Way to heaven by fondling
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Way to heaven by fondling" Way to heaven by fondling">Way to heaven by fondling

Dexter 20/04/2011

narangamutai@gmail.comHi all..aftr reading all these stories, I felt I'll relate mine as well. I would love ur feedback....Dont know if u'll like my story..but nevertheless..I'll strt I'm 23..a software engineer in Trivadrum.... What I'm going 2 write is an experince for which I'd been dreaming for months...something that happened 2 years back... I'd a neighbour,who'd been staying near our house for past for years...Being a shy chap,I'd never tried exploring women....but the urge to experince the heavenly feeling of sex was killing me..to the extent that masturbation couldn't satisfy me...I wanted to feel that womanly odour... She was short,about 5 ft tall& slim..with jus abt cricket size boobs..& age of 41 yrs...&mother of to children...but she seemed to b only in her early 30s...I'd wanted to get this lady..not cos she was awsome.....but there was something appealing in her..to add to that was my craze for aunties... I was a regular visitor in her house...her hubby was a quiet chap..& they used to sleep in different rooms..that gav me a hint that their sex life wasnt so strong...I wasnt bold enough to ask headon..So I jus waited for my day... Since she was a gud frnd of my mom,I didnt want to take any undue risk & ruin the whole stuff..but later,from her charcter I understood,she wont complain to my mother..I dont know from where I got that confidence..but I jus felt so... Being a usual visitor,I was extremely free to wander abt at any time of the day...Whenever she was in kitchen,I used to go near her..keep my hands ovr her shoulders & talk to her..I made it a point to praise her,abt her looks..Though she wasnt beautiful,she was so youthful..I used to fondle her cheeks,her forehead..& at sme point of time..I was falling for her.. I dont know wat she felt abt me...but I do feel,she too started loving me...there was a feeling of well being whenever I met her..I cud see that in her eyes as well... The hug over her shoulders slowly changed to hug over her waist...I used to fondle her stomach over her nighty..& I cud feel that string of her underskirt(pavada)..she never said anything....then I started pricking her stomach..& i cud see naughty smile...slowly I felt that,she had ripened....The fondling slowly increased...but still i cudnt take the risk as i wasnt sure,if its oke with for her.. But teh problem with this feeling,is once u strt it..u'll b lead by sme unknown force that u'd never known in ur life.. One such day...when it was strike in my college,I went to her house..her children had gone to school&hubby to office..but she was in kitchen...I went beside her,kept my hands over her stomach & fondled her....& I kissed on her forehead...She stood still...i then kissed on her eyes,..she closed her eyes..with my left hand I was fondling her neck,ears & she was responding..I then went to her lips..it was luscious..I was a novice..& dint know hw to do it,but it jus happened..& she opened her lips..I kissed her,the tongues fought..& it seemed like eternity... I then lifted her nighty..She was in her bra & underskirt..There I saw the small boobs in her bra ,something that I'd wanted to hold in my hands...Since she was of smaller built,I lifted her,placed her on kitchen slab...She started removing my T shirt...I removed her bra...&started sucking her boobs..I wanted her to rembr this all her life & ask for more..So I didnt rush to her nipple..I sucked her boobs & there she was moaning sweetly..like an owl..& it turned me even more..she was arching her head backwards & I cud feel she was feeling it after a long time..&when I finally reached her nipple..she moaned louder..& i must say..it was awesome.... Since kitchen slab wasnt that comfortable..i took her in my arms 2 her bedroom..& placed her on the bed....I placed my fingers on her navel...& kept drawingg circles round her navel...& slowly I lowered my head & started licking over her navel...I could feel that she felt like a fish out of water... I slowly removed her underskirt...& she wasnt wearing any panites...there was a bush..of course I cant expect a demure housewife 2 keep her love triangle shaven...but from there came an odour..I dont know hw many will feel it sweet,but at that moment..I felt..i'd never smelt anything then that..it was jus wonderful...when I kept my hands on her pussy,it was wet..in fact it was dripping..by then she was lying there 4 me 2 enjoy.....I parted the hair..& was passing my fingers over her slit & slowly put my middle finger into her slit..&she gasped..She was tight...I kept on fingering & her moans grew even louder... Then I lowered my tongue& started licking on the sides on her slit...Didnt wnat 2 move to her clit so soon..So was licking thru the sides. I looked upto see her face...She had closed her eyes tight&mouth tightly shut as if she is about 2 burst..I held her clit between my thumb & index finger.. Then I srted sucking her clit....She jus lifted herself..Her buttocks up the air....I continued sucking her clit & the she held my head between her legs & pressed my head with her hands...I never knew she had so much power..that i cud hardly breathe...i continued sucking till she went into violent jerks & then went 2 foetal position....I could see that smile of satisfaction in her eyes... It was now her turn..& I must say...she was extremely sincere.....She taught me abt many positions...& asked me 2 go tehre whenevr I feel like...but on one condition..not 2 go 2 any othr women... Now I've moved from there...but she still keeps her word...She never leaves me unsatisfied... Would like to hear ur feedback..Any aunties or single women can contact me...mail me at narangamutai@gmail.com

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