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Vishalam Aunty" Vishalam Aunty">Vishalam Aunty

James 26/02/2006 This is a real story that happened to me when I was 18. I had always fantasies of fucking older woman. The ladies at that time who entered my fantasies included my social teacher(when I was in school), many neighbouring aunties and some old film stars. One of the neighbouring aunties with whom I regularly fantasized is Vishalam. Hmm the name itself makes me aroused. She was few houses far off from ours. She was my mom's friend and frequented our house regularly for evening chats with mom. She was at that time an very sexy woman of age around 35 to 40 years I dont know exactly. But she was very sexy, with big boobs, nice stomach, not very big buttocks. I used to stare her when she was at home. She used to observe me and just smile and turn off. I used to masturbate daily imagining sex with her. I never knew my fantasy would come true. I still remember that day. My parents went to dentist for a check up. me alone and obviously hot. I closed all the doors and was about to masturbate when somebody knocked on the door. I have already removed my shirt and did not mind to wear it to open the door. I was thrilled to see Vishalam aunty at the door. She asked me about mother. I answered they have gone out. Then she asked about the neighbours. I said I dont know. My luck, the neighbours were also not there that day. She stood there for some time. And again asked when will your mother return? I said it may be late, there will be a big queue at the hospital. Her eyes twinkled and said I needed some flowers. flowers? I did not know what to answer. I said my mom only knows I dont know. She said ok and was about to return when I called her back. which flower? she smiled and entered inside and asked for some water. I was so thrilled that I was shivering. I gave the glass of water with trembling hands. she sensed it and took it smilingly. while drinking she spilled some of it over her saree. I did not whether it was intentional or accidental. immediately she removed her pallu and was wiping of the water over her blouse with her hands. wow I saw the sight of my lifetime, the cleavage of my fantasy queen....Then she asked to switch on the fan. I switched over the fan and asked her about the flowers. she said it was ok I will take it when your mother comes. still she did not cover her cleavage. my heart was pumping like anything. I just want to grab that boobs and enjoy. but did not have that guts. Then suddenly she rose and removed the saree saying it is all wet let me dry it under the fan. I was taken aback. she was standing in front of me with a petticoat(pavada) and blouse. wow what a sight. she said close the doors orelse someone may come in. I closed the doors. i was hardon and was feeling an amazing sensation all over my body. I never had that feeling before. I just ran my eyes all thru her body. wow what a structure....a little bulgy belly..nice cute buttocks ...and huge boobs. she turned to me and asked why are you staring at me like that? are seeing me for the first time? I had no answer for that question. she sat on the sofa and asked me to sit. I sat next to her. I was feeling the warmness of her thighs. she asked, you look nervous what happened? I said nothing. you keep staring at me when I come here..why so? I said she caught hold of my hands and asked you like me. I smiled and said yes. she asked howmuch? I answered very much. Then she laughed and pulled me towards her and kissed me on cheeks. I felt her lips for the first it was a great feeling. then she asked did you have sex with anybody? I said no. do u want to have sex with me? I did not reply...just smiled back. she again laughed and kissed again on cheeks and lips. there was some peculiar smell from her mouth...butthat made me much aroused. tell me da..u want to have sex or not? I shyly said yes. she stood up , smiled and asked if your mother comes? I said not to worry she will not turn up before 7. what about your friends will they come? I said no they will call me from outside and go if they come. (one of my friends was her son). she patted on my head and said kalla and walked towards the bedroom. I followed her. ok we will make it soon and started removing the blouse...then the bra... Finally I have seen the boobs of my favaroute aunty. they were big hanging down with big dark nipples. she untied the pavada knot but did not slide it down. caught it with one hand and entered into the bed and laid down on her back and pushed aside inviting me. I removed my pants and entered the bed in the underwear. she pulled me towards her and said vada kutta and kissed me allover my face. the smell from her mouth was amazing it made aroused. her boobs was touching my chest. words cannot describe that feeling. it was simply great. then she whispered into my ears never tell this to any of your friends...or else raju(her son) will come to know of this. I said I will not. She turned me at my back and lied on me. she was of some weight but I enjoyed that. I slowly touched her buttocs from inside her pavada and pressed it. she moaned. I turned her on her back and i was on top of her. I sat next to her and started to pull her pavada down. she said no ...dont do that...i said I want to see. will not able to see that ....just come over me and do what I tell you. but i was hesitant I wanted to look at it. she pulled me to her and said you are doing for the first time and if you will see it you will get shocked..and kissed and licked my face. I said please I want to look at it ..i will not touch it. she said ok go ahead ...i jumped and pulled it down. that scene really shocked me!! there was a huge bush of hairs allover the pussy....i was having a closer look she called me...enough come over me now...there is no time. She took my pennis and slowly guided it inside and moaned ....i finally entered her. things were not going accoring to my fantasy...but still I was enjoying the fuck. I initially put my pennis deep inside took it out and again started to insert. then she stopped me and said you dont have to remove and insert each and every time and taught me how to do I slowly pumped her ...kissing and licking her boobs....and drinking her saliva when our toungues met. and inhaling that sexy aroma from her mouth.and finally I came all over her inside. she said oooof and got up tied her pavada in a hurry and asked me to bring the saree from the hall. I wore my underwear and brought her saree. still I remember the color of the saree ...a light green one. she wore it and went to the dressing table and told me keep the doors open. I opened the doors and came back. she combed her hairs and made herself fresh and we hugged again each other tightly and I said I like the smell from your mouth. she puffed on to my that was some kind of amazing smell. then we kissed for 5 minutes in the bedroom. and then she said I will leave now and took a promise from me not to reveal this to any one.... After this I did get only one chance at her house which was a normal fuck which was done in hurry with clothes on. but got many chances to kiss and hug. Any one interested my mail me to James

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