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Naveen 13/09/2010

naveen_trichur@yahoo.comHi , this is Naveen again. Here I'm trying to put my pen on with one of my earlier happening. Hope you all will prefer it a lot. All names changed for privacy. I was at this age when all lads do a lot to fulfill there infant sexual appetite. As at this age there scrotum is creating & experiencing production of semen. In my class, I was always staying horny after looking into the cleavage of friends & teachers' . That is why, I was always masturbating after returning.. But there was a coherent urge in me to touch a lady, feel her body, put my lund in her etc .As It was nothing but a dream yet to be fulfilled. There a lot of older fellows in my village with whom I usually play cricket after returning from school. For that We have to call each other for being united and gather the game requisites and go to field. Being the youngest in our playmates I usually call all of them and carry most of the items on my back .For that I have to go to Harish bhai's house as we always keep the same in his house. Harish bhai is just two year senior to me and now a day, he is staying at home and preparing for some railway and banking jobs. I like him a lot as he sometimes teach me at home though I was taking tuition otherwise. Besides I usually go to his home for a small gossip with him if feeling bored. He is staying in his rented house along with his parents and one elder sister. Uncle is a mechanical fitter in the nearby Industry and his wife Jayasree aunty is a good house wife. Keerthana didi is an adhoc lecturer in life science in the near by college. She is now perhaps 27 and looking beautiful. Aunty is also beautiful perhaps of 38-40. Let me recall now that long memorable incident which gave me my first sexual pleasure of my life. On this day as usual I after coming from school went to Harish bhai's home for calling him and also collecting cricket wares. Its around 4 PM now. While going in I found the door closed. As I'm very much familiar to his house I went inside without any hesitation and not necessarily calling any one. At there drawing, I didn't find anyone nor Harish bhai who usually nap there. So I felt it required to call some one before collecting my bat and others. So without uttering anything I got into the Bed room of aunt's. But for my utter surprise I found Uncle and aunty one upon other. For the first time I saw any couple like this and that to my familiar persons. After getting disturbed by unwanted entry uncle put of from aunty and scroll to the corner of the bed and leaving aunty fully nude to my eye. Being so embarrassed aunty also collect her saree only and put it upon and close her eyes without moving from there. I also without getting struck anything stood there for a while. For those two minutes I felt my mind vacant. Then after getting some sense I came out of that room and went to our backyard directly to regain composure. There I went to my usual most preferable place to recollect the scene which I've seen a little before. There I recall everything that is the total episode like my accidental getting in, immediate reaction of uncle and aunty. But then my mind struck at one point. What I have seen the body structure of aunty which I was searching a lot that how I will see any woman naked. Today my dream became fulfilled. What I've measured that Aunty is really provocative. She must be measuring 38/30/38. In my sense She was having the most sexy body fit. But nothing worthwhile as I could not even come now before her as I had committed the blunder. She is going to scold me for the last incident. More over perhaps my mother will know about this after a sort while and she will not forgive me anyway. apart from all this I felt very much exited what I've seen last time. But I could not found myself easy as I was within a mesh. That day I did not go to play again and immediately come back to my home. My mom asked me for not going to play. Then I told her that I have a lot of home work from school so I did not go to play today and will do the same staying at home. So I went to my study room and sit there silently for some time. After a while I went out to drink some water as I was feeling thirsty. So I went to the kitchen where my mom was doing something. I opened the fridge and collect a bottle. I started to drink there. After drinking a gulp I tried to talk with my mom. Then I saw through the window of kitchen that Jayasree aunty was coming to our house. So immediately I ran out to my room so that she could not see me in the kitchen as she must be coming to my mommy. I sat in my room and in my mind I was counting the moments when my mommy will call me and start beating. But till some minutes I did not get something like that and found both Jayasree aunty and my mom indulged in some other topic. So I felt myself relaxed. After a sort while I saw aunty coming to my room. In my mind I remained null. Then aunty came to me and just stares at me standing close to me. Then I was looking down as there is my book on the table. After standing there for a moment she asked me why I've not gone to play today, but I remained silent. She repeated her question again but did not here anything from me. Then she went out saying me that she was not expecting the same from me .For those moments I stood breathless. Time passed on. After that incident I found myself guilty and promised myself not to go her home. But in my mind I wish to see aunty again in that same seminude state. I was confident on God that he must create the time zone again for me. Then the time came when I not only see my sex goddess nude again but found her in my arms.Unfortunately once working in his plant uncle got a severe accident. It was around 5 PM then. I was in the playground along with Harish bhai. Aunty sent message to Harish bhai to run to his house immediately. I also accompanied home to his house. There we saw that a car was standing to pickup aunty and Harish bhai to the Hospital as The company has already sent Uncle to the Hospital along with some co-worker. So after getting Harish bhai near her, aunty rushed into the car calling him to accompany her. Harish bhai looked here and there presumably and preferably a male to accompany him to give support. I found his eye expecting me. So