Valsala and her blue Blouse
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Valsala and her blue Blouse" Valsala and her blue Blouse">Valsala and her blue Blouse

Arun 28/07/2005

pillai_nair123@rediffmail.comMy name is Arun. I am a keralite from Mumbai. I live with my mom & dad. I live in a flat. Below my floor there lives my mom's friend & distant relative Valsala. Valsala is a medium plumped aunty with firm boobs. I use to go now and then to their house for my moms work. One day, on my way to her house through the staircase, I saw her husband leaving his house for office. But he forgot to shut the door tightly. So I entered their house without making any noise. But the hall was empty. Then I peeped into the big bedroom. There I saw she was hooking her white bra. I saw it for a minute. Then I ran to the hall and sat on the sofa as if I didn't see anything. As she took her time to come to the hall I, mean while, started stroking above my trousers. Suddenly she entered the hall and saw me stroking for less than a sec as I managed myself immediately. She gave me a naughty smile with a harsh look and asked me" Enta mone, entinu vannu. Amma entenkilum thannittundo??" I said that mom has given u this 'dabba'. She said ok. Then I left her. Another day, I went to her house. She was in her bedroom. From there she asked,"aara adu??" I said"njanaa aunty" Then she called me to her bedroom. As I entered, I saw her trying to hook her blouse with her hand. She told " E blouse onnu hook cheytu tha da!!" I was astonished. But I hesitantly moved forward. But her hair was hiding her blouse hooks. I came such nearer to her that I could just feel her body fragrance. I told aunty " aa mudi onnu maatamo please??" She very sexily dragged her hair forward. She was wearing a medium necked blouse. I could see her backside. was so sexy that while hooking her blouse I slowly caressed her backside. She took her hand behind and caressed my hard tool. I got the signal!! She pushed me back with her butt which made me sit on the bed. She sat over me with her butt pressing hard on my hard... Then she turned her neck towards me and said." Ente da noki nikkunnadu??" I kept mum and gave her bunch of long hair back to her hand in the front side. While doing this I accidentally touched her mammary. That's it I couldn't stop and started to unhook her blouse. I removed it and threw it. Now I could see her bra clearly. It was black today. But I started to kiss her back and neck for about five minutes. She said" Ente mula entu cheyyum??" I grabbed her boobs busy licking her back and neck. I pressed them and felt her moan. She then stood up and sat besides me looking deep into my eyes. Her hands started traveling my legs reaching my thighs and then my hard. Then she bit her lover lips with her teeth giving me a teasy look!! My penis had to arouse more. She grabbed it above my pants and started massaging it. I started to kiss her on her lips while she massaging my hard!! Then she untied my belts. She unbuttoned my shirt took off my banyan and started to caress my chest with her other hand. Now she got hot and started to respond to my kiss. I without her knowledge took off the hook of her bra and threw it. She gasped and stared at me. I gave a hungry look and started to caress her boobs pinch her nipples etc.. Then meanwhile she unzipped my pant and slid it down. Then she gave a look at my brown underwear. It was in shape of a mountain. She stared at it and smiled at me and told"Oooooh.." Then she stretched my elastic underwear and slid it down and told me looking at my cock," enta da itu?? Vidiyo?? Ado.." Then she massaged it. After that she brought her mouth near my cock and kissed it. I felt her hot air on my cupped area. She then engulfed it more and more. Suddenly doorbell rang and v changed and aunt opened the door. It was my mom She asked" What were u all doing??" My aunt said laughingly that v were just chatting. I came out and went upstairs to my home. Till my mom came I masturbated and went cumming. From that day I frequently visited her and fucked her many times. Comments to :

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