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Vacation with my Aunt" Vacation with my Aunt">Vacation with my Aunt

Johny Walker 19/04/2007 friends, I am Johny Walker from kollam, I want to share my sex experience with my aunt when I am studying PDC. She is shot fare and with big boobs, sexy hip and round ass. Her name is Shirly and 30 years old. Her husband is running a hotel by the nearest town. Therefore, every day he is leaving the house early morning 4.00am and coming back at night 11.30 pm. He is interested to making money only. During my vacation I used to visit my aunty house and stay their 3-4 days. On visit my intention was to fuck her. It was early morning when I was sleeping at the hall, I hear some voice and wake up. Actually her husband wants to go to the restaurant. Therefore they were switched on the lights and open the door. I was acting as I am in sleep and I have pulled my lungi little bit and showing small portion of my rod. It is erected and pointing towards like an arrow. I was waiting for her return. She came to the hall and sit on the chair. I watched her that she is watching my 7 inches penis. I acted as I am rubbing my rod in sleep. She got excited and I can see her noticing my penis. I waited for her approach. After some time she came close to me hugged me thinking that I am in sleep. I turned my face as I am sleeping. She removed her saree and unhooked her blouse. She removed her bra squeezing her boobs. I was excited after seeing it and my rod was moving. Then she brought her nipples towards my lips. Slowly she started to touch my chest and moved her hand toward my rod and holded my rod. I got more excited and my rod increased in the maximum. She can feel my movement and I started to move my body. She understood that I am awake and started to the my big penis. She holed it tight and squeezed it. Then she kissed it and stated to suck it. I felt good and removed my cloths completely. She smile at me and I am naked before her. She started to kiss my lips licked my whole body and moaning. She started to suck my rod and doing it fast/ I am holding her head and pressing towards me. She sucked for about 5 min. she laid down and pulled me on her. She kissed my lips and asked to remove her saree. I made her nude. I kissed her lips and tasting her saliva. I came towards her hube boobs. I touched and made massage for her. She started to moan and I squeezed it hard. I started to kiss one of her boobs and one boob I am squeezing. She was moaning I started to suck her boos and sucking as if I am drinking her milk. I squeezed it hard and bit hard then moved to her hip. She was moving her body and pushed my head towards her pussy. First I touched her pussy and rubbed it. She asked me to lick it. I was rubbing her pussy and can feel her wet. Its fluid coming out and I put my fingers inside and started to move my fingers. She stared to shout loud and begged me to lick it. Then I started to lick her outer pussy and deep inside,. She was shouting too loud and moving her body. I kept my hand on her mouth and she bit it hard in excitement. Then she pulled me down and she came on me. She holded my penis and started to suck it and then we were in 69 position and finally she sat on me and inserted my penis in to her pussy. I can feel the move and enjoyed it. She started to move she hip and she was moving fast. I can see her face and she is shouting in excitement. Its almost 7-8 mins and I cummed inside her pussy, she also reached organsm. She lied on bed and smiled at me. We fucked more than five times. Next day morning she said that she really enjoyed and never had fuck like this. asked me not to say this any one. We enjoyed for the next three days. Any women of age, widows, separated, college girls and also married women with husbands abroad who live in & around Bahrain who feel lonely, who wants to make friendship and sexual relationship with me can mail me to Your identity will be 100% safe with me and you can keep my word for that. Also expecting your feelings/comments about this story.

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