I went inside the car. Harish bhai sat to the left in the rear seat. Then aunty got in. Lastly I sat adjacent to aunty. After a sort while I found aunty weeping. So as per humanism I tried to console aunty by words but not even trying to touch her as I was previously being terrified. But as aunty was weeping more and more and as Harish bhai was also loosing his tempo so I rested my hand on auntys lap just to give her courage so immediately aunty fell on me on my shoulder and started weeping loudly. Hearing her sound Harish bhai vowed loudly and made her face towards outside. By reflex I encircled my hand on aunty and consoled her by patting on her shoulder. Within that moment I found aunty not keeping any distance from me. But as per the situation I was not getting anything like exited. For that whole journey of two and half hour Jayasree aunty was continuous weeping and embarrassing me by her both hand. After running for around 20 km s all got silent and aunty was still within my arms. Her arms were also encircling me. Then her body warmth made me little crazy. I started pressing her whole body within my grip to feel the warmth more and more. Perhaps she was expecting something same from some one in this situation so without any hesitation, she came more towards me and tightened her grip more on my shoulder. In this process I found her boobs pressed tightly to my chest. It was as if my dream coming true. I was then praying God to make the road longer. In the mean time we crossed the half of our travel. And it was becoming darker outside as evening is approaching. So I was feeling more easy to feel aunty in the presence of Harish bhai. In this whole process Harish bhai was looking always outside through the window perhaps thinking about the condition of Uncle. In this mean time my penis got harder as aunt was usually brushing her soft and big boobs to my chest. After a while perhaps aunty got a slow nap so her left hand being removed from my shoulder got struck to my hard penis. Immediately she removed her hand from there and lifted her whole body from me. So I felt myself ashamed and simultaneously thought what aunty would think about me as what a kind of boy I am that in such a sad condition I was also getting hard on. But I was helpless. So I kept myself silent. After a little moment aunty again kept her hand this time on my lap. I did not tell anything nor looked at her. Then I found that she is brushing her hand gradually on my penis. I could not tell whether she was doing it knowingly or it was her ambiguity. But anyway I was enjoying her did. So I tried to remain still and let her to do anything. Moreover I also need to know her intention. In between she sometimes looked at my face but I did not look at her as if nothing is happening. Gradually she tried to grip my penis harder and harder but as it was inside my pant so found it difficult to accommodate. Once at sudden she told Harish bhai at a road side market to bring one water bottle as she was feeling thirsty. So Harish bhai made the car stopped and went out to bring one water bottle from the side by shop. Mean while aunty threw her both arms encircling my neck and started weeping severely. So I felt uneasy whether my behavior made her disappointed or something else. I asked her with tremble that what happened but she remained mum and crying louder and louder. So I put my arm around her and told her not to cry and expect the best from God. After a while Harish bhai came back and found her mom again crying so he also tried to make her keep mum as they are going to reach the hospital soon at his fathers. Any way we reached the Hospital by 7PM. We need not to ask any one to reach at uncle as there were already few people standing before orthopedic department. After seeing Aunty they guided us towards uncle's bed where he was lying senseless. After reaching there Aunty started weeping again but this time she was little conservative as a no of officers and staffs from the Plant were standing there. So all those gossips and assurances started running there what usually happen during any casualty. After some time those well wishers started moving outside to go home after giving moral courage to aunty and Harish bhai. Lastly Harish bhai, aunty and me remained. So after a long breath aunty told Harish bhai to leave me for my home along with the car by which we were coming to the hospital. It means they both were going to stay there overnight. Then she came near me and told me to go home and accompany didi in her house as she was now in her home alone. But I was in no mood to go home as I know that If I'll stay there in hospital then I will get enough time to be with my lovable aunty. So I told Harish bhai to go home and I'll be here in hospital with aunty and take care of uncle and aunty also. After hering me aunty perhaps guessed me and looked at me with a flick smile. Then she also told Harish bhai to leave for home as I was no more unknown for her nor to her family. Harish bhai came to my place and told me to take care of his mom as well as uncle at night. We all came outside to leave him at the parking area. Then aunty and my self moved back towards the ward. On the way I found myself speechless as something was running in my mind. So at last aunty broke the silence and told me to bring some food from the near by hotel for both of us. Then after hearing our talk one of our co-attendant whose patient was in the near by bed told us to go and eat in the restaurant itself as here in the hospital it is not at all comfortable to eat. Meanwhile she will take care of our patient if needed. After reading all the situation aunty told me to go out and take our dinner there. On the way to the restaurant aunty told me that uncle was usually taking alcohol even during duty So she was always asking him to keep a discipline and not to drink at-least during work as he had to stay at an ample height for keep a sharp vigil on the ongoing activity in the plant. But he never learned aunty and now is in trouble. While talking all these we reached the hotel took our food and returned quickly as we were in a kind of tension as uncle may came in sense and search his most beloved wife. At last we reached back the ward and made ourselves comfortable with our night. Aunty told me to sleep at the lawn in front of the ward