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Rockson 27/05/2009

rockhard9_5@yahoo.in Hello. This is Rock again. I hope you liked my experience with my SEXY SEDUCTIVE STEPMOTHER . But her sis, LILY was something else.She was a person who I was to find out loved sex and wanted to be really loved. After spending the weekend with Rose, I came home in the afternoon. After clearing up the place, I relaxed. The phone rang, and it was Lily. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her I was alone, relaxing. She asked me if she could come over and I said "yes" and she said "You know what I want. My cunt is aching. Your kiss is still on my lips" I told her "Don't wear any underwear, just a dress or skirt/blouse" and she said "Whatever you want for I need you" and put the phone down. 20 minutes later she came home. I was waiting for her with only a towel wrapped around me. As she entered she threw herself into my arms, like a wild-cat. I was erect, and pushing up her skirt, entered her, and pushing her against the wall, stroked hard into her, and she came within 5 minutes, her legs clasped tight around my waist, biting my shoulder. When she relaxed, she said "Darling, that was good. Fuck me again" She was 'horny' and wanton. I took her to the bedroom, still inside her. Withdrawing from her hot cunt, I undressed her, and we lay down in bed holding each other, our bodies pressed together. She was abs like Rose, only her eyes were brown, her breasts were large, firm, nipples dark brown, surrounded by a light tan area, stomach flat, pussy covered with a thick bush, firm thighs. She said "If our first fuck is what is going to happen, I am staying here till tomorrow morning if you will let me" " I said "What about Joel" and she said "Fuck him, I do not need him anymore. I will tell him that I am spending the night with a friend. Can I?" I said it was okay with me, but she needed to be careful. She said "Baby, I have never loved my husband, and on the day of Rose's wedding, I wanted you but you only were concerned about the reception etc. I'll tell you later" All the time she was holding my erect cock in her hand, and sitting up, took the head in her mouth for a minute, then said "Now fuck me till you come and I want to come again" I rolled on top of her and she reached below and guided me into her wet pussy saying "Yeah, that feels good. I finally have a real cock in me" I started stroking in and out of her and she was breathing hard, her hips rising and falling in rhythm with my thrusts, and this went on for nearly 7 minutes and then she just clamped her legs round my waist , holding me in her as she came. As her body relaxed I said "Want to come again" and she said "You think you can make me" I started slow unhurried thrusts in and out of her placing my hands on her breasts squeezing them, and she put her hands on my arms. Again this lasted for about 5-7 minutes and then she said "I am cominggggg" and I said "I am too" and with one last hard thrust, collapsed on top of her as we both came together. When we regained our breath, she said "You sure are good. That was terrific especially the third orgasm. It knocked the breath out of me. I could fell your hot spunk hitting my insides. Now just remain inside me till you become soft but fill me up every time you can, I want it. Then we'll go have a bath" because our bodies were soaked in sweat. After our bath, we lay in bed in the spoon position, her back to me, my arms around her, cupping and pressing her breasts. I was limp,and I told her "Give me your arse" and she said "What ?" I said "Just so my cock can rest between your lovely buttocks" She "Oh, I thought.well you know I would like to experience it" I said "What?" She said "Being fucked in my arse. Will you?" I said I would not mind for she had a beautiful arse, and she said "Good, because I want to feel your cock in all my holes, but you will need condoms & Vaseline" I said I would get the same and spreading her buttocks and I placed my limp cock between them, still squeezing her breasts, pinching her hard nipples, and we slept. When I woke at around 830pm, Lily was still asleep her leg thrown across mine, her body pressed against me, her hand on my chest. I had a hard on, but gently eased myself out of bed. I went out and bought condoms/Vaseline, and coming back prepared some sandwiches and in a beer mug fixed a very very large vodka with orange juice, and keeping it on the bedside table, climbed between her now wide open legs, slowly entered her, and when I was fully in her she woke saying "What the... Oh yess..what's the time" I told her and she said "Oh fuck, that b*****d will be waiting, stay in me, but give me the phone" First she dialled a friend of hers and said "Could you cover for me, I am not going home tonite" and after a pause she said "Don't ask, thanks so much" She then dialled Joel saying "I won't be coming home tonite, there's food in the fridge, just make it hot" and while he was speaking she covered the mouthpiece and whispered "Fuck me now" and then she said "I will be at Brenda's place, we