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Shiva 03/04/2011

saaxoon@gmail.comI am shiva a 23 years young ready to have sex anytime in the day and have become an ardent visitor of this Kerala Erotica site. I have enjoyed reading almost all the sex stories. This has prompted me to send my story and it is really true. I was just out of college. I was looking for jobs. I had a neighbour. She is a widow. We used to call her viji Aunty (names changed). She liked me and we are neighbours for more than 5 years. It was rainy season and I came home, my door was locked. I asked the viji aunty abt my mom or asked if she gave the keys. She told that she came 20 min before and the house is locked. I went to my house and saw a note from mom that my father has asked her to come and meet in his office and that they are going to my aunts place and they should be back by 10.00. She has asked me to eat dinner outside and stay in the viji aunty's place. They will come. My mom didn't give the keys with the neighbouring aunty as her door was locked. It was already 11.00 PM and my parents didn't come. I had dinner at viji aunty house and We were discussing abt our college. Since it was getting late, she offered to sleep in her place and when my mom comes I can go home. I was not comfortable but agreed. When I was abt to take the pillow, telephone ringed and It was call from my mom. Viji aunty attended the call and later I spoke. It was call from my mom, she told that it is raining heavily and that they are going to stay in aunty' palce. My mom asked me to stay in viji aunty. Before I talked over the phone, both viji auntyand mom has agreed on this plan. So I had no option. Viji aunty was 43 years, widow. She was 5' 4" tall with a average built. She didn't have a gr8 boobs, but has a gud structure. When it came to sleeping, I asked aunty where am I going to sleep. She said, that we both are going to sleep in the adjacent room. As it will be cold down the hall way. When I went to the adjacent room, I was surprised and shocked to see the bed all set up. Warm blankets all kept and arranged on the same bed next to her. I never knew that she had a sex thing in her. Her husband dies 8 years before and she never remarried. I can understand her thoughts, but I never had a clue of it. We lied down and she started talking abt sex education. I was stunned and little fear too, but was exicited to be in bed with the aunty as well. I told her little. She asked If I know abt mastruabtion. I have been doing this since 10 years. I told her. Then she replied that it must be mature by now. I don't know what to answer we both turned towards each other and right her hand was in my pant zip. She asked if I had sex before with anyone. I was virgin at that time and I said in a husky voice no. Then she took a big breath and asked if I liked to have one today. She told abt how she miss sex. She also told that she mastrubates with her mid finger most of the days. I wanted to give her today. And slowly she removed my pant. She saw my 6.5" cock and it was already hard. She massaged itand slowly rubbed it. I started staring at her breast. Then she pulled my hand and held on her breast and started pressing it. At 43 it was like a hard rubber ball and fitted my hand. She came closer. I lifted aunty's night dress up to her thighs and rubbed with mine. Aunty was very horny and she immediately wanted a fuck. She said she will teach me. She lide on her back and she seperted her leg. She asked me to guide the hard cock in the wet pussy and slowly push. I have seen, adult movies so this was not new. So I started pushing like I saw in one of the movies. Aunty at this time itself started moarning. It was very gud and I started stroking harder. I was abt to cum. I told aunty and she said ok do it but be sure I want to do again. I don't know what to say as I was abt to cum, she started moarning a lot and tigheted her pussy.. My creamy juice filled her pussy and hugged her thighs tightly. When all the climax wa over for me. I started to remove the penis from inside. She put her hand and took the overflowed cum. She rubbed it on my hand and told it to apply on the nipples and the boobs. As I was doing it I got aroused again. This time I know that I will not get any liquid down and also didn't know if I can do. It was now aunty's turn. She sat inbetween my tighs and started rubing with the creamy juice at the tip. It was a stange feeling and she made it hard again. Once it becam hard, she put me down and sat on me. She started shakking and I was hard on and she shkked tll she came, She was moarning and when she was abt to cum, she became top on me. I was only making sure that I stayed on hard this time. Then after that we cleaned ourselves in aunty's bathroom. She asked If I would give her some more in the days to come. I said yes. From then onwards we used to have sex hidden or plan for it. 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