as I am not old enough to remain unsleeping for the whole night. But I was not at all ready to go far from aunty. So I told her that I'll stay with her in the ward itself. She smiled a little and made a small place on the ground where she we intend to nap just close to the bed of uncle. She told me to sleep there for a while in the meantime she went to the common bathroom of the hospital. I slept there ,aunty came and seat on the bed where uncle was being laid. She told me to have a nap; she would wait for any attendant to come to ask about the health of uncle. On the way she put her leg close to my pelvis may be not knowingly. As I was till then very much familiar to her touch, I did not feel anything un-comfortable. So I made myself adjusted to her touch so that her toes were touching my limp penis. Gradually my penis started hardening which she felt and made her toes encircled my now hardening penis. After a while she came down to the floor and slept adjacent to me. She put her mouth close to my ear and told me how I was feeling. I remained speech-less out of shy. She pat on my cheek and told me to be comfortable. "Naveen. You must be thinking wrong about me" she asked. "No aunty.Why should I think like that?" I replied "That day, You have seen me with your uncle even in day time in such a state !" her cheeks turned red, while asking this to me. "Yes. I've seen you. But I have not taken it bad. Perhaps this is purely natural. and more over any male could not resist himself after finding such a beautiful lady like you on his bed side." I replied boldly like a man. Immediately Aunty blushed at me with astonishment. Perhaps she was not expecting such a sentence from me. "Naveen, at this age you have perhaps learnt a lot about male-female affair. From where you have learned this ?" I remained silent for a while and was thinking whether I've committed any blunder ? "So my child has grown up" by saying this she throw her left hand upon me and gave me a mild kiss on my chik. She told me again to sleep as she has to remain alert as uncle may come to sense and may ask for something. I told her that I will also remain alert with her. She then felt little curious at my words but did not tell me anything. I being little brave throw my right hand upon her waist. By feeling my curiosity she took my hand with her and kept it on her left chick and also kissed my palm. Till then I became too much exited and slowly slide my hand towards her boobs. By reading my curiosity and fear, she by herself keep my hand on her boobs and immediately took a long breath as if a great relief from some trauma. Till now I became rest assured that I am going to have a great experience with my beloved aunty. With great anxiety I put my face deep into her cleavage and breathed a long. She felt my momentum and clutched me from my back with both her hands. I was rubbing my nose and lips within her cleavage and both nipples. With this action she was moaning. For those moments I was feeling as if she was someone very close to my heart (like ones wife) with whom I need not to maintain any distance or formality. She read my intention well and by putting her hand between my nose and her blouse opened three buttons of her blouse from bottom and drag her bra up so that I could feel the eternal touch of her boobs. I immediately put my mouth on her left nipple and started shocking lightly. She out of ecstasy put her left palm on back of my head and pressed a little to make easy accessible. On this whole process my penis was pulsating regularly. She felt the hardness by her thigh and out of curiosity she put her hand inside my pant from waist level. Perhaps she was also in such a horrible state to feel my warmth that she felt it un-necessary to open the zip of my pant. When I felt the touch of her hand on my already hard penis, my body autonomously got a heavy thrust and immediately my penis vomited a large spell of semen in her palm. By feeling it my aunty squeezed my penis along with that sticky fluid to maintain my rhythm for some time. Then out of shy and guilty I drew my head out of her boobs but she gave me an affectionate hug and told it happens at your state so need not to be worried. Then she told me to go to the bath room to make me clean and come back as there is a lot to be done. I went out quietly. When I came from the bath room I found aunty seating on the bed side of uncle and was slowly caressing the forehead of uncle. Her blouse buttons are still open. But she has made her saree upon her blouse so that no one could sense the odd. By getting me near her she gave me a little space on her side and gestured me to sit . I sat on her side looking at uncles face. Then only I froze when I saw that uncle was looking to aunt's face and two lines of tear were running down. I felt so glad to see uncle with his sense and simultaneously felt it uneasy why he is weeping? Then aunty told me that he was repainting for his mistake as I was always asking him not to drink so much. Some day you only have to pay for this. Aunty wiped the tear lines from his chik and pampers him with her soft hand. I also touched him at his thigh out of service. Then uncle looked at my face and felt assured that someone else is also there with aunty. Then he closed his eyes again and took a long breath. Aunty got from the bed up and sat on the floor near by on the mattress. She cried with hum by resting her head on my thigh. I came down and sat close to him on the floor and kept her head on my chest, made her to cool down. After a while she wiped her tears by her own hand. She said me that she has taken a great pain for running her family as uncle was always like this. But within that she was also feeling a kind of coolness as someone (me) is now near her to love and care her emotion. She made me to slip on her side and slept. Without any hesitation I again put my face in her chest as if she is my mother and she also caressed me from my back allowing me to suck her breast. Afterwards she put her hand in my pant and caught my now limp penis and started caressing with love. There is a lot more further. But now I'm waiting for your feed back so to improve my writing or judge your taste. I'm waiting for your valuable suggestion and comments in naveen_trichur@yahoo.com

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