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Unforgettable sex with my dear Aji Aunty" Unforgettable sex with my dear Aji Aunty">Unforgettable sex with my dear Aji Aunty

Husain 09/11/2007

mhusain@zapak.com Hi Friends, I am Husain from Trivandrum. I am a frequent visitor of Kerala Erotica site for the last three months. I like the stories which were published here. So friends, I am going to share with you the sex experience which I had one year back. Now I am 26 yr old, 5 ft 6 inches tall and 68 kg weight. One year back we 5 friends were planning to go for the evening show of a newly released movie. On that day we planned to gather at 5 pm in my friends shop and from there straight to the theatre. I reached there around 4 pm. At that time my shop owner friend asked me "As my lady staff is on leave today, can you take care of the shop for half an hour. So that I can go to home and take a bath and ready for the movie." I told him that you can go and come before 5 pm. It is a very small fancy shop with toys and ladies items. After 5 minutes one couple came there and bought some toys for there small kid. After that I was feeling boring by sitting alone there. Around 4.30 pm one lady came there and asked me where is Sini (the lady staff in that shop). I told her that she is on leave today. She told me that she is a regular customer of that shop and now she come there to purchase some ladies items. As the lady staff is on leave she told that she will come the next day. I told her "Madam tell me what you want to purchase." From her appearance I pretend that she wants some inner ladies wears or something like that. After thinking for a while she comes closer to me and asked for a packet of Whisper. I take a packet from the shelf and billed it and gave it to her. As she is about to leave the shop, suddenly rain starts pouring. She stays there and told me that she didn't pick her umbrella. I asked her to wait there till the rain stops. She sits in a chair and from the place where I am standing I got a slight view of her breasts and stomach. I think the lady is around 30 yrs old and had a very fair look. She is wearing a blue saree. I can't control my eyes as it is traveling all over her body. I want to make company of her, so I slowly asked her name. She said that "I am Aji". At that time my friend came in his car. The rain becomes stronger and stronger and she is very much frightened. I told her "madam it is very difficult to get auto-rickshaw from there and if you never mind I will drop you in your house in my friend's car. She said that it will be difficult for you. I told that it's not a difficult for me. At last she agreed to come in the car. She sits in the front seat and she told me that her house is 2 kms from there. While driving she told me "You are a very kind boy. No one will take this much initiative to drive for 2 kms in this rainy season". During the travel I notice that she is little bit shivering. I asked her "are you ok". She told that she is ok. After that she asked me about myself. I also asked about her. She told me that she is working as a home nurse. I asked him whether she is married or not. For my surprise she is an unmarried lady and she is now 31 yrs old. The car reached her house and she invited me to her house. When she is about to unlock the door, I asked her whether she is alone there. She told me that only today she is alone there as her parents went for a marriage function at Ernakulam. It's a good house and she asked me to sit in the sofa. She went straight to the bedroom. With the little bit time I spend with her, I am very much attracted with her and was eager to watch what she is doing inside the bedroom. I slowly go to the bedroom door and for my surprise it is only half closed. I looked through the door and very much surprised by the sight I saw there. She removed her saree and she is now in her blouse and panty. I was trying to control my feelings. She is having a very sexy figure. Her boobs were very big. Now she is trying to remove her blouse and I had a good view of her sexy figure. As she removed the blouse, it dropped from his hand and she bends downward to take that. At that time she saw me. I was very much frightened and she suddenly shuts the door from inside. I had no idea what to do. I quickly walked to the car and was about to open the door and I got a voice from my back.... {to be continued...} I will tell you the rest of the story very shortly. If you have any suggestions, corrections pls feel free to mail to me at mhusain@zapak.com . I welcome lady readers also to mail me the suggestions and corrections.

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