went shopping and will be home late, so I'll see you tomorrow evening. Good night" All the while I was in stroking in and out of her, and when she put the phone down she said "Baby that feels good" and put her hands on my arms lifting her hips to meet my thrusts, her breath harsh, and then her body arched upwards, taut, and she said "Ohhhh yesss" as she came. I continued my thrust into her for another 5-7minutes and then as I started to come, she crossed her legs tight over my back as she came, as I emptied my load into her. After our bodies relaxed, we sat in bed, feeding each other, having a drink and she told me about herself.. She said she had married only the year before and it was an arranged match. Sex with him was about once a week, for that was all he was capable of,and that too he would just enter her, no foreplay, and after 2-3 minutes would discharge and roll over and go to sleep, leaving her unsatisfied. She said "Tonight I am not going to let you sleep, you are going to fuck me again and again. You have had sex before that I know from the way you have fucked me, but tell me is she older or younger than me" I said "Older" Again she said "Is she married?" and I said "Yes" She said "I asked you that for I was in an affair with a married man, but ended when I got married. Well, I have you now" I was fondling her breasts, her nipples hard, and bending down I licked them and she thrust her breasts forward. I continued licking and then sucking them, and putting a hand on her cunt rubbed the outer lips, and she started to moan. I spread them wide, and lying between them my hands on her buttocks, kissed her wet cunt for her juices were flowing and she said "Ooooooh baby that feels so nice" I put my tongue into her pussy, lapping her juices, and with my thumb I rubbed her clitoris. For nearly five minutes I did this and then she thrust her hips upwards, her body hard, crying "babeeeeeeeeeeeee" as she came. I rose and lay down next to her, kissing her, and she said "Baby this is the first time I have had my pussy licked/sucked, and this is going to be some night." She saw the condoms/Vaseline and smiled, saying "Baby when did..." I said "You looked so peaceful and beautiful asleep, I did not have the heart to disturb you, so.." She said "Thanks Baby, you are a love" We sat up in bed, and I was cradling her in my arms, running my hands over her face and lips, kissing her, as I caressed her breasts and there was a dreamy look in her eyes. Telling her to wait, I went and fixed us another drink, and we sat in bed, drinking, caressing each other. When I started to grow hard, she said "Now I want to fill my second hole, and bending town she took my cock in her mouth, cupping my balls. It felt really good as she took me fully into her warm wet mouth, and then started moving up and down, pausing at the head, licking it and then again take my full length into her mouth. It was sheer ecstasy, and I reached forward and pressed her breasts for a while,and then put my hand between her legs from behind and started rubbing her wet pussy/clitoris, and with her mouth full she said "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" spreading her legs wider, and continued sucking and licking my shaft. About five minutes later her mouth tightened on my cock, and her legs clamped together and her body shivered as she came. She then started sucking my cock again and soon I could feel myself coming and told her and she just took me fully in her mouth and I could feel my cock jerking as I discharged and she just swallowed the come. She sucked all my cum, and then rose and I pulled her to me, kissing her telling her how wonderful it had been. She "This is also a first for me and I liked it too, the taste of of your cum is nice, I want to do it again sometime" and I told her she could. She said "Now only one hole remains to be filled" I told her "Soon", as we caressed each other. We must have dozed off for sometime, for when I woke I was hard and erect, and kneeling between her legs I entered her and she woke. I was lying on top of her and we kissed, our arms around each other. I was in her and I said "Would you like to have your last hole filled" and she just nodded. I slowly withdrew from her, and she took a condom and put it on my erect cock. I applied vaseline on the condom and on her arse hole. Her body was trembling as I parted her beautiful buttocks and placed my cock at the entrance and slowly entered her arse, till I was fully in, and she cried out "aaaahhhhhhhhh". I reached below and cupped her breasts pressing them for a while, and then started stroking in and out of her, and she said "Baby it pains a little but don't stop till you come". Her arse was really tight, and after about 7 minutes I came, my cock buried in her arse, falling on her back. She said "Baby that felt good but was painful, I don't think I want to do it again It is our first and last time" I said "Me, too for I missed the warm wet feeling of your beautiful cunt on my cock when I am in you" I took my cock out of her arse, removed the condom, then getting