. She got very warm .She starts to rub her boobs herself. After a few minutes her pussy juice came out " "Kutta.. Don't waste it.drink the juice fully" I liked the taste of pussy juice. After that she washed her pussy. "Suzy, why didn't you shave your pussy area" "I didn't get time for it, also for what purpose I shave it" "Okay if you don't mind I can shave your pussy" "Are you a barber" she laughs "I am not a barber, but I want to see your pussy with out hair." I didn't wait for her reply. I put some soap to her pussy and around her ass hole. Took my shaving eraser and remove all her pussy hair. I told her to stood in a doggy style so that I can shave her ass area. Within 15 minutes I remove and clear her pussy and surrounded places. "Look Suzy now your 'cunt' looks like a shining sun." Again I knee down between her legs and spread her pussy lips. Now I could see her cunth and vaginal hole very clearly. I inserted one finger to her vagina, which was already wet. "Why did u insert the finger, insert your 'kunna' in it" "Yes my dick has also willing to go inside her pussy. But first we have to finish our bath." We finished our bath and come to the bedroom. Suzy was in her extreme and whenever we came to the bedroom she laid on the back with her legs wide apart. Her vagina was waiting for my dick. I approached her and pulled her knee up. We came in 69 positions. She licked my balls and rod nicely. She swallows every drop of my pre cum. I kissed her soft stomach and pussy areas. Massage her clitoris in a circular motion. Pussy juices made that area wet. I licked every drop. I kissed her pussy again and again. The smell of her pussy made me mad. "Kutta.I cant..Please fuck me.please" I insert my rod to her vaginal hole. My first intercourse with a lady. That was also my friend's mother, a 30 years old lady. She guided my dick towards her pussy. I knew the heat of her pussy. There was a contraction and relaxation of muscles in side. Slowly I began to move up and down. She held me hardly. Meantime I had kissed to her lips and neck. For every up and down movement her soft boobs hit my chest. She held my hips strongly in each push ups. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the fucking with a 17 year old man. I was also in climax. We had fucked at least 10 minutes "ahhhh ...hoooo...ssssss..ennae pannada..pooru polikkada hoooo." She reached her orgasm. It would take few more minutes for me. At last I exploited to her pussy. My cum along with her juice overflow from her vagina. "Kutta how was the experience. With me' "It was ever memorable one. I will never forget it." Both of we took rest for some time. After that she dressed and gone to Manu's house for helping (Manu's sister's marriage would be in the next day) It was around 5.30 pm then. I had a little sleep for some time and also gone to his house. I saw Vinu and Manu waiting there for me. We together decorate the house with color bulbs. I saw Suzy in the kitchen. She was wearing a saree then. She smiled to me. After the supper there I decided to go to the home. Before that I met Suzy. "Suzy I am going to home. Will you join with me" "For what? Here also a lot of works" "We will never get a chance like this. I want to utilize it. I will wait their try to come" "Okay I will come after half an hour without anybody's attention" I came to the house and waiting for Suzy. After one hour she came there. She was also interested for an intercourse with a guy like me because she was leading a widow life for long time. She entered to the bathroom for washing her face and hands. During this time I had been undressed and waiting in the bedroom for Suzy. She came from the bathroom and surprised to saw me in full naked. She was also in her blouse and underskirt. She had already removed her saree. "So are you ready for the show?" "Yes Suzy, but a new show. I want to fuck you through your ass hole." "You are also like my husband. He was also very much interested in ass fucking" She came and pulled me to the bed. My 'kunna' was already erected to the maximum. She holds the dick and start to move the foreskin of my dick back and fro slowly. I started to rub her pussy area through over her skirt. She removed her under skirt and Spreads her legs wide apart. Then she took the pre-cum that came from my dick with her finger and apply it to her clitoris. I started to rub and squeeze her clitoris. With my right hand and try to insert my little finger to her ass hole. Her ass hole was very tight. She was started to make some sexy sound that was very interested. "Woww..haaa.Kutta the girl who is coming to your life as your wife is a lucky girl. She will not be worry about sex. You are a 'khilladi' in the game" Then I gone to the kitchen and came back with coconut oil. "Are you going for cooking" she asked me with a smile. "Yes I am going to make a 'dosa' into your ass." I applied oil around her ass hole. She also applied oil around my ass hole and pull my legs up and started to suck my cock. She made a fast circular movement around my urine hole with her tongue. Also she was massaging my ass hole with one of her hand. This double action in the same time gave a heavenly pleasure. I rubbed her two boobs. She was continuing to suck and lick my cock. She was trying to insert one finger to my ass hole. I had also liked this and for easy I spread my legs wide apart. She inserts her fore finger to my ass hole easily because she had already put oil around my ass hole. She moved her finger slowly up and down same time continuing to suck my cock. Dear readers, I had enjoyed this sexual method very much. I had again got chances with Suzy, and for all time I requested her to do me same method. I saw her saliva along with my pre-cum coming from her mouth through my dick towards my ass hole. I had come to the condition of ejaculation and I took my dick from her mouth. She gone to the bathroom and washed her mouth. Then it was my chance. She lay in the bed and I applied some oil in her boobs and began to massage it hardly. I made circular motions around her erected nipple . I also apply some oil in her cleanly shaved pussy and massage there also. I put my tongue in her pussy and lick her 'kanth' and sucked her pussy lips. She began to sizzle like a snake. She rised her buttocks after some time she came to her orgasm. Pussy juice came out from her hot pussy. I told her to come in doggy position. She stood in the bed in this position. Now I Could clearly saw her ass hole. I put some oil in my cock and a little to her ass. She positioned her buttocks a little bit back so that it would help to play a good game. Slowly I insert my rod in her ass and began my first ass fucking. For every stoke my stomach hit her bulky buttocks. I could not able to continue this game for more than 5 minutes. I cummed heavily to her ass hole. I didn't take my dick for some more seconds from her ass. When ever I took my dick from her ass my cum flew from her ass hole through her tights. We had taken a bath and after that she again gone to Manu's house. The next day after marriage as per my plan I had gone to Uncle's house. For about one month I didn't get any chance to fuck Suzy even if we both have interest in it. I got my result and passed. And my parents decided to send me with my brother to Tamilnadu for joining in Polytechnic. Before one week Suzy came to me "Kutta you must come to Mini's house tomorrow night" "What is the matter?" I eagerly enquired. "I told about our sexual relation ship to Mini. She is also interested the sex with you. I will tell you every thing. So don't forget to come tomorrow. I will be also there." Suzy was also supplying milk to Mini's house. She shared all the things to Mini, a 26-year-old beautiful lady. Her husband was at Dubai. She was with her father in law and mother in law .Her house is also near to us. Her body shape is like cine actress Shakeela. The pet name for her among the bachelors is Shakeela. Every boy masturbates thinking about her. She invites me for sexual intercourse. I could not believe. But Suzy was not a person to lay such a thing. The next day morning also she reminded me. Any way I decided to go to Mini's house on that day. I will tell that wonder full night with Mini (also Suzy) in my next story. I would like your suggestions and opinion about my stories and please mail to me. My address is jassiegift@kairali.tv (Secrecy is important).

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