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Ram Coimbatore 23/09/2005

big_kerala_man@yahoo.com I am Ram again from Coimbatore, aged 29 yrs. We were staying in a rented house which had another portion occupied by a husband and wife. Our house was opposite theirs. The man was around 38yrs old and was a business man all the time traveling in and out of the state. The wife was around 30 yrs and her name was Mina. Mina was smart and good looking with a fair complexion. Her shape was a perfect 36-28-36 and she looked sexy when she wore saris. She used wear saris below her adams apple, and her lovely butt was round and projecting towards you to give them a pinch. Her boobs no need to tell, one would like to press them all day long and be a slave. In my house, my mom and dad are always busy with their jobs and come only in the evenings. I am working in a company which had shifts timings being from 6am to 2pm and night shift being 3.30 pm to 10.30 pm. One day I was returning from my night shift. It was around 11.30 pm. We had a common gate for both of us tenants. I opened it and was walking towards my house thinking of Mina aunty. All the lights of both the houses were off. As I passed Mina aunty 's veranda I noticed that one of her window was open probably due to the heat of the summer. I first noticed my house to see if my parents were sleeping. Then I moved closer to the window, there was a 10 watts bulb on and Mina aunty was sleeping on the bed alone, may be her husband was on tour. I was hot seeing the way she was sleeping, her legs were in such a position like she was spreading her legs to allow a cock to enter her cunt. Her sari was up and her black or green panties was cleanly. She was fast asleep, I took my cock out of my pant and started shaking it vigorously, and I came so quickly b' coz of the hot scene I was watching. I left the scene afraid of being watched by someone from my house. I could not sleep the whole night just thinking of the sexy scene I had seen of Mina aunty. I shagged twice that night thinking of Mina aunty. I was thinking of how to fuck Mina aunty. Mina aunty used to come to chat with mum during the evening time or on Sundays. I never left a chance to see her and admire her boobs and arse. One day my luck struck, I was on night shift, so that day I was alone in the morning. It was around ten in the morning, I was watching a blue Malayalam cd. The telephone bell started to ring, I picked it up and it was Mina aunty's husband call from Delhi and he wanted to talk to his wife and said he will call after 5 minutes. Mina aunty don't have a telephone and sometimes used to call and attend calls from our house. I switched off the television and went to call Mina aunty. The door was open and I called for aunty but there was no reply, I went towards the bathroom at the backyard of the house. I was shocked to see Mina aunty having bath with the door of the bathroom open. She had almost finished her bath and she had the petticoat tied around her bosom and it was sticking to her arse and back due to wetness. As she heard me calling her, she didn't bother to hide herself, and gave me a wicked smile and told me to wait a minute. She walked away towards her bedroom taking her cloths. I followed her seeing her arse swaying as she entered her bedroom. I stopped at the hall and was waiting to see what will happen next. My cock was hard. To my surprise she didn't bother to close the door of her bedroom. I went little bit closer to the door and saw this beautiful lady getting dressed. She untied her petticoat, and bent down to pick the white bra from the bed, meanwhile her petticoat was sticking to her arse. I started to rub my cock with the pant on. She put her Bra, but didn't hook it, then she began putting her legs into a navy blue v shaped panty. She then put on petticoat and gave a turn towards me and asked me what are you seeing, come and help me put this hook, indicating towards the Bra. I went inside and with nervous hands put on her hook. She thanked me and hurried with her sari, as her husband call would be coming any minute. We both came to my house and were waiting for the call which came within a minute. Mina aunty picked it and spoke to her husband for few minutes. I was sitting on the sofa and waiting for her to finish. She came and sat with her face in her hands and started to cry. I didn't know what to do, I went and sat closer to her and asked her what the matter was. But she was not answering me and was continuing to cry. I slowly pulled her face on top separating her hands from her face. