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Unexpected sex with Deepa Aunt" Unexpected sex with Deepa Aunt">Unexpected sex with Deepa Aunt

Ram 17/05/2008

mail4x@yahoo.com Hi readers, This is a fantastic site I have enjoyed much by reading story from this site I would like to say my experience to u all. I am ram from tirunelveli, I am doing my third year b. Com. This happened two months back. . Deepa aunty is my mom's best friend she is near to my house some times my mom goes to deepa aunty's house 4 chating sometimes de comes to my home 4 chating. She is good looking. She will b around 35-38yrs old. Her husband is in abroad he used to come only once in 2 yrs. Her child was born dead before 10 months. I was admiring at her boob for long times. Usually when I come to my home from hostel I used to masturbate after seeing her by imaging her. I am now in my sem holidays,before 4 days at morning 10'o clock I woke up and went to kitchen my dick was erect (as usual dick will b erect at morning) I was not wearing inner wear. So my erect dick was noticed by deepa who was chating with my mom with shy I went my room. Then 2 days later my mom & dad went for death of my dad's friend's father. I was alone in my home. At woke up at 10:30 am and went to bathroom to take bath aroud 11am. I went to bathroom without closing the front door as I thought I am only going to take bath & nothing else. But when taking bath as anyone not there when soaped my penis I got excited & I masturbated With bathroom kept open. Unfortunately deepa came to my home in search of mom for some other purpose. She saw me masturbating. At the time she saw me I cummed out. I became afraid that she may say this to my mom. She started scolding me like anything. Then she asked howlong do I maturbate. With hesitation I said almost 5yrs. She was shocked & she said this may spoil ur life. Then she said wen my pussy is waiting for ur dick why r u using ur hand this excited me. Then I noticed her hand there was some hair in soft white hands,by seeing that I guessed there must me some hairs in the legs & pussy. So I wiped me &took my bike by saying her to wait for a while I went to bazaar. Then I picked up condom from the coin box. Then I bought a anne french hair removing cream. Then I reached my home for my surprise she was waiting for me in my house. Then I entered my house & closed my front door. V both went to my bedroom I took the cream first I applied on her hand and removed the hair from her hand. She was wearing white saree,black blouse& inner skirt then I asked to remove all the hair my herself she went bathroom and removed all her hairs and came back with same dress as per my advice. Then v had a french kiss&then I kissed her back which was not covered then I went to hip with my lips. Next I went to her front & removed her saree and placed my face above the boobs& played well. Then I removed her blouse played with my tongue all our her top body which was not covered. Then I removed her bra & I bited the nipple which was erect then played with my tongue onit she enjoyed that. Further she undressed me & played with my dick for sometime & started sucking like anything. Then I removed her skirt then she put condom into my dick and v fucked. Girls, aunties who interested in sex around nellai district mail at mail4x@yahoo.com

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