some warm water, I washed her arse clean of the Vaseline, and she just looked at me. It was midnight. I said "Come let's have a bath and then eat" We bathed each other, holding each other close, kissing, as the warm water showered on us. We went to the kitchen, and I made her sit on the platform, and after fixing a good drink for us, whipped up some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and some toast, and we ate then went back to bed, cuddled up against each other, kissing, caressing each other till we dropped of to sleep. I woke to a warm feeling on my cock, for Lily had woken and seeing my erect cock,straddled me and inserted my cock into her cunt. I said "That's beautiful" and she said "Not as beautiful as it is for me to have a cock in my cunt so early" I squeezed her breasts together and took both hard nipples in my mouth sucking and licking them, and she started rubbing her cunt against my pelvis, my cock hard inside her, and when she came she arched her body back, her thighs clasping tight around my waist, her hands clutching my arms. Still in her, I rolled her onto her back, and started stroking in and out of her, till we both came together. As I lay on top of her she said "How many more times am I going to come" I said "I don't know, but as many times as possible. Now let's have breakfast" She said "I will make it" and after performing our morning toiletries, we went to the kitchen and she made a marvellous omelet with ham, bacon, salami & cheese while I made the toast. While she was cooking, I wrapped my arms around her cupping her breasts, rubbing her nipples. She said "If you go on doing that I will not be able to finish the omelet. I said "For me no problem, I have a lovely pussy to eat" and she giggled like a little girl. Anyway, after breakfast, we went back to bed and I was hard again and I said "Let's 69" and she said "What's that?" and I said "This" climbing on top of her so that my cock was at her mouth and I started eating her pussy. She said "This is another first for me" as she enveloped my cock in her mouth, while I licked sucked and rubbed her cunt/clitoris. We did each other for nearly 5minutes and then she started to come, and I put a finger into her arse, and her thighs tightened around my face. I was still hard, and turning round, I entered her cunt and she said "You are too much, I am really in paradise" I started stroking in and out of her for the next 7 minutes and we both came together. As she lay in my arms,her head cradled on my shoulder she said "I'll never forget today, I've done, experienced so many things for the first time, and it's been good" That day we fucked each others brains out, and she was reluctant to leave, but I told her she must, but we would get together again. And we did on several occasions, sometimes at her place. When leaving she said "Hopefully in a months time I will give you a special gift" smiling wickedly. A month later my Dad told me that Lily was having a party and had invited me. I said I would think about it, and phoned my mother, and she told me to go but not to get too attached. I told her that no-one could replace her. At the party I met her other sisters Orchid (who was huge, with the biggest breasts/arse I'd ever seen and I could not help looking at her several times and on two occasions she caught me looking and I hastily looked away), Violet & Tulip (who were showing their age, with slight paunches, and breasts that were medium) They were surprised to see me and were a little bit uneasy and kept aloof,ignoring me, but when they saw how Rose/Lily behaved with me, they relaxed. Lily said "I am having this get-together for a wonderful reason. I am pregnant" There was stunned silence, and Lily said "Joel, I did not tell you because I wanted to surprise you" I glanced towards Rose, and she had a knowing smile on her lips and she mouthed the word "Thanks". There was another female present, and Lily introduced me to her saying "This is my very close friend Brenda" - she was about 40 with striking features, long haired, 38C-30-38, and she was to become part of my life. During the course of the party I asked Brenda where her husband was and she told me she was a spinster and lived alone and invited me to her place saying "Come over sometime, or call, I wouldn't mind company" and a little later, quietly slipped me her address/telephone number and I gave her mine. My trysts with Rose & Lily continue till today. But I have Brenda too, for when I reached home after the party, at around 1am in the morning, she phoned. I will tell about the conversation we had and what followed in my next experience Bootylicious Brenda. And in strange turn of events, Orchid also came into my life which I will narrate after Bootylicious Brenda. Till then thanks KE for publishing this experience as also for the experiences of others especially the women which I find very good. I would not mind receiving mails, FEMALES only at rockhard9_5@yahoo.com. Bye and keep up the good work KE Rockson rockhard9_5@yahoo.in

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