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. I rubbed the tears off and asked her what happen? She then told me that her husband was not coming back for a week or so and that she was fed up of this man. He wants only money and is not bothered about his wife. She started to cry again and rested her face on my shoulder. I decided that this was the best chance to screw this beauty of my life and put my arms around her pretending to console her. But she was more horny than me and hold me tightly. I started my work by kissing and licking her tears and then planted my lips on hers. She was responding like a hungry dog. I wanted to tease this lady as I knew she was in need of a man very badly. I moved away from her and she was not willing to leave me. I told her that the door was open and locked it. She was looking at me with her sexy eyes. I took her to my bedroom and put my arms open, she came straight into my arms and hugged me tightly. She licked my face, neck and started to remove my shirt, kissing my chest, I was hot and my cock was wanting to be freed from my underwear. She removed my lungi and underwear and started playing with my prick. RAM MONAI YOUR POOL(COCK) IS SO BIGGER, AND FAT. PLEASE FUCK ME NICELY KUTTA SHE TOLD ME. I was surprised at her words and I knew she needed a good fuck. She licked my balls rolling her tongue on them and put my cock in her mouth. As she put my cock in her mouth she looked at my face. I pressed her head towards my cock. She was sucking it with great taste like eating a lollypop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and I came in her mouth and she licked it totally not wasting a drop of my cum. I moaned ahhhh Mina, MY KALLI AUNTY. I waited for few minutes to gain control after that lovely blow job from Mina aunty. I lifted her up and took her towards the bed. I licked her tongue and mouth which suck my hot cock. My cum was tasting so nice, that's why women are crazing of sucking cocks. I kissed her ears, forehead and finally kissing her neck, and with one hand I pressed those lovely boobs which I was longing to do so. As I was fondling her boobs, I lifted her sari along with the petticoat on top so that her panty covered cunt was touching my slowly rising cock. I pressed her crotch against my prick. She was totally excited and whispered in my ears, KUTTA, LOVE ME DA, I AM HUNGRY FOR YOUR COCK DARLING, YOU ARE STRONG MAN COME ON. I rubbed my cock against her cunt, and my cock immediately started getting hard. I removed her blouse, unhooked her bra. I licked her cleanly shaven armpits which had a lovely smell since she just had a bath. Her breast were firm and hard. Nipples were jutted and I sucked each of them while I removed her petticoat knot and it fell on the floor. I looked at this beautiful lady nude except for the panty. I placed her on the bed and removed her panty after smelling them for a long time. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh she was smelling great and cunt was filled with pubic hairs. She was moaning all the time as I gave her a kiss on the bushy area of her pussy. I spread her legs so that I can see her love hole nicely. It was tight since she had not enjoyed much sex. I placed my tongue on the boundary of her cunt lips and she was going mad and telling come on kutta put your cock inside and fuck me nicely, don't waste time da monai, lets make for long time. I wanted to enjoy every moment and I rubbed the head of my dick at the edge of her hole. Ahhhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its great put it inside ram please please , I then guided my entire rod inside her cunt and started pumping. HARDER, KUTTA, I AM LOVING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, KUTTA HARDER, I WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS SHE SAID. I was on top of her and she changed position and now she was on top of me and giving me grapes to eat. She was sitting on my rod and shaking herself. My cock was going in and out of the cunt. She was in heaven as we both came together and I could feel my loads of semen entering her pussy. She fell on my chest for a while and then remain like that with my cock inside her cunt. I saw aunty was so happy that she was kissing me all the time. She then dragged me to the bathroom and opened the shower. We both were wet and she was hugging me tightly. She put soap on my dick and I was putting soap for her breast and cunt. It was all exciting having bath with a woman. She started shaking my cock which began to regain its hardness. I was totally exhausted and I forgot the time. We washed and dried ourselves and remained in bed for an hour and then she left asking me to fuck her again. I hope all girls and young and matured females enjoyed this sexual encounter of mine. I would like if any females after reading this story want to share their experiences with me or want to meet me so that I can passionately make love to them. I also assure of keeping all relations discreet. Therefore, any ladies/girls in and around Coimbatore wanting to have a memorable sexual session mail me to "big_kerala_man@yahoo.com" i am waiting to serve my sweet love.......turn me into sweating love.....!! age no bar!!

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