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Aquarius 20/02/2008

aquarius_jan2001@yahoo.comI am 37 years old, male from india. I work abroad but I keep coming to india frequently. I stay alone whenever I come to india. Since so many years I am a favourite of aunties which I too do not know why. I am told by many that I am handsome but that alone cant be the reason. Any way let me come to the story. In fact it is not a story but something which happened recently. I used to visit my neighbour's house atleast thrice a week and mostly in the evenings for a casual chat. There is an aunty 48 years young who is very good looking and sexy. I had an eye on her for the past one year. One day she called me on phone in the afternoon and asked me to come there . Since I stay near to her house I reached there within minutes. She told me that she is not keeping well and so she didnt cook food. I told her that I can arrange parcel from outside. She said it not necessary as she didnt want to trouble me. She told me that she is all alone as her husband has gone to kannur and will be back late evening only. She later told me that she called me as she was getting bored sitting alone and also since I didnt come there for the past 5 days. I was busy that week and so I had skipped a few visits. I sat opposite to her and started talking normally. After some time she complained of having a sudden muscle cramp on her right leg and she moved to her bedroom with her left leg. The bedroom and the room where we were sitting are very close to each other. I could hear her sounding in pain o, o , o............ I went to her and asked her whether I shall massage her muscle and immediately she said do it fast, its paining. Since she was wearing a saree I had to lift it a bit till the knee. After about 5 massages she said it is okay now. In the process I happened to see the beginning area of her thigh and it was having a brown mole. I purposely asked her about the mole on her thigh which I saw. She said she has plently of moles on many parts. I asked her where all but she said that all she cant say. I asked her why and she replied its on private parts and thats why. I told her I havent seen any private parts of any lady till now and so please show me. I told her that since only we too are here nobody is going to know about it and there is nothing to be scared like somebody might drop in. I promised here I would keep this a top secret. Then she agreed with a statement (I shouldnt encourage such things and uttered m mmmmmm.) Then she lifted her saree and showed me the mole on the inner portion of her thigh which was almost on the middle area of the length of the thigh. I just touched it gently and said oh this is a black mole where as the other was brown. I commented that ladies with moles on the thighs are considered very sexy and they are highly sensual. She smiled at me and her eyes fell on the cock area of mine. I understood that she has come to a mood and slightly aroused. I suddenly sat on her bed and she too sat near me. I immediately pushed her on to the bed and slowly lifted her whole saree. I straight away kissed her pussy area over the underwear she was wearing. I kissed her thighs and pussy area very fast and by that time she was highly aroused. I then removed her saree and her pavada and she herself removed her blouse and bra. I then stood up and removed all my clothes. We both were fully naked. I sucked her pussy from outside and inside to maximum possible and asked her whether somebody or her husband has done this on her before. She said no and so I asked how did she feel? She told me that it was a very strange and an exciting experience. This happened around 6 pm and she said we need to hurry up as he might come back around 7 pm. I told her I want to see her bathing and she showed me that too. I too had showers with her in the same bathroom but that was in a hurry and so we couldnt enjoy much as the previous encounter. She told me she will call me again next time when she is alone and we agreed to watch some erotic movies together. I am leaving my office now as I feel she might call me today. I shall narrate my new experiences if any in my next letter. You may comment on this to ( aquarius under score jan2001) Dont forget to put underscore and your responses will be replied on the same day itself. Good Luck to all the readers.

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