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Indian Sex Stories Aunt Category Valsa Aunty and Her Slice of Sweet SEX

Valsa Aunty and Her Slice of Sweet SEX" Valsa Aunty and Her Slice of Sweet SEX">Valsa Aunty and Her Slice of Sweet SEX

Shyam 15/04/2007 Aunty and her slice of sweet sex! Hey guys my name is Shyam and I live in Trivandrum.I am 18 years old and I have a fairly good figure.I am a regular reader of kerala erotica and I enjoy all the experiences that the authors have had.I would like to relate to you my personal sexual experience with my lovely Valsa aunty. Valsa aunty is my neighbour.She must be around 45 years old but her boobs were large and sexy.She had a round sexy ass too and a very very sexy figure.Her husband is a lawyer and often stays out of the house. She has no children.I had some sympathy for her at first.This sympathy turned into sexual desire.For many days I dreamt of having sex with her and fulfilling her desires that I was quite sure to have not been fulfilled by her husband.She used to talk to me quite freely.I used to visit her house quite often and we used to while away our time together talking about all sorts of things.But I never gathered enough courage to talk her into having sex with me.Sometimes when she wore sarees I used to look at her back(buttocks) and think about the day when I would have sex with her. As days passed by,we became more and more close to each other.I began openly staring at her boobs and sometimes I even noticed her staring at me in a way I have never seen her look at me.We sat close to each other always whenever we talked.Sometimes she kept her hands on my thighs while talking to me,and I used to let her.Slowly even I started reacting by hugging her when I left her house and feeling her sexy soft boobs.Sometimes I even held her back while we spoke and when I did not notice her react,it made me more confident. One day when I went to her house,I noticed that the door had been left open.I entered the house and looked around the main room.I didn't find her there so I entered her bed room.I heard a sound from the bathroom which said that she might have been bathing.I was about to go out when I noticed that the bathroom door was open.I couldn't control myself and so I slowly opened the door to see the mature lady of my dreams dressing up.She was dressed only in her black bra and her paavaada.She saw me and asked me what I was doing peeping into the bathroom.I told her that I was only seeing the most beautiful thing in the world that I had ever seen..She just kept looking at me. Then..I saw her give a small grin!At this I got more confident and I went near her and looked into her eyes.She was simply beautiful!I held the back of her stomach and pulled her towards me.She held me close to her and I kissed her on her lips.I felt her boobs with my hands.They were really soft and they stuck out like they wanted to be touched.She reacted by holding my ass and pulling my rod towards her pussy area.Then I took my tongue into her mouth and we tongue-wrestled for sometime.Suddenly the doorbell rang!I ran out of the bathroom while Valsa aunty changed into her saree and came out.When we opened the door,it was the servant who took the garbage out.Valsa aunty gave it to her and told her not to come the next day.She then closed the door and bolted it!I was very much excited to see the woman of my wildest dreams doing such a daring thing like having sex with a younger guy!She came close to me and sat beside me on the sofa.Then she came forward and kissed me. I reacted positively by holding her face and stroking her breast with my other hand.Valsa aunty put her legs on my thigh and came closer to me.Our kiss broke and she asked me to undress her.I said"Sure" and removed the palloo of her saree.I kissed her on her cheeks,all over her neck,in the blouse near the breasts area and also on her stomach revealed from her saree.She moaned,"Aahh..ohhhh..that feels soo..oohhh!"I gained more confidence and removed her blouse and the whole of her saree.I took off her skirt and caught her breasts in my hands.All this while she had been stroking my rod thick in her hands after removing the zip of my pants.Then all of a sudden she broke off the kiss and went towards the kitchen.I followed her and she stopped me in front of the kitchen saying that she had a surprise for me. I waited impatiently outside.After a while my beautiful Valsa aunty came,and with her she had got a big cake.I did not guess why she wanted that.Then she cut a portion of the cake and asked me to go with her to the kitchen.I did as she asked me to.In the kitchen she sat on a stool and removed her bra in front of me.I saw her open mouthedly.Then..she did something that made my rod shoot up.She took the sliced cake and rubbed it on her breasts in a wide circular motion.I was dazed by her action.She looked at me and asked.."What are you waiting for?"I was actually waiting for her to say so.I fell to her sweet breasts and licked up the cake slowly.Valsa aunty held her hands to her head and moved her hair up in a very sexy in movies.and moaned softly.I squeezed her boobs and licked them fully. Then I kissed her lips with my cake filled mouth and we ate the cake through each others mouths..It was very sexy and amazing.I felt really contended..but it was not over.I smeared the cake on her pussy and licked her pussy lips.She moaned loudly at this..I tongue-fucked her pussy lips.She kept on moaning,"aaah..aah.aaaah".Then I dug my tongue deeper.With a soft yell Valsa aunty cummed all over my mouth.I drank all of it gratefully..She held my hair and pulled me up.She knelt down and caught my dick in her hand.She then started blowing hard into my rod.She did an awesome blowjob and soon I cummed all over her mouth.She drank all of it thankfully and then told me to fuck her with my finger.I dug my finger deep in her pussy.She screamed loudly!I caught her mouth and finger-fucked her with all my might.She cummed soon and again I drank all of it.She then asked me to fuck her in the bedroom. We went to her bed and she lied down.I took out my dick and thrust it into her wet mature cunt.She smiled at me and slowly moved up and down.I caught her and slid my penis in and out of her cunt and fucked hard.When I was about to cum,I removed my penis and cummed all over her pussy.She asked me why.I told her that I did not want to take any risk since I was not using protection.She said that she was in a safe stage and so asked me to fuck her again. This time we went into the bathroom.Valsa aunty leant on to the wash basin and her boobs hung out.I caught them from the back and squeezed them and at the same time i put my penis into her cunt.I fucked her again,this time doing it slowly since it was tiring.Valsa maoned...AAh aaahaaah aaaah ooohhh aaahhh aaahhh aaaaaaaaaaah.I cummed all over her puss and filled her cunt with my sperm.Then we took a shower together and then went back to the bedroom.We lay there in each other's arms kissing while i was sucking on her breasts.She kissed my nipples and my dick...and then we did a quick fuck in the 69 position.While i left,i gave her a very long goodbye kiss and ended my first day of sex with my lovely Valsa aunty.... After this,we often had sex in each others houses,whichever was free....and tried out new ways of having sex... Any mature women...not necessarily married,preferably fat or plump and lonely,living in trivandrum and wanting to have the best sex of their life,please feel free to contact me....anytime!! My i.d.

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