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Unforgettable Aunty" Unforgettable Aunty">Unforgettable Aunty

Mohan 18/11/2009

shankar_089112@yahoo.comHi, I am mohan 30 yrs old. I started reading kerala erotica since 2 yrs. They are very good in organizing stories into various categories and sorting the stories date-wise. It is very easy for us to remember we read stories upto which date. I am enjoying the stories very much. I would like to share my own experience here. I am very much interested in sex from childhood itself. I started masturbating very early. I used to masturbate even in class room by keeping book on my knee and insert my hand under the book. Whenever I have chance of being alone, I used to masturbate. I will start with my real experience of sex when I was studying with my neighbour aunty. Her name is Gayathri. That was my first experience too. After that I had lot of experiences before marriage and after marriage also it continues and I enjoys a lot. I was studying in my native place and my parents were in chennai. I went to chennai for vacation. I saw gayathri. She is very friendly with our family. They don't have any kids and at that time it was 5 yrs since they got married. That uncle is also very friendly and he was working in a private company and aunty is house wife. During vacation, I used to be in my separate room, I locked the door and I used to masturbate as usual. Normally aunty and my mother used to cut vegetables together and chat during daytime. They used to chat at varanda. From my room's window , the varanda will be very much visible. Let me explain about aunty. She is a very good looking woman and very friendly with everyone. She is very talkative too. Her centre of attraction is her boobs. From my child hood itself , I liked boobs very much, I used to masturabate by seeing boobs in tamil books (actress' s boobs). Aunty normally wear saree in low hips and her naval will be always visible and beautiful. From my room's window, I will be able to see aunty, her boobs, and masturbate and enjoy. That was my regular hobby at that time. Aunty was very friendly with me. She used to touch me often while talking. One day, aunty's husband went out of station for some work. So aunty asked my mom allowing me to stay with her for the night as she will be alone in the home. My mon accepted. I took my books and went to aunty's home. Aunty and me started watching movies, aunty sat very close to me and we talked about my schoolings, friends etc. After watching the movies, aunty gave me milk. I was sitting in the floor, so that while giving the milk, aunty bent down and her saree fell down. I am still able to remember that scene, my eyes got the feast of looking her boobs coming out of her blouse, she wore a yellow colour blouse and black bra. It was a very beautiful scene. Suddenly my cock became very tight. Aunty corrected her saree and went to kitchen. I drank the milk and was unable to control myself. As I am regular in doing masturbation, after seeing aunty's boobs, I could not control myself, so I went to kitchen and asked aunty where is the bath room. Aunty showed me the bathroom. I went to bathroom and there was no light. Then aunty came and switched on the light. I closed the bathroom door and started masturabting like anything. I masturbated twice and came out. When I came out of the bath room, aunty was changing her dress without seeing me. I got stunned, was seeing her from back, she was in her bra and panty. At that time only, I came to know that her ass is that much sexy, I called her aunty. She turned and said hey mohan go to bath room again and I will call you once I changed the dress. Suddenly I went to bath room and locked the door and did masturbation for one more time. After 5 mins aunty knocked the door of the bathroom and I came out. Aunty told me to sleep in her bed. I told that I want to read. At that time, aunty was in nighty, I was able to see her boobs , naval , panty very clearly as the nighty was very transparent. I took my book and sat on the floor, aunty lay down on the bed and closed her eyes for sleeping. After slowly , after ensuring that aunty started sleeping, I kept the book on my laps, I slowly inserted my hand below the book and took out my already erected cock from trouser, aunty is sleeping in front of me. I was able to see her boobs, lap, naval very clearly through her nighty. I started enjoying her and at the same time enjoying masturbation. I masturbated thrice. After that I closed the book, switched off the light and went to bed and laid down near aunty and started sleeping. At 2'o clock, I woke up for peeing and at that time aunty also woke up. First aunty went to bath room and after that I went to bath room. Once I came out of the bath room, aunty told me to switch off the light , I switched off the light and came to bed. Aunty took the bed sheet and put on me. I tried to sleep and immediately she called me mohan. I said what aunty. She asked me that "Mohan, before coming to sleep, what did u do below ur book?". I got shocked. I could not talk anything. As the light also switched off , I could not able to see aunty. I told her that nothing aunty. She told that doing like this is very bad mohan. I didn't talk anything. I told sorry aunty. She suddenly started laughing and pulled me and started embraced me. I was very happy. She told me remove my shirt and trouser. I did that immediately. Then she took my cock in her and started stroking. I was very happy. My cock became so tight in aunty's soft hands. Then I removed aunty's nightly without even asking her. As the room is completely dark, I was very free to do nasty things. I told that aunty that I wanted to taste her boobs first. Then she removed her bra. I started squeezing her boobs and started sucking the boobs vigorously. During sucking, I teased her nipples. Aunty was in complete pleasure and started moaning heavily. She admired me that I am very talented in boob sucking even at that age. After sucking boobs for some time, aunty removed her panty and asked me to finger fuck her. I insertd my fingers into aunty's pussy and did a heavy finger fucking. Aunty's juices started flowing freely and bed , my hands, became wet, I immediately starting drank the juices by keeping my tougue directly at aunty's pussy. Aunty started moaning, I licked her pussy vigorously, aunty's moaning started echoing inside the bedroom. She became like a bitch with my sucking skills. After sucking completely, suddenly aunty pulled me towards her and started kissing my lips heavily. After kissing the lips for some time, she made me laid down on the bed, and started sucking my cock, I could not forget the moment her tongue touched my cock tip. She put her mouth on my cock and started giving blow job. I ejaculated very fast in her mouth. She gulped everything and made my cock completely dry. After that we embraced and laid down for some time. After one hour we againg got mood and aunty put my cock in her mouth and made my cock tight. She asked me shall we go for real session and gave a naughty smile. I immediately jumpeed and pushed her. I spread her legs and with a single push inserted my cock into her sweet pussy. I started stroking and aunty started moving hips in good rhythm. I fucked her like that was the end of my life. We both cummed after 20 minutes of continuous ramming. She kissed me and we started sleeping. After that, till the end of my vacation, I fucked her daily during afternoon, as my mom sleeps during daytime. I will come up with all my experiences in other stories. U can mail me at shankar_089112@yahoo.com.

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